May 23, 2001

[Minghui Net]

  1. "I feel happy that other practitioners could listen to Master Li's lecture."
  2. At the Falun Dafa experience sharing conference on May 19, Master Li attended the conference and gave a 20-minute Fa speech to practitioners. At that time, some practitioners who were diligently working to make sure that the Fa-conference would be able to smoothly continue could not get to the conference in time to listen to Master Li's speech. However, when they heard about this news, the response of one new western practitioner deeply touched us. He said, "I feel happy that other practitioners could listen to Master Li's speech."

  3. The power of Dafa
  4. After a whole day's group study and discussion, the staff in charge of simultaneous translation and the sound system at the Fa-conference (non-Falun Dafa practitioners), were also deeply shocked by the power of Dafa. They voluntarily offered the big screen and an extension of hours for the Fa-conference, which deeply touched us. Just in these seemingly common and ordinary things, tens of millions of people have joined the cultivation of Falun Dafa in 9 years.

  5. Pre-destined people
  6. One gentleman who planned to attend a medical conference in the same building was strongly attracted by our activities. He asked for the phone number of the contact person in his hometown in Newfoundland, and concluded that this form of cultivation would be the new direction for the future development of medical treatment and health care. He left satisfied after getting the contact person's number in Newfoundland.

    The husband of one practitioner (he didn't practice Falun Gong) said that he felt a strong energy field in the room of the Fa-conference. He told us that Falun Dafa was really very special.

  7. The heart of Falun Dafa practitioners
  8. At this Fa-conference, one large piece of "Lunyu" directly faced the stage and shined under the lights. A practitioner from the US spent one year's time and a lot of effort making it. The background of "Lunyu" is a huge Falun. According to this US practitioner, this "Lunyu" traveled around the world through the Fa-conference.

    In the hallway to the entrance of the Fa-conference, 8 beautiful pictures of Buddha that Canadian practitioners drew were displayed.

  9. Ingenious arrangement
  10. Before this Fa-conference, many practitioners had the feeling that Master Li would attend. When the conference started, the host read Master Li's greetings to the conference. Some practitioners felt somewhat disappointed, but they soon calmed their hearts and listened to other practitioners' experience sharing reports. Around noon, Master Li himself attended the conference, which came as a pleasant surprise to all the practitioners. Many were very excited and burst into tears.