The people of China have been most unfortunate; for over fifty years they have been ruled under obscurantism [a policy of keeping the masses ignorant]. Ever since we were young, we have been given the impression that two-thirds of the world's people are still living under hardship, that we must bring our red flag to every corner of the world. But, contrary to what they believed, the first batch of people who had the opportunity to leave the country after liberation were amazed at what they saw when they stepped out of the plane. However, the Chinese are still fortunate, for we have accumulated wisdom from five thousand years' of culture.

Under the pretext of investigating the truth, Jiang Zemin's team has been trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes with rumors and tales which are getting harder and harder to accept by the public. Let's read some of the comments passed around by the common folks regarding Jiang Zemin's repression of Falun Gong:

After the peaceful appeal on April 25

Someone overheard an engineer remarking: "Why is our 'People's Leader' so sensitive about public mass assembly? What would happen if one day a heap of ants migrated past the entrance of Zhongnanhai? I am sure Jiang Zemin would impose a curfew immediately."

After the incident on July 20

A government official said to a Dafa practitioner, "Actually there is nothing wrong with the Gong itself. Do you know that there are about one hundred million people practicing?" His work mate added, " Why did they say two million then? Wasn't it lying to the public?" The Dafa practitioner added, "Is it a crime to have that many people practicing?"

After "Public Denunciation" began

An elderly gentleman said, "When we were young, we were asked to criticize this person and condemn that person. (Translator's note: he was referring to the public criticisms that were required during the Cultural Revolution) At the time, we really brought out our full hatred from within. It wasn't until later that we realized we were actually being used as instruments of the Party. I'm not doing that again." Without hesitation, a young lady added, "Cutting up his tummy to look for the Falun? That guy must be insane. What does that have to do with Falun Gong? Wang Baosen (former Deputy Mayor of Beijing) shot himself with a handgun. Why didn't they condemn the Party?"

After the start of the repression

Entering the room and quickly closing the door, a leader from a Federal Department eagerly said to the others, "Times have changed. We don't need to follow the example of our Big Sister Jiang any more (Jiang, a woman Party member who chose to die rather than to submit to the enemy, was a prisoner of war during the war between the Nationalist and Communist Parties. She was tortured and killed by the Nationalist Party. Later, she was honored as a heroine by the Communist Party). Even if the bones of many Falun Gong practitioners are broken by the police, what's the use of talking reason to the government?" One in attendance said, "Many of their lives have been saved from disease because they practice Falun Gong. If they were not allowed to practice, they would have lost their lives anyway." The other Party cadres nodded in agreement.

After Falun Gong was condemned as an XX cult

One scholar said, "The Aum Shinrikyu Sect in Japan spread poison gas on the subway and was therefore regarded as an evil cult. The Party allowed their soldiers to fire their rifles on the Street of Changan; what's the difference? Falun Gong practitioners have never done anything like that."

Dafa practitioners never surrender. They will continue to appeal

The owner of a fleet of rental cars said, "Petrol prices are going up, whereas the mileage charge has gone down. We wanted to go on strike earlier. But, if we don't rent our cars out, others will. We can't come to a consensus. Besides, the government would probably take over, which we're even more afraid of. When it comes to unity and courage, I would say the Falun Gong practitioners have it."

Dafa practitioners have followed every rule in their appeal and yet they were accused of being utilized by other people

One worker said, "How is it possible? Only if you have ulterior motives can you be used by politics. Look at these elderly men and women, what power are they seeking? At their age, are they going to be pioneers to build a new state? Besides, Chairman Mao once said "power comes from the barrel of a gun." Look at this group of unarmed people: how could they take over the government?"

The first time a self-immolation incident happened in Tiananmen Square

A citizen of Beijing said, "Murder, arson, and framing others for crimes. That's not new to the Party." Almost everywhere along the streets, one hears abusive remarks against Jiang Zemin from the public. Even among those who do not know each other, one hears people talking about the facts of repression of Falun Gong in China. Many show their sympathy towards Falun Gong and display their dislike of Jiang's policy.

After July 22

Temperatures in Beijing set a new record high after July 22, and water levels were rising rapidly in the Yangtze River [in the South]. People were overheard saying, "Isn't this truly the South in deep water, the North in deep heat?" (A local expression -- meaning in deep trouble)

Comments: Dafa practitioners have never sought after anything politically. The authorities' lies are getting harder and harder to fool people. The repression, which is a reversal of the truth, only reveals the true forbearance of Dafa practitioners to the world. It is inevitable that the oppressor will one day paint himself into a corner.

The General Public.

May 2, 2001