[Minghui Net] There is a Falun Gong practitioner detained in Xiaoshi Detention Center of Benxi City, Liaoning Province. In order to make him renounce his faith in Falun Gong, the guards used all sorts of inhuman methods to torture him, yet this practitioner has never submitted.

In the freezing winter, the guards stripped this practitioner of all his clothes, and poured fifty basins of ice-cold water on him. Despite such inhuman treatment, the practitioner still did not change his mind. Seeing that it didn't work, the guards changed their tactics and locked him up inside a freezer for two hours, but the practitioner was still unyielding. When the guards saw that this "freezing method" also didn't work, they pursued a crueler means of torture called "pressing against the toothbrush." The guards put a toothbrush between two of his fingers, then they had someone hold tightly onto the two fingers while the guards violently twisted the toothbrush. The delicate skin on both sides of the practitioner's fingers was scratched off, yet he didn't even shed a tear. Then the guards added another toothbrush and put them between his two fingers, tightly held his two fingers and twisted the toothbrushes again. The flesh between the practitioner's fingers was thoroughly crushed and the bones were exposed. Still he wouldn't say: "I give up my practice [of Falun Gong]."

Then the guards again changed their tactic and sprayed water into his mouth using a high-pressure water hose. This practitioner later said, "This was the hardest torture to endure." When this didn't work, they sprayed water into his nose and onto his face. When this also failed, what did they do next? They began the "treading and stamping" torture. They pressed the practitioner down on the ground on his back facing upward and spread his legs open. Then, the guards, while wearing leather boots, kicked the inside of his thighs as hard as they could. As a result, his pants were torn up, the flesh on his thighs was crushed, and his blood soaked a large area of the ground around him. This practitioner's body was covered in blood and he eventually passed out, but when he regained consciousness he still refused to say, "I give up practicing Falun Gong."

The exasperated guards started to beat him. However, when the thugs' hands touched the practitioner's arm, although he didn't move, one of the thugs was propelled over two meters [about two yards] away. Then another prisoner said, "Stop beating him, you hit the Falun [law wheel, or Falun emblem, the symbol of Falun Gong/translator]." Not until then did the thugs stop their brutality.

Is this situation an example of the claim "The golden age of human rights in China's history" by Jiang Zemin? They use such indecent and inhuman means of torture; do they have any conscience at all? Why do they prohibit Dafa practitioners from being good people?

Provided by a Dafa Practitioner in China