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The Victim:

Lu Dongmei, a 32-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner, is a former employee of the Luxing Real Estate Development Company, Jining City, Shandong Province. She is married, has a son, and was healthy before being sent to a psychiatric hospital. Lu had no mental illness, nor any history of mental illness.

Forced Hospitalization:

In September 1999, Lu was detained by her work unit after she announced in writing that she would not forsake her Falun Dafa cultivation practice. She ignored the police threats to send her to a labor camp or psychiatric hospital. She also refused to sign a "repentance" letter. On September 11, police officers, accompanied by doctors and nurses, took Lu to the Jining Psychiatric Hospital. A week later, the hospital staff, pressured by the police department, started giving Lu unknown medication. At first, the dosage was half a capsule; this was later increased to one and a half capsules. The doctors soon discovered that she was hiding the medication and she had not swallowed any of it. Department Head Han Peng then ordered five people to hold Lu down and inject her with the medication. The doctors gave her another injection two weeks later. She was kept at the hospital for over two months.

At the Jining Psychiatric Hospital:

  • physicians include Zhang Zheng (Doctor-in-charge), Han Peng (Head of the Department), and Professor Lu
  • Ms Lu was diagnosed as mentally ill without any psychiatric examination
  • a diagnosis and treatment plan were not made known to Ms Lu
  • knowing that she was not mentally ill, Lu refused to take any medication
  • Lu was injected on a long-term basis with an unknown medication

Lu revealed that after receiving the medication, she felt agitated, which caused her to pace around her hospital room. She found it difficult to fall asleep. She also felt weak and experienced constant leg movements when she was trying to sleep. Her eyes could not focus on any object; she could not concentrate; and one minute of time felt like a day passing by. Later, her neck and arm muscles twisted to one side, and she was unable to prevent this from happening. She felt so tormented that she considered taking her own life several times, but she did not because she remembered the teachings of our Teacher.

Eventual Release from the Hospital:

Due to the efforts of her family and friends, Lu was eventually released from the hospital. She was never given any written diagnosis or record of treatment.

Note: Lu's story of persecution by the government was once briefly reported on the Minghui web site.

Written by Practitioners from China on May 4, 2001