On Dec 20, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to peacefully appeal. I was arrested and persecuted. I did not give in to their persecution and went on a hunger strike in Mentougou Detention Center. After 5 days, the persecutors sent me to the police department in Bazhou City.

The policemen there first tried to deceive me with their sweet talks ---they wanted me to disclose my name and address, so they could send me back to my hometown and persecute me there. I saw through their tricks and refused to tell them my name and address. They immediately returned to their ferocious appearance. They started to talk dirty words, and said, "If we torture you to death, we will not be prosecuted." (Jiang Zemin has secretly instructed that "If Falun Gong practitioners were tortured to death, report the case as a suicide.") They slapped both sides of my face so hard that I could not even open my eyes. They then ordered me to kneel down, but I firmly refused. Fluttered, they started to kick my knees with their leather boots relentlessly, causing me to fall to the floor. These vicious men did not spare me while I was lying on the floor and they kept kicking other parts of my body. With such torment, I didn't give in and I managed to get up quickly, but they gave me more kicks until I fell again. This torture continued for a while. Seeing that I still did not yield to their torture, they turned to electric shock. While I was crouching on the cement floor, they kicked off my shoes and stepped on my hands. Using electric needles that have both electrodes, they shocked me at my breasts, my hips, my palms and both arches of my feet. During the torture, I did not make a single moan, which greatly surprised the policemen. While shocking me, they cursed: "XX (dirty words omitted), even the murderers would give in when shocked like this, you really have a character!" They poured water onto the area of my body that were shocked, making the current even stronger. Furthermore, they handcuffed my hands to my back and stuck them on a chair, (I was still sitting on the floor) then connected an electrode to each of my index fingers. In this manner, the current would usually go through the heart, which is unbearable for an ordinary person. However, I was thinking in my heart "Teacher and Dafa is with me, so I am not afraid of anything." Besides, I was also reciting the poem by Teacher Li "Tempering the Heart and Will" to myself. By then a miracle happened: the current was stopped in my arms. The torture began in the afternoon and ended late at night. They stopped because the hand-driven electric generator broke down. A thug said, "Let's try the "lie detector" again!" Another one said, "No, it doesn't work." One of the policemen praised me; "I admire a resolute person like you, not the cowards!" After he said that, he forcefully took my fingerprints. Another policeman said, " Your teacher is happy to have a determined student like you!" I replied, "Yes!" The next day, seeing that they could not shake my heart, they released me. After I returned home, I had this unbearable pain all over my body for almost a month; my legs were swollen very badly, and I often could not go to sleep at night. When my relatives and friends saw my injuries, they all cried with tears, and some said, "How could the policemen be so ferocious?" Another one said, "We can take pictures of your injured body, and this will be a proof of their crime." So the pictures in this article were taken.

A practitioner in China

March 12, 2001

(Editor's note: The above photos were taken in February, 2001, one month after the torture)