[Minghui Net] A chain of large-scale explosions on March 16 in Shijiazhuang City shocked the world. The news media in Mainland China announced that 108 people died and 38 were injured from the explosion. Yet in Building 16, which was flattened by the explosion, one family was mysteriously spared from this calamity (one member of this family practices Falun Dafa).

The grandmother of Ming Chen (not her real name) is over 80 years old, and has practiced Falun Dafa for many years. After July 22, 1999, when the overwhelming negative media campaign generated by Jiang Zemin's propaganda machine began, this practitioner still firmly insisted on practicing Falun Dafa without faltering.

There are four members in this family. On the day that the explosions occurred, the son and daughter-in-law worked overnight and on the midnight-to-morning shift respectively, and therefore, were absent when the disaster occurred. Ming Chen, who had never spent a night away from her family's apartment, went to study at a classmate's home that evening and was asked to spend the night there.

Normally, the grandmother got up around 5:00 am to practice the exercises, read Dafa books, wash her face and brush her teeth. On that day, she got up at 3:00 am. After practicing the exercises, she felt uneasy, could not stay in her home, and wanted to take a walk outside. She strolled for a while and shopped for some food. When she returned home she found the building she had lived in disappeared, it was just a pile of bricks. From the people, including policemen, there in the street, she learned about the explosions.

When people congratulate them on being spared from the explosions, the grandmother is clear in her heart: it is Dafa that safeguarded her entire family. People who know that the grandmother practices Falun Gong all commented quietly: Falun Gong is indeed miraculous.

A Practitioner in Mainland China

April 30, 2001