[Minghui Net] My mother is more than eighty years old and had been suffering from rectum cancer for several years. The cancer had reached an advanced stage and it had spread to her lungs and reached her head. She was on the verge of death. We sent her to the special care ward of a hospital for emergency treatment. Relatives lived in the hospital to take care of her day and night.

I saw that mother was having difficulty breathing; an oxygen tube was inserted in her nose, and a fluid dropper tube was fixed on her hand. She had a painful expression on her face, and she had to take much medicine everyday. She worked very hard for her children throughout her life, yet she had to endure such torment when she was dying. Thinking of these, I couldn't hold back my tears. I sincerely hoped that mother could get well, or at least know more principles about life so she can obtain inner peace. I asked mother to wear earphones and played the audiotapes of Teacher Li Hongzhi's lectures in Jinan City [Shandong Province]. As she listened, her painful expression gradually disappeared, and her face unfolded. She repeatedly muttered, "Very good, very good!"

I observed the changes in mother and was very happy, so I continued to play the lecture tapes to her everyday. A week later, her spiritual and physical health became much better, and she no longer needed oxygen. Mother didn't want to stay in the hospital, so she said, "Go tell the doctor that I want to leave the hospital, I want to go home." So I went to the doctor and asked if my mother could leave the hospital.

The doctor disagreed. He said, "Your mother hasn't passed the most dangerous period yet, and now she wants to leave the hospital. Do you realize how serious her illness is? Do you dare to sign the paper?" [a document that states people who sign it take full responsibility of the consequences resulted from their actions] When I heard this, I hesitated to make the decision since I hadn't discuss it with other family members. So I said, "I'll have to discuss it with others in the family." The doctor said, "It's fine if she wants to leave the hospital, but we can only give our consent if we get a good exam result."

Mother's health was getting better day-by-day. She insisted on leaving the hospital. I asked my brothers, sisters and other relatives and they also hoped to get mother out of the hospital. So I went to the doctor again. He also noticed the changes in my mother and said he would decide when the X ray test results come out.

When the test results came out, the doctor was very surprised. The cancer tissue, which had already spread to the lungs, has disappeared; the lung X-ray was very clear, and the cancerous bump also disappeared. The X-ray also appeared normal, and only in the rectum area did there still exist a hardened bump. The principal doctor thus agreed for her to leave.

Mother went home and was able to sit, so she started to do the sitting meditation [the fifth set of Falun Gong exercise]. After a month, she was able to stand up and began to do the first four sets of Falun Gong exercises. Two months after she left the hospital, she had learned all five sets of exercises and was even able to walk to the practice site to join the group exercise. The third month, she could even cook for us. Family members and neighbors saw the changes in my mother, and they all said, "Such a tremendous change in this old woman. Falun Gong is really good." Many people started to practice Falun Gong.

Later on, Jiang Zemin and his followers directed a crackdown on Falun Gong. The environment had changed and mother couldn't go to the practice site anymore. Family members thought mother was rid of her illness and didn't emphasize on her studying the Fa and doing the exercises; furthermore, it was very hard for mother to do the exercises all by herself.

Her old illness came back and she had to lie down in bed. Exhausted of all means, we again sent her to the hospital. When we reached the hospital, mother wouldn't go in. She said, "All these years, I've gone through this door many times, and suffered a great amount, yet my illness only worsened. It's Falun Dafa that has saved my life. Instead of helping me to study the Fa and do the exercises, you guys again send me to this hospital. I can't go in this door."

We felt ashamed. Mother was right. Such a good cultivation exercise, but instead of helping her to learn it, we only knew to send her to the hospital. We have such poor understanding of the Fa.

We immediately went back home. From then on, we let mother listen to the lecture tapes on time everyday and accompanied her when she did the sitting meditation. Mother was very happy. As time went on, mother became well again.

Contributed by practitioners in China