Zhang Qingmei, female, 35 years old, Ningyang County, Shandong Province

Zhang Qingmei lived in Xinjie Village, Huafeng Town, Ningyang County, Shandong Province. Her registered residence was in the Agricultural Machinery Factory of Huafeng Coal Mine in Ningyang County.

On July 23, 1999, Zhang Qingmei and her husband Liu Huadong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. When they returned home on July 30, the policemen in Huafeng Coal Mine illegally ransacked their home. The policemen took away their Dafa books, cassette tapes and videotapes, their address books, and many of their personal belongings. Later, the policemen took Liu Huadong to their office. The police division director Wang Jizhong interrogated him suddenly and violently. He kept beating him during the interrogation. Then the policemen in Huafeng (Town) Police Substation interrogated him many times and insulted him. The policemen in the same substation took Zhang Qingmei to the Huafeng Coal Mine police division and interrogated her many time with non-stopping verbal abuses. They tortured her until midnight and still wouldn't let her sleep. They detained the couple for 5 days without any due process of law, and sent them to the "re-education" class. After the couple went back home, the police demanded them to report to the police office daily; if they failed to report, policemen would fabricate excuses to go to their home to harass them.

The couple went to Beijing to appeal again on December 10, 1999. The liaison office of Taian City, Shandong Province in Beijing detained them. They were escorted back on the twelfth by Party branch secretary Cui Yuhe and deputy division director Zhang Tongzhen from the Huafeng Coal Mine police division in Xinfen Mineral Group, Ningyang County. While the couple was detained, their vicious escorts tortured them both physically and mentally. They tortured the couple during interrogation, not allowing them to go to the bathroom, sleep, eat, drink, or meet their family members.

On the afternoon of the fifteenth, policeman Chen Feng from the police division and deputy director Zhang Shengfeng from Lingshan Village, Huafeng Town, interrogated Zhang Qingmei. They forced her to squat a very long time in pas de cheval (with thighs parallel to the ground) and cursed her with all kinds of dirty words. Because she had been tortured for a long time, she fainted. The torture continued. They tried to drag her upright again by her hair. Not able to pull her up, they used the handle of floor sweepers to prop her arms and legs up. Then they beat her fiercely with a thick wooden stick, stopping only when they were too tired to continue. By then, Zhang Qingmei was on the verge of death. They then handcuffed her in a small room for the night, making her unable to move at all. They claimed, "If we beat you to death, you died for nothing." They also indecently insulted Zhang Qingmei and several other female practitioners by forcing them to relieve themselves in full view, instead of in the restroom.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the Ningyang County Police Station set Zhang Qingmei's term of detention to 15 days. They also detained her husband Liu Huadong with criminal detention. Her ill elderly father-in-law waited for them to come home, too worried to eat or sleep. When he came to know the truth of what was happening to his son and daughter-in-law, detained, tortured and insulted, he lost all heart for living. He passed away in extreme sadness and anger.

Since December 1999, Zhang Qingmei and her husband had been persecuted. They were harassed daily. Their phone was monitored. They often received threatening phone calls from the police. Sometimes policemen pounded on their door at one o'clock in the morning and scared all the neighbors. The vicious people also used their relatives and friends to apply pressure and extort fines. The Huafeng Mine fined first them 2,300 Yuan RMB [about US$270, monthly wage in China is a about $60] and then 3,000 Yuan for appealing (a right guaranteed to citizens in the Chinese constitution); the police station in Ningyang County likewise fined them 3,000 Yuan; and the Huafeng Town police substation fined them 500 Yuan. None of these fines were legal, none followed any procedure, and no receipts were given. The policemen prevented her husband from going to work and forced him to write a "repentance" statement. The persecution of Falun Gong in Huafeng Mine was very malicious. Zhang Qingmei was their focus. A leader in the county police station told her that they had sent someone in Taian City to a labor camp. He implied that she would be next.

Through February 2001, local policemen harassed them at home, making sleep and normal life impossible. The director of the town police substation himself called several times a day to threaten them. Having been persecuted and lost her freedom for such a long time, Zhang Qingmei was extremely sad. She'd rather die than give up her belief, but could not bear to live any longer. She chose death to free herself. From the point of cultivation, we are sad that she didn't follow Dafa's teaching and treasure her own life. She left trying to escape brutal treatment, which should not have happened. This persecution came about only because of the orders by Jiang Zemin and his followers. This group's crime exceeds even than that of the Gang of Four, who hounded many intellectuals to death during the Great Cultural Revolution.

We appeal all kind-hearted people to avoid the manipulations and deceptions by Jiang Zemin and his criminal regime. Please stand on the side of benevolence by supporting Falun Dafa.

Below is the list of the criminals who drove Zhang Qingmei from this life:

Director of the police division in Huafeng Mine, Wang Jizhong, cell phone number: 13953869159

Party secretary of the police division in Huafeng Mine, Zhang Yaoqin, cell phone number: 13953869192

Policeman of the police division in Huafeng Mine, Chen Feng

Deputy director of the police substation in Lingshan Village, Huafeng Town, Zhang Shengfeng

Provided by practitioners in Mainland China

May 1, 2001