[Minghui Net] At the Shenze Detention Center, Falun Dafa practitioners have been inhumanly persecuted. The local Public Security Chief and the Detention Center Director viciously led some followers to mistreat Falun Gong practitioners in their custody. The following is a brief account of the illegal detentions and brutal beatings applied to the practitioners there:

On January 8, 2001, at the direction of Chief Jia Yiqian, Du Lijian, together with another man and woman beat up practitioner Ms. Zhang Xinmian while interrogating her. They beat and kicked her violently, pulled her hair, and hit her with a baseball bat for two hours. Then they cuffed Ms. Zhang's hands up high and kept her hanging for more than one hour, while forcing a dirty shoe into her mouth. After that, Ms. Zhang could not walk due to leg injuries caused by the torture, and her hands were numb for five or six days. She is still at this detention center.

Meanwhile, the three villains mentioned above also beat up a 59 year old practitioner, Ms. Show Xin. Since her arrest in January 2001, Ms. Liu Yingjie and fellow practitioners went on a hunger strike to demand unconditional release from detention. During her hunger strike, Ms. Liu was force-fed by other inmates (non-practitioners) at the command of the Center Director, Zhang Yanying. They messed up the force-feeding and damaged Ms. Liu's stomach, causing internal bleeding. She had to get an emergency transfusion. Later, on February 15, 2001, Ms. Liu was called out for interrogation and the trio beat her, kicked her, and choked her, causing her to pass out. Upon seeing her terrible condition back in the cell, practitioners in the detention center tried to protest to the Center Director to stop the beating. The Deputy Director Yuan Yongtao shamelessly lied that nobody touched Ms. Liu, that she just hurt herself by accident.

About one month or so after the hunger strike, on January 26, 2001, the guards in the detention center repeatedly beat the practitioners. As a result of the brutal beating, Ms. He Qing vomited blood clots. Meanwhile, Ms. Qin Ru, Wang Jingzhi, Zhang Xingzhuan, Liu Yaling, and Zhao Junlan were almost knocked unconscious. They experienced dizziness and blurred vision. On March 3, Ms. Xu Yunfen, Du Jie, Xin Mian and Hui Yin were subjected to brutal beating, causing bruises and swelling all over their faces. Moreover, they were put in shackles. The next day, the Center Director hit Ms. He Erli, He Qing, and Li Lihong with a wooden stick and later put shackles on them for five days. On March 9, Ms. Qin Ru, Liu Yaling, and Zhang Xingzhuan received many more hits with the wooden stick, and they passed out because of the torture. On March 14, while still suffering from this punishment, Ms. Liu Yaling was sent to a labor camp while Ms. Qin Ru and Zhang Xingzhuan were put in shackles by the Center Director. All practitioners at the Center were beaten and cursed at, and suffered various degrees of physical and mental tortures.

The list of the long-term illegal detentions includes:

Mr. Wang Qinghua has been in custody for more than 4 months; he was illegally fined 4,000 Yuan RMB (about 5 months' income for an average family) on July 20, 2000.

Ms. Zhao Huilan has been in detention since last August; she was fined 500 Yuan in 1999 and the police extorted 100 more Yuan from her afterwards.

Mr. Yuan Wenge has been in the detention center for over seven months; he was fined 500 Yuan in 1999.

Illegally arrested in 2001 were Mr. Jia Zhenmin, Mr. Jia Zhenjie, Ms. Qin Ru, Ms. Jia Rongjun (forced to pay fines totaling 20,000 Yuan and now at a labor camp), Ms. Jiao Jinxue (fined 4,000 Yuan), and Mr. Ma Tongxin. Many more of our local practitioners were illegally arrested while appealing in Beijing.

Since January of this year, Dafa practitioners in this Detention Center went on hunger strikes to protest for their innocence. During force-feeding, the practitioners were handcuffed and four or five other non-practitioner inmates held the victims tightly and tried with brute force to open up their mouths. At first the medical doctors would scold and yell at the practitioners. After the practitioners explained the Fa with kindness, the doctors gradually changed their attitude toward the detainees. They were amazed at the physical strength as well as the forbearance (force-feeding every 3 days or 7 days) of the practitioners. Upon seeing the excellent physical and mental conditions of the practitioners after one month of torture, the medical doctors realized that Falun Dafa is supernormal, that no earthy laws could explain Dafa. Feeling the power and the manifestation of Dafa in this world, those doctors then stopped the force-feeding. To this day there are still practitioners in detention who are refusing to eat. By doing so they validate that they are not criminals, and that Dafa is innocent.

One will reap what one has sown!

Practitioner in China

April 22, 2001