Minghui Net recently reported that Ma Yun has firmly cultivated Dafa [great law and universal principle]. Since her persecution was publicized, there has been much concern from kind-hearted people at home and abroad. This has also caused fear in the hearts of those lawless people in Lanzhou (the capital city of Gansu Province)--they are intensifying the persecution of Ma Yun because out of their own personal spite.

Ma Yun is a fifty-four year old female of the Hui (Muslim) nationality. She is a retired worker of the Jincheng Tour Company in Lanzhou. Ma was one of the first practitioners to obtain the Fa in her area. In addition, she was an assistant at the square entrance practice site, the largest practice site in Lanzhou. After July 22, 1999, however, she was illegally detained for nearly half a year. When her detention was over, she went immediately to Beijing to appeal where she was illegally detained again. After the detention period came to an end, Ma Yun and other practitioners continued to practice in groups. On January 15 and 16 of 2000, they hung a Falun Dafa banner and practiced at the former practice site in front of the telecommunication administration at the square entrance. Ma Yun was arrested by the Chengguan police station and illegally detained in the Dashaping city Detention Center. On May 19, she was tried by a judge in court.

In the court, the public prosecutor claimed that Ma Yun was the organizer of two practices on January 15 and 16, respectively. The prosecutor, however, raised no evidence. He was rendered speechless at the hands of Ma Yun and her attorney. The public prosecutor accused Ma Yun of going to Beijing to appeal. Ma Yun and her lawyer pointed out that the right to appeal is a constitutional right given to all citizens, including Ma. Criminals even have the right to appeal. Why can't the citizens appeal!? In front of these words of justice, the evil forces themselves exposed their scandal and the interrogation hastily ended.

Since January 17, 2000, Ma Yun was illegally detained and up until now, it has been almost one and a half years. The villains hate her and are afraid of her. They can't judge her, but they dare not release her. This incident has completely abandoned the legal system and the policy of "managing state affairs based on law."

In jail, Ma Yun upholds the principles of Dafa and has full confidence in Teacher. She has carried out a determined struggle against the traitors who came to confuse the people's minds. "Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful." Let us help our excellent practitioner Ma Yun jointly send forth powerful righteous thoughts to suffocate the evil and validate Dafa.


(Please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2000/12/15/9193.html for the report about Ma Yun mentioned at the beginning of this article)