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My name is Yueyue. I am a 13-year-old student in the 7th grade. This morning, my dad, my mom, my elder sister, my grandma and I, sent forth our righteous thoughts together to eliminate all of the evil within the Three Realms according to the requirements of "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts". Here is what I saw (in other dimensions).

1. Sending Forth the Righteous Thoughts the First Time at 5AM Sharp

a. In the beginning, a dark cluster flew into the room, from outside, and it circled around over the heads of my dad, my mom and my grandma. When it found that they were all sending forth their righteous thoughts and there was no loophole for it to take advantage of it flew to me. I thought, "It's bad." So immediately I sent forth my righteous thoughts, "Don't even try to take advantage of me. I must be resolute." With this thought, the dark cluster was eliminated. Then, a little rat appeared and it seemed that it wanted to talk to me. I told it, "I don't want you. Go away now." It was then eliminated, also.

b. After that, I saw a big white gate. There were many dark things inside the gate. The gate banged shut in front of me and was shut tightly. Those dark things were then eliminated.

c. Next, I saw a three-legged toad demon squatting there. It seemed about to die, staring blankly at some thing. Then its eyes gradually closed. Suddenly, some big characters appeared. It was the verse that Master often uses, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated". It radiated golden light and it crushed the toad demon underneath. In a little while, the toad demon was completely eliminated.

d. Later, I saw many Buddhas sending forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil. They were all in yellow clothes and sat on lotus flowers. White haloes were over their heads. Around them, every thing was dark. At that time, 5 minutes (of eradicating the evil) were over.

2. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts the Second Time at 6AM Sharp

This time, I saw Teacher sitting on a chair and smiling at me. I also smiled. At that point, my attention wandered a little. Teacher looked serious right away. Realizing my mistake, I began to get resolute in the righteous thoughts. Shortly, Teacher smiled again. Then, I saw those Buddhas. They seemed to have finished eliminating the evil and they flew away on white clouds after they gave a salute to Teacher. The haloes over their heads became bigger and brighter. The darkness around them turned to blue sky. The blue sky seemed to shine with white light and was very beautiful.

3. At 7AM sharp, I was participating in some school activities when it was the third time to send forth the righteous thoughts. I recited silently the verse that Master often uses, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated."