[Southern China] Dafa Practitioners' Magnificent Acts In a City

On the morning of May 13, the streets through a city university were filled with bright yellow banners announcing, "Falun Dafa Is Good," "The Great Law is Rectifying Society," "Falun Rotates Constantly," "Zhen Shan Ren," and "Return Our Freedom of Belief" in large red letters. They made quite a magnificent display, and couldn't be missed even from far away. The local police and other authorities responsible to repress Falun Dafa were shocked. The townspeople admired the practitioners' remarkable courage and spoke highly of the morning's events to their friends and neighbors.

[Heilongjiang Province] You Pledge Allegiance to Jiang Zemin, but Who Will Save Jiang Zemin? And Who Will Save You?

After their arrest for appealing for Falun Dafa, practitioners refused to cooperate with policemen and would not reveal their names. Under a new policy of Heilongjiang Province, over 300 Dafa practitioners have been brutally persecuted and detained in the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center. They have to pay 10,000 Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an average worker in cities of China is about 500 yuan) for "living expenses" and are forced to be "transformed." They are maltreated, with three policemen, in shifts, for each practitioner, ensuring that they are not allowed to sleep until they simply lose consciousness. However, practitioners do not forget to promote Dafa and clarify the truth no matter what the circumstances. The police admit that it is very hard to "transform" the practitioners since they are so persistent in their beliefs, and so convincing when telling the truth about Falun Dafa.

While the truth of Falun Dafa is widely known, the Governor of Heilongjiang Province tried to reverse history and pledged to Jiang Zemin's regime that Falun Dafa practitioners from Heilongjiang will not be seen in Beijing. He will fire those responsible if any practitioners from their districts are arrested in Beijing. Officers of the 610 Office (specifically charged with the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners) even reward citizens who report Dafa practitioners. They are actually sending those greedy informers to hell.

"Good will be rewarded by good, and evil with evil" is a rule of heaven. In history, no violator of this rule ended up with a good result. Jiang Zemin clings obstinately to his course in persecuting Falun Gong, torturing several hundreds of Dafa practitioners to death in two years. He has ruined China's international reputation. Someone like him who has committed so many unforgivable wrong deeds cannot assume that he will escape judgment. How can he save you if you pledge to him? "Coercion Cannot Conquer People's Hearts." Do you think that no practitioners will go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa?

[Guangdong Province] Officials in Universities Continue to Commit Wrong Doings

The Guangdong Higher Education Bureau is assisting the Tianhe Police Bureau in organizing a" Forcible Transformation Classes," allocating quotas to every college. They ordered each college to send Falun Dafa practitioners, innocent of any crime, to attend the class and pay 12,000 Yuan each as a "transformation fee." Their perverse acts were strongly objected to by Falun Gong practitioners' families, colleagues, and friends, as well as many officers who have maintained their righteous hearts. Some well-known universities refused to send their teachers and students to the "transformation class" and did not pay the incredibly expensive "transformation fee." The officers then went to the campus to arrest the faculty and staff while on duty and send them to a drug rehabilitation or detention center. They threatened that those arrested would be sent to a labor camp directly if the university does not pay "transformation fees" for them.

We appeal all people, especially alumni of Guangdong University, to give your support and help stop these criminal wrongdoings.

Guangdong College Education Bureau telephone: 86-20-87611225

Guangdong College Education Work Union: 86-20-66096701, 86-20-66097334

Tianhe Police Bureau: 86-20-87502743

[Laishui County, Hebei Province] Practitioner Appeals: "I Want to Read 'Zhuan Falun'!!!"

Today marks the day that I have been detained for eight months. At the beginning, I went on a hunger strike, but after seven days they interrogated me every day, sometimes lasting several hours. I felt very thirsty and I could not let go of ordinary people's attachments, so I drank some water. Around noon on August 20, I asked the officers for some food. Although I felt a little bit weak, I still could move freely. I thought that since I had missed 29 consecutive meals that this would be sufficient to demonstrate that "Falun Gong" is extraordinary and that practitioners were distinct from everyday people.

I have been dreaming of "Zhuan Falun" over the past eight months, but I just couldn't find a way to get one. Even if I obtained one, where would I keep it, as the cells are frequently searched for Dafa materials? Materials left in my home had been seized and burned, except for the hand-copied Lecture Five of "Zhuan Falun." However, I don't know if that is still there, since I have not had the chance to check with my family. During these eight months, I saw my mother and wife only once, in court, and we were not allowed to talk to each other.

I am no longer attaching to anything in the human world, but missing "Zhuan Falun," is very hard to bear. It is more painful than anything and hard to describe. My "sentence" said that I would be in jail for five years. I do not accept this so I am appealing. I realized that my appeal is just another way to expose the evil and promote the Fa so that more people will know the truth, and more of them will be saved! It seems that I have spoken out and written out what I wanted, and have done what I was supposed to do. I will not regret even if I have to die for this. I do not feel lonely in jail; however without reading "Zhuan Falun," I feel my life is just so meaningless no matter how many more years I can live.

Today, I picked up a chalk and wrote down the words "I want to read Zhuan Falun" on the blackboard in the yard. I don't care about anything else, including my human life, except Zhuan Falun! To get the precious book I can fast from food and water, and even give up my physical life.

After writing "I want to read Zhuan Falun on the board in the morning, some other practitioners and I waited in front of the board. In the afternoon, the director came in and erased the words. I said that whoever erased the words should give me Zhuan Falun. He just murmured. I handed him the article I wrote that morning called, "Let My Life Glow with Dafa" and flyers with an article titled, "Who Planted Hatred In Your Heart?"

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Associate Professor Li Xiaojin Arrested from Guangzhou Normal College

Li Xiaojin, female, 39, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Guangzhou Normal College. She and her colleague (another Associate Professor) were arrested as they distributed flyers about the persecution of Falun Dafa late in October, last year. It has been more than six months and her husband and daughter are still not allowed to visit her, even though the leaders of the college and Security Department of the college do not know her current situation.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] News

Recently, the evil forces in Shijiazhuang are making their last-ditch efforts by even more madly persecuting Dafa practitioners. On April 27 and 28, Dafa practitioners Liu Zhenfen, Zhao Yuxi, and Kou Lirong were arrested at home and sent to a labor camp directly without trial. This is because they participated in a group study of Falun Dafa on March 1, 2001, which was broken up by more than 30 policemen. Of the seven practitioners at the group study, six were arrested and jailed. One month later, since the practitioners did not cooperate with their captors and went on hunger strikes, they were released. However, they were again arrested and sent to labor camps on April 27 and 28.

In a separate case, Kou Lirong and another practitioner applied their righteous minds and escaped from the labor camp during interrogation, shocking all of the policemen in the camp.

The labor camp and the police department immediately dispatched many policemen to search for them, breaking into many practitioners' homes in the middle of the night. They ransacked the homes, arresting, questioning, and even torturing practitioners, trying to find those who had escaped. The practitioners who were tortured include Li Xiumei and Wang Shixiang of Yinlong district, Pang Fengqin of Jianming district, and Wang Xinzhong of Tangu district, etc. Wang Shixiang, a lady over 60 years old, was beaten by the malicious policemen as soon as they broke into her home. They chased after her from the living room to the bedroom. Although her husband called loudly for them to stop, they continued to beat her. Then they took her to Yuejing Road police substation to continue the torture. Eyewitnesses said, "They do not behave like anyone whose job it is to protect people. They are even worse than bandits."

[Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] The Brutalities of the Evil Force in A Police Substation

Around 5:00pm, April 30, several officials from Tongxian Township, Anyue County suddenly broke into Ye Fubi's home in Donggui Village, Wuguiqiao, Chengdu City. They forced Ye Fubi to accompany them to Baohe Police Substation of Chengdu because they believed that she mailed Falun Dafa materials to practitioners in Anyue County. They searched Ye's home and seized her mother's 1,000 Yuan (Note: Chinese currency, about US$120. A city worker's monthly salary is about 300-400 Yuan). Her mother earned the money by polishing shoes in the streets and saved pennies collecting and selling recyclables from trashcans. They even arrested Ye's husband (a non-practitioner) and questioned him continuously for 24 hours. Ye Fubi was hung up by the wrists and tortured for 24 hours. She was then transferred to the notorious Lianhua Detention Center, Chengdu City. Ye Fubi had no choice but went on a hunger strike to object to the evil brutalities of the wicked police. She has carried on her hunger strike for nearly 20 days. To help her, we call everyone's attention to this case.

[Shandong Province] When We Do As Master Says, The Environment Will Change

Malicious policemen cheated a fellow practitioner, looted his home and confiscated his motorcycle. The local police could not "transform" him, so they transferred him to the Jinan Labor Camp where several hundred practitioners are detained. The detained practitioners acted together and did not cooperate with their captors. Some practitioners even went on hunger strikes longer than 70 days. Their actions suffocated the evil forces very much. Once my fellow practitioner realized what the situation was in the Labor Camp, a righteous thought raised up, "No, I should not stay here, but should get out to rectify the Fa." Upon having the thought, he unexpectedly vomited blood. This shocked the police. They immediately sent him to a hospital for physical examinations and the results indicated that he was in the late phase of a cancer (of course, he has no disease). He was released immediately. This case shows that Falun Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful. As long as we follow Teacher's words, the environment will change. Eliminating the evil is for Fa-rectification. Let our enlightened side lead us to walk out of the jail and merge ourselves into the tremendous Fa-rectification.

[Wuhan, Hubei Province] A Provincial Leader's Creative Trick To Stop His Grandson's Crying, "If You Continue Crying, Luo Gan Will Take You Away!"

(Note: Luo Gan is a major character in Jiang Zemin's regime. He is in charge of the Police Department of the Central Chinese Government, so he has been madly persecuting Falun Gong.)

I went on a business trip to Wuhan recently, and visited my classmate who is a leader of the Provincial Committee. During our chatting, his grandson started to cry louder and louder. He then embraced his grandson and threatened, "Don't cry, otherwise the big demon Luo Gan will come and take you away!"

Hearing this, the boy was scared so much that he stopped crying and looked around nervously. I was amazed by this special trick. Then my classmate smiled and said, "Every time when Luo Gan came to Wuhan, the whole of Hubei Province would be stirred up, and an atmosphere of terror would dominate everywhere. As soon as my little grandson hears his name, he is scared and screams "demon, demon" and stops crying immediately. This trick works every time."

I learned from the TV and newspaper that whenever Luo Gan came to Wuhan to inspect the persecution of Falun gong, his frantic pace exhausted the leaders of the Province.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Many Practitioners Arrested In Their Homes

Today, many practitioners were illegally arrested by police. They are likely to be sent to a "transformation class." Practitioner Zhang Chunmei, who lives in Jinan University, was arrested on the evening of May 14 by police from the Shipai police substation. Her whereabouts are still unknown. Zhang Chunmei's husband was a teacher in the Elementary School associated with Jinan University. He was also among the first practitioners who were sent to labor camp (he has been "transformed," and is earnestly assisting police to "transform" other practitioners). Zhang Chunmei's 4-year old son and 70-year old mother-in-law live at home alone. They are living in an awful situation. Authorities in Guangzhou are currently using all means they can find to inhumanely persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

Shipai Street Police Substation: 86-20-85513916

President Office of Elementary School associated to Jinan University: 86-20-85220032

President Office of Jinan University: 86-20-85220010

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Practitioners Xu Shulan Was Arrested

One week ago, Guangzhou Dafa practitioner (a staff member at the Tianhe Sport Center) went to visit fellow practitioners, and she was arrested by the police waiting there. It is still unknown where she is.

[Huizhou City, Guangdong Province] Police in Xiaojinkou Arrest Innocent People

Dai Xianghong, a new mother and a teacher at Xiaojinkou Elementary School, and Gao Yuxin, a student, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa last August. They have been detained in Xiaojinkou Drug Rehabilitation Center for 9 months. Their families have not been allowed to visit them. Gao Yuxin is only 17 years old.

[Huairou County, Beijing] Vice Secretary Zhang Yankun Persecuting Dafa Practitioners Viciously

Zhang Yankun, Vice Secretary of the County Committee, is the general director of the forces persecuting Falun Dafa in Huairou County. He bribes officers in charge of the "transformation class" held in Daxing County so that he can send practitioners from his county to the classes. Beginning from the thirteenth day after the Chinese Lunar New Year, he arrested practitioners from their homes, and then sent them to Daxing. It is said that the state government allocated 10,000 Yuan for "transforming" each practitioner through attending the class. If he did not bribe officers in Daxing, he might not be able to send Huairou practitioners to attend the class in Daxing County (then he would not be able to spend the allocated money). Recently he started to organize this kind of "transformation class" hosted by the County government, and even by township governments. Now, he and his followers have organized ten such classes and will organize more. They tried as hard as they could to arrest practitioners and send them to the class. They are awarded 8,000 Yuan for transforming each practitioner. When they complete each class they would have a big party to celebrate. They drink, smoke and squander the money. Those "transformed" would be forced to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, too (Note: a real Dafa practitioner would give up these addictions). Those who refused to be transformed would be sent to labor camps. About 60 practitioners have been sent to labor camps recently from Huairou County.

The guilty officials include:

Secretary of Politics and Law: Zhang Tongsheng

Members of the 610 Office: Zhang Wei, Li Xiaogang, and Han Tinghua.

[Daqing, Heilongjiang Province] The Evil Police Chief Died Suddenly

Wicked people who persecute Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners will end up with tragedy.

On the evening of April 29, 2001, Chen, the Police Chief of Daqing No 9 Oil Factory, enjoyed a pleasant time in someone's home. He proudly drove his car home at high speed. There were very few vehicles on the road, but his car ran into a big truck that was crossing an intersection. With a thunderclap-like "bang," this arrogant chief met immediate death.

What kind person was this man? Please take a look at the following facts: He was notorious in his persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. He used to lead police to arrest practitioners in the middle of the night, and he sent many practitioners to jail.

He did not visit his wife and children in the last ten years, but lived with two mistresses illegally. With his official power, he became very rich, and owned three factories, which were managed by his mistresses. Their money was used to support their luxurious lifestyle.

[Tongliang County, Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Malicious Policeman Zhou Liangzhi Died Suddenly

Another policeman who viciously persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners in Tongliang County died suddenly. After Chen Wen, the head of Tongliang Police Station, his wife and his brother died in a car accident recently, Zhou Liangzhi, the director of Security Section at the same Police Station, died suddenly in his office. The doctor's examination suggested that the death was caused by high blood pressure. Actually, his death is possibly because he was too actively persecuting Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners who cultivate "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance." This is just another example that evil deserves an evil end. In the meantime, we strongly warn all policemen who have actively participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners, for your sake and your family's future, please treat Dafa practitioners fairly, and stop the persecution immediately.