May 28, 2001

[Minghui Net] My name is Liu Dongmei and I am a 36-year-old woman. I hold a master's degree in English language and am a lecturer in the department of International Commerce English at Northeast Finance and Economics University.

I started to practice Falun Gong in late July 1996. Falun Dafa has greatly improved my health, elevated my moral standard and purified my soul.

In October 1999, I went to Beijing to validate Dafa. After I came back, I was sentenced to 3 years forced labor education in Masanjia Labor Camp, Liaoning Province.

In the second section of Masanjia Labor Camp, the guards brainwashed me everyday by displaying videotapes that slander the Teacher and Dafa, attempting to persuade me to give up Fa-study and practice. Bewildered with the deceptions of those so-called transformed people, not letting go of the many attachments I had, and not having a deep understanding of the Fa, I left a loophole for the evil to attack, and thus enlightened along an evil path.

Just as Teacher said, "In order to hide your attachments, and to exculpate yourself, you intentionally accept evil enlightenment." (Not an official translation) Giving up cultivation and positioning myself on the opposite side of Dafa was not what I wanted from the bottom of my heart. It was under great pressure and due to my lack of a clear mind that I went with evil enlightenment, which was against my true wish. I still remembered how tears ran down my face and how painful I felt each time I decided to do something that undermined Dafa: when I accepted evil enlightenment, when I made up my mind to give up Dafa cultivation, when I raised a pen to write a repentance letter to denounce Dafa, when I promised to turn in my Dafa books. Had there not been such high pressure, I would never have thought to give up cultivation, stray from Dafa, and damage Dafa. Dafa has taught me the true meaning of life and is much more precious than my life.

I not only enlightened along an evil path myself, but also became one of the first batch of "transformed people" in Masanjia Labor Camp. We were indeed the people Teacher mentioned in his article "Suggestion": "Those who spread evil enlightenment in the guise of Dafa are doing things that demons who undermine Dafa are doing and they are helping evil to damage Dafa." (Not an official translation)

I was released on April 17, 2000 before my term ended. The "610" office (an office specifically set up to deal with Falun Gong practitioners) in the Dalian government grouped 12 people transformed in Masanjia and formed a so-called "Dalian Falun Gong Transformation Team," with me as the head of the team. I, along with other transformed people, gave several dozens of reports and symposiums in various places in Dalian city. We became a political tool to suppress and damage Dafa.ááá

From September 12 to October 3, 2000, I joined the "National Falun Gong Transformation Team" organized by the Central Judiciary to transform practitioners. We went to nine labor camps (Guangdong Women's Labor Camp, Guangdong Sanshui Labor Camp, Guangdong Chatou Labor Camp, Guangxi 1st Women's Labor Camp (Nanning City), Guangxi 4th Labor Camp (Guilin City), Yunnan 1st Women's Labor Camp (Kunming City), Yunnan Men's Labor Camp (not sure about the exact name, Kunming City), Guizhou Women's Labor Camp, Guizhou Zhongba Labor Camp) in four provinces (Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou) to deceive and confuse practitioners with our evil enlightenment and lies.

It was the power of Dafa and the mercifulness of Teacher that pulled me back from the terrible deviation and saved me. When I tried to transform practitioners, their benevolence and firm belief in Dafa often shook my heart, and I began to doubt my evil enlightenment. When I tried to find justification from Dafa for my transformation, I accidentally found that all the reasons I used to justify my transformation were all wrong and quite ridiculous, and they were actually twisting the principles of Dafa. Teacher's new Jingwen (articles written by Teacher), especially Teacher's lecture at the Great Lakes Fa-Conference, startled me and woke me up.

However, due to the fundamental attachments I couldn't let go of, I did not write a solemn statement to make up the loss I caused to Dafa until half a year later and I regretted this very much.

My life became fulfilled because of my cultivation in Dafa. But I deviated from Dafa, invited evil enlightenment and undermined Dafa, which was against my will and became a lifetime regret for me. I grieved so much for my mistake.

I apologize to my Teacher: I let down Teacher's painstaking salvation, I let down the life given to me by Dafa, I let down Dafa practitioners, I let down all the kindhearted people who are unaware of the truth and deceived by our lies.

I hereby declare that everything I said and wrote before that was against the principles of Dafa and undermined Dafa is nullified.


1. I declare the nullification of everything that I said or wrote in Masanjia Labor Camp, including:

1)á The so-called "repentance letter," "exposing evil statement," and "my experience."

2) The speech manuscripts and relevant written materials that I gave at the symposiums with "610" officials, municipal and provincial officials.

3) My speeches at the symposiums with all kinds of media (including CCTV, Xinhua News agency, People's Daily) and at all kinds of meetings. 4) All the audio and videotapes made out of my words to undermine Dafa in all circumstances.


2. I declare the nullification of everything that I said or wrote in various counties, districts and villages of Dalian City, including:

1) My speeches at various districts, counties and villages of Dalian City, Dalian Drug Rehabilitation Center and Dalian Labor Camp.

2) My speeches, audio and videotapes at all kinds of symposiums at various places in Dalian city.

3) My speeches at the symposiums with governmental officials at various levels and relevant institutions.

4) All written materials and statements I wrote to Northeast Finance and Economics University (including the XX party committee, Security department, and the department of International Commerce English), Shahekou Branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau and Heishijiao Police Station.

5) The brocade flags I sent to the XX party committee of Northeast Finance and Economics University, Security department, International Commerce English department to thank them for transforming me.

3. I declare the nullification of everything that I said or wrote at the 9 labor camps mentioned above to transform practitioners and undermine Dafa.

4. I declare the nullification of my words at Taian county, Anshan City, Liaoning province attempting to transform practitioners and undermine Dafa.

5. I declare the nullification of the materials I wrote to Liu Weimin (director of the Central Judiciary), Hao Baokun (deputy director of Dalian Judiciary) and other officials regarding how to transform practitioners.

6. I declare the nullification of my statements and acts to turn in all Dafa books and materials during 7.22 (July 22, 1999) and after being transformed.

7. I declare the nullification of the letter I wrote to Wanjia Labor Camp, Harbin City after my transformation.

8. I declare the nullification of everything that I have said or written that is against Dafa and undermines Dafa in any other circumstances.

I hereby solemnly declare that without Dafa, my life would have withered and gone to its destruction. I will resume my cultivation of Dafa and double my efforts to make up the loss I have caused Dafa. I will expose, resist and suffocate evil, and clarify the truth to people and catch up with the Fa-rectification process. I will cultivate Dafa to the end.