May 29, 2001

[Editor's note] Shanshan turned nine years old this year. He began practicing Falun Dafa at the age of four with his parents. At the very beginning, his mother watched videos and listened to tapes of the Teacher's lectures at home, while Shanshan was playing with his toys nearby. He appeared not to have been listening closely to the lectures at all, but he started saying some words that really amazed his parents when he was five. Since then, Shanshan began his cultivation practice in earnest. Though he didn't know any Chinese characters, and couldn't even write his name in Chinese, he was able to read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books. However, he couldn't recognize the same words when they appeared elsewhere. Over the past year, Shanshan has started telling his mother about what he has seen. The contents are substantial, and the main parts are described below.

1. All Demons in Different Dimensions Convened to Scheme a New Trick

On the evening of May 26, 2001, Father, Mother, my sister, and I, together with other Dafa practitioners gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy to send forth righteous thoughts. Before everyone started to send forth righteous thoughts, I saw groups of demons deploying to create trouble in different places, including the place where we were doing exercises. When we started to send forth righteous thoughts, five or six Great Buddhas came down from the ladder of Heaven, and eliminated all the demons around us. The Great Buddhas then made a circle to protect us.

Sending forth our righteous thoughts, all practitioners present sent out powerful light knives towards all evil beings in the Three Realms. The light knives kept shooting in all directions, and they were so powerful that the surrounding areas were brightly lit. The scale was even brighter than the explosion of atomic bombs. In the meantime, the Great Buddhas who were watching over us strengthened practitioners by supplying us with energy so we didn't feel tired and were able to continue sending out gong (energy).

2. The Head Demons of Different Battle Zones Command All Fiends to Join Together in the Fight

Recently, all demons in the Three Realms started to re-combine their armed forces and deployed more vicious tactics. Viewed from higher dimensions, various types of demons, such as skeleton demons, iron - sheeted aliens, monsters resembling GaFa in Disney cartoon films, were led by different ring leaders. They avoided the "Big Red Ball" with the three characters of "Zhen-Shan-Ren," (the "big red ball" has passed by this area), and had a meeting in a hidden space station beyond the scope of the nine planets, which is the demons' headquarters. As they manifested themselves differently in different dimensions, at the lowest level of human beings they appeared as several ringleaders of the XX Party in Beijing who were insidiously concocting a new scheme to deal with Falun Gong. In the nearest dimension from the level of human beings, a group of the demon leaders convened to have a meeting in a dimension near China.

This time, the fiends gathered all remaining forces to make a desperate fight. Their headquarters has issued a command that all demons, big or small, should take part in the "battle," and they should cooperate with each other while fighting independently. The heads of the separate groups gathered their forces, and read to every demon on a stage about the distribution of forces, the cooperation plans, and passed on the command of the headquarters.

3. Main Consciousness Must be Very Strong, Taking Strict Precautions Against the Mixture of Demons Taking Advantage of Our Weak Points

In specific deployment, the demons had a heavily-superior weapon, that is "mixture of demons," which is a mixture of tens of thousands of different types of evil beings, such as snakes, scorpions and strange monsters, made in a certain environment to become an individual image. This "mixture of demons" can enlarge and shrink, and can scatter and convene freely. Previously, they used a method of possessing human bodies individually and dividing their forces to make trouble. Now they combined into one mixed body and shrank to a tiny dot, and entered a human body, and then scattered inside it. By doing so, the demons could avoid being eradicated individually. Besides, they could protect each other, and had a strong power of resistance. What's more, this "mixture of demons" was very vicious and sinister; if one's main consciousness isn't strong enough, one will have no power to resist them. There were also some aliens using the same method to make a mixture of spaceships transformed by tens of thousands of aliens. They formed many mixture bodies and shrank to a tiny spot, and entered human bodies to fight jointly against Falun Gong practitioners.

These dark schemes are carried out in different dimensions at the same time. I think there should be some big events respectively reflected on our Earth. It is just to see how our Dafa practitioners assist Teacher in the Fa-rectification process and how other ordinary human beings treat those events with their righteous thoughts. Moreover, at this critical moment, our main consciousness must be very strong. Otherwise, this "cellular type" mixture of monsters will exploit our weak points.

When the demons had a meeting at their headquarters, I could clearly see them, but they couldn't see me. After I heard about their deployment, I thought in my mind "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." Some Faluns [law wheels] immediately flew off and eliminated all these head demons. I then went to other places and blew up their warehouses and some bases for making tanks and other important weapons.

I saw a group of demons having dinner at their "canteen" to supplement their energy. The demons ate dirty animals like snails, worms and snakes, etc. I blew up their "canteen."

4. Getting Rid of Aliens' Astronaut Data Control Center

At night, when I was practicing "Embracing Falun," I came upon some tanks and spaceships. I destroyed some, but more came out right away. I realized that there must be a base. Immediately I found about a thousand stations that were used to launch these spaceships and tanks. I entered into one station and got rid of the alien who was in charge of the main computer system. I opened up the main computer and deleted all the data on how to make these spaceships, tanks and other weapons. I then created a CD with information from the Clearwisdom Net and implemented it into the main computer system. Tens of thousands of terminals in their aerospace network system showed Clearwisdom's information; all the alien creatures who worked in front of the computers were shocked.

The Faluns from Clearwisdom's homepage flew out and removed all the alien creatures nearby.

Aliens stored all the dead bodies killed either by Dafa practitioners or Faluns in jars. From these jars they utilized the leftover energy to make various spaceships and tanks. There were still tons of those weapons gathered together near the Earth waiting for entering on the next attack. It turned out that Playstations and other game machines sold on Earth are really part of the whole alien environment and their weapons systems in the other dimensions. I also saw that the most popular games sold in department stores are all designed from here. At this point, the aliens had driven all their tanks to the oceans and wanted to have control of the seas.

When I was entering the alien creatures' stations alone, rising up on the high elevator and seeing thousand of those ugly-looking monsters, I kept cleaning out my own disgusted feelings. The terrain was very complex and sometimes there were hidden alien's weapons. When I destroyed the raw material supply base for the aliens' spaceship manufacturer, a tank came rushing toward me and shot at me. I saw my head explode, with blood all over the place. However, it recovered immediately. My body was also hit by shots from aliens, my hands and legs were all wounded and bloody. When I came back to the human world, I felt very tired.

5. Higher Gods Joined the Battle to Eliminate Demons

By now, I again saw "technical personnel" who were responsible for the manufacture of "mixture of demons," pushing the finished mixture bodies out. I used my supernormal power to blast those giant poisonous demon mixture bodies, but my ability was insufficient to destroy them. While I was worrying about how to destroy them, the sky opened and two giant Gods came down from above. They were extremely solemn, with dignity and great power. As soon as they appeared, the two Gods released a strong glare, and melted those "mixtures" completely into water. Upon finishing and without talking to me, the two Gods faded away. I immediately remembered what Master had said in the Canadian Experience Sharing Conference: "It's not only you who does the eliminating; if a cultivator can't eliminate it, Gods--including higher Gods--also need to take part in eliminating it."

In the recent few days, the demons were all mobilized. They planned their daily activities very carefully, such as what to do on which day, and where to report the information after the tasks were done, etc. There were demons responsible for collecting and dealing with intelligence (information), there were demons that dispatched troops, and there were demons that were responsible for provisions. I usually destroyed the head demons first. Many times, after the head demon of a troop was killed, its soldiers (small demons) would run away, and many of them would commit suicide. Some of them would intentionally run into the "large red ball." There were others who believed that "to die now is better than waiting to be killed" and ran into nearby Gods and were immediately destroyed. The scene of demons being eliminated was extremely frightful. The head demons were not afraid of death. Sometimes in order to protect their groups or family members or shield other demon troops, they would come out to fight against us and with Faluns, and they would be quickly destroyed. There were demons that realized that they were going to fail, and they just stood still there waiting to be destroyed. There were also other demons that came to realize the truth, and they tried to reason with and stop those demons that were trying to possess human bodies.

6. Join the Battle Intensely, Eliminate the Evil Forces Without being Lenient

Looking at all the scenes of destruction, I sobbed a little and some pity appeared in my heart. I immediately realized that I was possibly being moved by sentimentality. Master said in the Canadian Fa Conference [on May 19, 2001]: "It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can't do that--that's just how it is. So in the process of eliminating it don't be lenient at all--just eliminate it!" Afterwards, I continued to wrestle and fight with the demons without contemplating too much. The demons used their evil power to fight with me when they saw me. I released my supernormal power to destroy the demons while I held one hand vertically in front of my chest. The fire and electricity of the demons would hit my palm from time to time. In other dimensions, both my left and right palms were hurt. After coming out of tranquility, I noticed that my younger sister was in tears because her legs were hurting from sitting in the lotus position for more than 1 hour. I told her, "You don't need to cry. Not only my legs are hurting, but also my fingers turned to red." [because of fighting with demons in other dimension-translator]

7. The Leader of the Evil Forces Is Now Only a Human Skin in This World

After the battle on the early morning of May 27, Beijing standard time, all the souls of the evil forces leader in the human world were banished into hell. Now its human skin is being controlled by other head demons who are damaging Dafa. Some head demons have already been eliminated, but some are left and are still using that skin to commit evil deeds. We must continuously eradicate them vigorously.