Around 5pm on May 11, 2001, in Sanhe City, Hebei Province, several plainclothes policemen, who were hiding nearby, were illegally monitoring Dafa practitioner Zhao Lianjun's house. When they saw someone going in or out of Zhao Lianjun's house, they made a call to report it to Beicheng Police Station of Sanhe City. Beicheng Police Station, along with the Huangzhuang and Duanjialing Police Stations, sent out the whole police force (their cars and policemen) to surround Zhao's house on this day. They first wanted the members of the residents' committee to trick the Dafa practitioners into opening the anti-theft door (a strong metal door in front of many main entrances to homes in China). After failing to do so, the vicious policemen exposed their true evil identities. They howled and swarmed forward to knock, hit, kick, and smash the door. They used all their brutal ways to open it; however, their efforts came up short. Dafa practitioner Zhao Lianjun didn't co-operate with these illegal acts at all.

These policemen did not accept their failure. They immediately found the leaders of Yahua Company of the Fifth Water and Electricity Bureau, to call two workers. (The Beicheng Police Station lied to the two workers and did not dare to tell them the truth.) The evil force made the workers unlawfully cut out the anti-theft door of Zhao Lianjun with a gas-welding torch. Then they broke into Zhao's home. They brutally arrested her and another Dafa practitioner, Li Fengxia. Everything in the house was turned upside down, and several Dafa books and some other materials were confiscated. Such vicious conduct and illegal action done by the public security and law organ; the news spread in the streets at once, and immediately led to public indignation and condemnation from the people. Then several plainclothes policemen left and hid nearby to continue monitoring her house. As a result, a number of passing-by practitioners, even a child of a practitioner, were illegally caught. This child who was finding her mother is not a practitioner. The arrested Dafa practitioners were all detained in the Sanhe Detention Center. On the night of that day, the evil policemen came to her home to fabricate and videotape the scene. As the insiders disclosed later, electronic monitors were installed in front of Dafa practitioners Zhao Lianjun's and others.

The mayor of Sanhe City had always emphasized the protection of personal security and human rights. Where is the personal security of Dafa practitioners? Where is the personal security of their family members? All practitioners in the detention center went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal action. After 3 to 4 days, policemen in the Beicheng Police Station more viciously took the Dafa practitioners from the center to the station to brutally beat them. The policemen hit and shocked them with electronic batons, and cuffed and kicked them, so that each Dafa practitioner had bruises all over their body. All Dafa practitioners were determined not to co-operate with these vile forces, and strongly acted to suffocate the evil. Under the pressure, the police were forced to gradually release several practitioners; however, Zhao Lianjun, Li Yonglian, and Li Fengxia, have not been released so far. On the sixth day of their hunger strike, the vicious policemen started to tie them up and administer force-feeding. They pried their teeth open and stuffed things into their mouths. The teeth of some practitioners got chipped. At present, these three practitioners are physically injured quite seriously. This unlawful conduct of inhuman maltreatment to Falun Dafa practitioners has happened in what Jiang Zemin, and the government claim to be "the best human rights period of China." We appeal to all kind-hearted people in the world to give support and help to Falun Dafa practitioners.

Yahua Company of the Fifth Water and Electricity Bureau often illegally followed the tracks of Dafa practitioners to capture them, and restrict personal freedom. Dafa practitioners are not allowed to go out of its company's resident gate. They threatened that they would report to the police station to catch you if you go beyond the gate. You will be stopped even if you go out to buy food, buy daily necessities, or even send children to hospitals. When two practitioners went out to buy food, they got arrested after the gate security guards reported to the Beicheng Police Station. They were detained in the Sanhe Detention Center without reason for a week.

Names involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners this time:

Fifth Water and Electricity Bureau:

  • Secretary: Wu Liming's phone number: 86-316-3114012
  • Secretary: Fan Yong's phone number: 86-316-3119554
  • Factory Director: Wu Xinmin's phone number: 86-316-3130320
  • Workers cutting off the anti-robbery door: Xu Guojun, Zhang Jianghai

Beicheng police station: phone number: 86-316-3116110

  • Head of Beicheng police station: Zhao Yongkang phone number (cell): 86-13703161252
  • Head of Huangtuzhuang police station: Huang Yi