[Minghui Net] Shi'ting Town authorities' non-stop brutality unleashed against Falun Dafa practitioners since September 1999

On September 15, 1999, policemen from the Shi'ting Town Police Station illegally arrested 24 Dafa practitioners while they were doing the morning exercises. Sun Guijie (male), vice chief secretary of the Party in Laishui County, led policemen from the Political and Security section of the Laishui Public Security Bureau to Shi'ting Town in beating practitioners. Then they transferred the practitioners from the local police station to the township government office where the 24 practitioners suffered numerous beatings. The township director himself started the beating and was followed by policemen and bailiffs. They whipped practitioners' faces with wet towels, hit practitioners' heads with leather shoes and beat practitioners' bodies with wooden sticks. They shocked practitioners repeatedly with electric batons. Practitioners who were beaten up included Yan Zongqin (female), Yang Xifang (female), Chang Shaojun, Chang Shaoyi, and others.

In March 2000, the local police station arrested Dafa practitioner Jin Wangjiu for no reason. After a prolonged beating, he was transferred to the Laishui Public Security Bureau. There he was tortured even more.

In April 2000, the Shi'ting Town Police Station arrested more than ten Dafa practitioners again. They beat Qu Haisheng with wooden sticks after taking off all of his clothing. The beating continued even after the wooden sticks broke into several pieces. His whole body was black and blue after the beating. They beat female practitioners' Qiu Yuelan and Fang Yonglian's faces with iron bars until their faces were swollen black and blue; it was too horrible to look at. Song Xiangxin (female) was beaten until she lost consciousness. After one month's detention, she was released after paying a penalty fee.

In August 2000, over 60 Dafa practitioners were detained in the county Party School. The police, legal system and court joined together in abusing Dafa practitioners. They beat practitioners around the clock. They kicked and punched them. Then they beat them using electric batons, wooden sticks, rubber clubs, iron-wires and anything they could get their hands on. If one stick broke, they would pick up something else. If a practitioner lost consciousness, they would pour cold water on his head. This is the so-called "compulsory transformation."

Since December 2000, they have ransacked the following practitioners' homes: Yu Zhengang, Liang Jianzhong, Gu Haoqin (female), Jin Wanjiu, and others. Wherever these ruffians go, they beat people, break things and grab everything valuable.

In December 2000, several dozen Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. After being arrested and detained in the detention center, they were beaten and tortured again and again. They held a hunger strike to resist this cruel treatment. Sun Guijie, together with Liu Yuehua and others, force-fed the practitioners and gave them injections to which they added some medicine that would damage their nervous system. The practitioners saw through this malicious conduct and used their righteous thoughts to thwart the evil intent. Hence the medicine totally lost its effect.

On April 5, 2001, Sun Guijie commanded policemen to send 28 practitioners who were on a hunger strike to the Party School to force feed them. They beat anyone who refused to be force-fed. The Shi'ting Town secretary of the politics and law committee, Xia Xuesong, and vice township director, Luo Fenlun, were two who cruelly beat up practitioners who refused to be force-fed. Xia beat Yan Zongqin, a woman in her 70s by continually punching her in the face. Her face became purple and swollen. She even lost one of her front teeth. Luo grabbed Liang Jianzhong's by the hair and beat him up. Luo then put some sand cement into Liang's mouth and forced him to swallow it. Such conduct is really extremely cruel.

On April 7, 2001, five practitioners were sent to the Shi'ting Town Government Office. Xia Xuesong and others forced these practitioners to do hard labor. If anyone would disobey their orders, they would beat them up. If anyone dared to question these ruffians, they became even more vicious. Yan Zongqin was beaten so badly that he couldn't get out of bed. A woman in her 60s (Yin Yulan) was swung in circles while held by her hair. Then she was beaten, kicked, punched and hung from a tree for a long time. Chang Zhenying's mother-in-law was so sick that she had only a breath of life left in her. Chang requested several times to go to her mother-in-law's home to look after her, but was never given permission. Some of the practitioners who were supposed to be released were still detained in the township government office. Because the law is trampled on and "human rights" don't exist, Liang Jianzhong, Chang Zhenying (female), and Gu Haoying (female) were forced to leave their homes. Yang Zongqin and Yin Yulan (female) are still in custody, enduring beatings and torture. For those Dafa practitioners not in custody, Xia Xuesong often leads 20 to 30 people to search their homes and harass them in the middle of the night.

Shi'ting Town authorities illegally monitor Dafa practitioners' homes around the clock. In order to avoid being arrested, many practitioners simply cannot go home. Countless families have been broken up due to this relentless persecution.

This is an account of the persecution taking place in only one town in Laishui County. The fundamental rights of the practitioners there, endowed by the Constitution to all citizens, don't exist. The law is being trampled on, and there is no guarantee of human rights. We appeal to all kind-hearted people everywhere. Please find out the truth about Falun Gong and give us legal and moral support to stop this brutality. You will have a beautiful future if you do.