Falun Dafa practitioner, Zhang (whose first name is not yet known), a resident of Tanggu district, Tianjin City, female, 49 years old, was a retired employee of the Port Office. On January 15, 2001, she was forcefully arrested by the policemen and taken to the Drug Rehabilitation Center to attend the "transformation class." There were about a hundred Falun Dafa practitioners who were arrested at the same time. Since Zhang determinedly cultivated Dafa and refused to be reformed, at the end of March she was illegally sentenced to a forced labor education camp for one and a half years. At around 5 a.m. on May 11, Zhang fell to the ground while she was sweeping the floor. She died later in the hospital after failing to respond to medical intervention. The doctor notified her family that she died suddenly of "a heart attack." We hope that insiders can supply detailed information soon.