May 14, 2001

[Minghui Net] Since July 1999, the police of Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province have detained nearly 2,000 practitioners. The camp police use various methods, such as slapping faces, electric batons, and other cruel methods, to torture practitioners who are on hunger strikes, hand out Jingwens (articles written by Teacher Li), or practicing the exercises. The police have also increased many practitioners' terms of imprisonment without warrant. At the same time, the police utilize all kinds of methods to force practitioners to write statements of transformation against their will. 1. Cruel Tortures

The police use all kinds of cruel punishments to torture determined practitioners who have been in the labor camp for a long time, and who refuse to give up their belief in Dafa.

Shocked with Electric Batons:

The police use electric batons to burn practitioners' skin until there's a burnt odor. They always use electric batons to shock the lower jaw and abdominal areas that need to move regularly. It is more hurtful when the wounds have not scarred over. Sometimes the police do not stop shocking until the electric batons run out of batteries.

Detained in Solitary Confinement:

The solitary confinement prison cells are indeed very small, and people inside cannot stand up or lie down. It is very humid and wet. People have to both eat and excrete inside the cell. Practitioners are given a very limited amount of food each day. Some practitioners have been detained in solitary confinement cells for one month. The longest period is more than 100 days. After they got out, their bodies were full of wounds and were itchy all over.

Hung and Beaten:

The police handcuff practitioners and hang them on iron bunks, beating them brutally.

Strapped to Iron Beds:

Four limbs are bound vertically in four directions on iron beds with no covering. Practitioners are not allowed to move from this. This was originally a punishment for criminals sentenced to the death penalty. An ordinary person would die after being strapped like this for 10 days.

Terms of Imprisonment Increased:

Practitioners' terms of imprisonment will be increased if they do not give up practicing after one transformation session. More will be added if they do not give up practice after a second transformation session. Many practitioners' terms have been extended.

Forced to Work Overtime:

When the author spoke with practitioners just released from labor camps, I learned that being forced to work from 5am-10pm is not the worst sentence. If practitioners refuse to give up, or if they are detained for a second time, they will be put into a "backward camp," where they work 4am-12am. The criminal behavior of the guards in labor camps indicates that they no longer have human nature.

Slapped in the Face:

The lightest punishment is being slapped in the face. The camp guards are skillful in slapping faces. They can slap a practitioners' face dozens of times while eating or talking. Upon arrival, some practitioners are beaten and shocked immediately.

Deprived of Sleep:

There is a more vicious way to torture practitioners who newly arrive. That is, the police do not allow practitioners to sleep. Seemingly they have not beaten practitioners. But in actuality it is even more vicious. Further, this sort of treatment is not carried out by wardens, but by the so-called assistant wardens, under the permission of wardens. Some practitioners fall asleep while standing since they are not allowed to sleep for several days and nights. Some practitioners are forced to give up their practice of Dafa, since they cannot endure this anymore.

2. Robbers' Logic

The police will ask two questions: "Is appealing lawful?" and "Does it interfere with social stability to go to Tiananmen to appeal?"

A practitioner will be sentenced or detained just because he uses his lawful right, given by the Constitution, to appeal and clarify the truth of Dafa. What law?! People are not allowed to appeal and speak. Why is a practitioner sentenced just for saying, "I am a practitioner." In Tiananmen square, the police are brutally beating practitioners who do not fight back when beaten, and do not curse back when cursed. Nobody explains these questions;the police only punch and kick, and use electric batons.

3. Threatening and Tempting Concerning Dread and Attachments

Most of the so-called "assistant wardens" are former Dafa practitioners who do not yield to brutal torment but later break with Dafa after they enlighten along an evil path. Vicious people of this sort are very small in number, but their ability to destroy is huge. Because they act as "second" wardens, they carry out the task of not letting practitioners sleep during transformation. They do not have any kindness at all, which they displayed before when they were practicing. These "assistant wardens" even threaten practitioners with beatings or subject them to increased terms if they refuse to be transformed. Actually they are controlled by demons attempting to destroy Dafa, and they are in grave danger the instant they enlighten along an evil path. Previously, these people appeared to have a high xinxing standard and certain kindness when they were practicing Dafa. However, upon transformation their demon nature exploded, and their kindness disappeared. This is also another aspect of the vicious performance of Jiang Zemin.

The majority of practitioners who were forced to give up Dafa because of weakness are able to merge into the current of Fa-rectification cultivation anew upon release, if they can think of the Teacher and fill their hearts with Dafa. They will make up losses with actions that clarify the truth and expose the evil.

Kindness and viciousness have retribution, and those who persecute Dafa and practitioners will receive exactly what they deserve!