On the morning of January 18, 2001, we went to Tiananmen Square to validate Fa. The temperature was below minus 140C. [About 6.80 F] and it was snowing. We unfurled a nine-meter length banner, which read "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa," and held it up for quite a long time. Our voices through the loud speakers reverberated in the sky over the Square. We also saw many leaflets in the square, which made the plainclothes police very nervous. They dragged us into a police vehicle and pounded each of us for about 20 minutes. On the way to Xuanwu District detention center, we kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is good" until we arrived at the detention center. Many onlookers witnessed the scene.

We were assigned to different rooms to be interrogated. I was sent to room No 4 . To extort my name and address, they applied two high-voltage electric batons to the sensitive parts of my body. My body was soon covered with bruises and blisters. They then poured cold water and turned the electric fan on me. They also whipped me using thorny bamboo sticks, thrust the sticks up my anus, and scalded me with boiling water. At the same time, they were insulting Teacher with foul language. So we went on a hunger strike to protest.

On my third day in the detention center, I was transferred to the death row. This place was specifically designed and utilized to persecute Dafa practitioners. Upon entering the cell, several inmates immediately pushed me to the ground; some held my head, others my arms and legs, so that I could not move. Then the head of the cell wearing leather boots kicked my legs viciously. At the same time they bragged about how they had tortured all the other Dafa practitioners. They tortured me for nearly an hour but without accomplishing anything. My two legs became black and blue. Several people had to lift me onto a board. Around 12:00 o'clock, they kicked me for another hour. Before I got out of bed next morning, they gave me another round of kicking. They still did not get what they wanted.

At noon, the guard (badge number 028955) ordered the head of the cell to feed me. I immediately asked the guard to stop the persecution. Several people then carried me to his office. I asked to change to another cell. The guard said, "You have to eat, if you don't eat, the clinic will force-feed you." Then I was sent back to the original cell. In the afternoon, I was carried to the clinic; they handcuffed my hands in the back to prevent me resisting. In the ensuing ten days, my two hands were handcuffed in the back the whole time. I felt severe pain in my legs, and I also had to sleep on the cold cement floor. In the daytime, several people stayed around me to keep me sitting upright. They measured my blood pressure twice a day, the first measurement showed my blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low level. The second measurement was made by a female doctor. However, no matter how hard she clutched at my pulse, she could not get a blood pressure reading. They stopped measuring because they were afraid that others might see the appalling reading. At the beginning, two people in the cell lifted me up onto and down from the bed; later, just one person was left to drag me up and down the bed.

On the thirteenth day, I discovered that my ten toes turned totally black. The doctors in the clinic sent me to the hospital during the night. There, they forcibly injected a yellow color solution. Next day, the primary doctor told me my toes had to be amputated. The guards in the detention center were afraid to take the blame; they brought me a pair of crutches and super size slippers (because my two feet were very swollen.) and then left me alone on the train to Baoding City, Hebei Province. Before they left, they threatened me again not to tell others what they had done.

When I was being force-fed in the detention center, I saw a Dafa practitioner in the adjacent cell being carried in and out like me, and his face was black and blue. I also saw another practitioner with extremely high blood pressure, but the doctor still didn't let him off. At present, I am living in pain every day. We believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance," and try to be the best people we can be. I hope some of the officials in Chinese government who still have conscience, the International human rights' organizations, and all the kindhearted organizations can appeal on our behalf; and stop the criminal activities of Jiang Zemin's mob, restore the reputation of Dafa, and of Teacher.

I studied Fa and practiced the exercises on April 25, 1999, went to appeal on July 20, 1999, and again on April 25, 2000, December 19, 2000, December 23, 2000, December 26, 2000, and January 18, 2001. Even though I was at home, the wicked people still didn't spare me, I was arrested four times. The thugs can ruin my body, but they can never shake my belief. The power of the truth is invincible.

Dafa practitioner from China, Li Xin (pseudonym)

April 29, 2001