[Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Ailing Dies from Persecution

Dafa practitioner Wang Ailing (female), 51-year-old, lived in the Qiaoxi District Affiliated Hospital residential building in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province. She died on May 17, 2001. The detailed information is not clear.

On May 13, Falun Gong practitioners unlawfully detained in Gaoyang County Zhaokou No. 2 Unit in Baoding City of Hebei Province went on a hunger strike to resist the vicious forces' cruel persecution. The guards, led by the head of Political Committee, tied nine Falun Gong practitioners to stakes and beat them for the whole day. The guards were cruel beyond imagination. Besides, everyday these practitioners were forced to work for more than 12 hours, and were often subjected to the guards' abuse and torture. They have experienced severe physical and mental suffering.

[Southern China] The Sound of Dafa (A Recording of the Falun Dafa Radio Program) Resounded in the Skies above Detention Centers

The sound of Dafa resounded at several detention centers of a city in southern China. Previously, we broadcasted the tape recording with Teacher's New Articles Program published on the Minghui Net. However, it did not have any background music. So we made the program ourselves. We broadcast Dafa music of "Pudu" and "Jishi" for 5 minutes at the beginning to let Dafa practitioners being detained know we were about to broadcast. Then we started to broadcast each of Teacher's recent several articles twice. We informed local Dafa practitioners one day in advance. At 12:00pm the next day, we began to broadcast on time. With our true thoughts coming forth, we helped the broadcasting become successful and effective. A Dafa practitioner being unlawfully detained later told us that the broadcasting turned out to be extremely effective. At 12pm, as the detention center had just finished its own radio program, Dafa music resounded clearly right away. The practitioner thought the Dafa music was broadcast by the radio system in the jail.

[China] "Solitarily-Cultivating" Great Taos Participate in Eliminating the Evil Forces

A cultivator of a Qimen System told a fellow practitioner that recently some "solitarily-cultivating" great Taos are helping to eliminate the evil forces. The Fa-rectification process they see is similar to what Falun Dafa practitioner "Shanshan" has written about and posted on Clearwisdom (although the great Taos never read our website). [Shanshan -- a young practitioner told his experiences of eliminating the evil forces in other dimensions] He told the practitioner about the real situation he saw when Dafa practitioners abroad participated in the Fa-rectification. One thing he mentioned was that whenever the practitioners went to practice or spread Dafa in front of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, the "God" or mighty beings on their bodies would fly in the sky above the building to eliminate the evil beings. It was magnificent. But the practitioners may not be aware of it themselves, because the energy they consumed was replenished back by Master. However, these great Taos needed to practice by themselves to recover energy, although they have cultivated for about a thousand years.

[China] So-Called "One Million Signatures"

My son Xiaobao is 8 years old and is a 2nd grade student in primary school. I began to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1997. Although Xiaobao did not practice, "Falun Dafa is Good" is deeply rooted in his heart.

On the first day of the spring semester 2001, under the illegal requirement of the Education Center, the primary school where Xiaobao studied launched a movement to fight against Falun Gong. During the break, I went to the school playground when the speech of so-called "Criticizing Falun Gong" just began. I witnessed the whole process of signature collecting.

There were 3 video cameras shooting from different directions. Principal Xiao of the school was the first to speak and criticize Falun Gong. Then he asked every teacher to watch each student in his or her class to sign one after another. After the teacher and student delegates gave speeches, they began to sign. It started with the teachers. Then led by their teachers, students went to sign one by one. I felt very sad when I saw this vicious scene. A lot of young hearts were polluted. Where will the children be positioned in the future?

Perhaps my presence strengthened Xiaobao's confidence. As he would not sign, his teacher Ms. Guo dragged and forced him to sign. Xiaobao cried and held his little hand into a fist firmly. In this situation, I stepped forward to his teacher and the principal. I told them that as a parent and a Falun Dafa practitioner, I supported my son's decision of not signing or cooperating with the vicious force. Xiaobao was the only student who did not sign. The school reported his situation to the Education Center and talked with Xiaobao several times. They threatened Xiaobao that he would not be able to join the Young Pioneer Group, become a candidate of class cadre or model student. Xiaobao told me that principal Xiao told him several days ago during the recess, "Sign it. You can be a member of Young Pioneer Group after you sign." Xiaobao replied, "Although I want to be a member of Young Pioneer Group, I won't sign."

This is the "One Million Signatures" movement staged by Jiang Zemin's criminal regime. Even an 8 years old child is not exempted from the suppression. It's easy for us to see the truth behind the signatures.

[China] Righteous Thoughts Helped Me Come Through

I began to cultivate Falun Dafa in May 1998. Last year, I was illegally sentenced to 1 year of forced labor. During the detention term, I heard that there were over 30 Dafa practitioners keeping on with their cultivation in the mountainous areas. They needed Dafa literature badly. After I was released, the idea of sending Dafa literature to them occurred to me.

In the morning I left home with some of Teacher's articles and Dafa flyers. A practitioner warned me to be cautious on the way. I was very calm and said to her, "Nothing will happen. What I am doing is the most righteous thing. As long as I am calm, mighty Gods will safeguard me." So I started off calmly. I posted a Dafa flyer every few steps along the way. When I passed a crow's nest, a voice came in from a short distance, "You! Come here!" I saw there were six or seven policemen pointing and shouting at me about 70 or 80 feet away. I was shocked, "What should I do?" But then I thought, "What should I be afraid of?" So I kept walking and asked, "What for?" I continued, "Go ahead" and waved my right hand. At the moment, I realized that I was waving Dafa materials. My backpack was also full of Dafa literature. The policemen looked at me and did not pay further attention. So in this way, I walked away right under their eyes. I posted the materials in my hand on a wall soon after I left them behind. Eventually I successfully brought Teacher's articles to the destination.

[Shanghai City] A Permanent American Resident Has Been Detained in Shanghai for 1 and a Half Years

At the end of 1999, Dafa practitioner Li Tianqi from Shanghai, a permanent American resident, was arrested. Now there is no information about him. We hope related government officials in the U.S. can help him and inform his relatives. It was said that he had the opportunities to leave China, but he chose to stay and safeguard Dafa.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Criminals Persecuting Dafa were Commended in Gansu Province- "Advanced" Detention Center is More Like an "Advanced" Hell

Before the New Year of 2001, Dafa Practitioner Qian Shiguang, an employee of Lanzhou City Northwest Geology Research Center (whose story was published on Clearwisdom Net), went on a hunger strike for 18 days in Gansu Province Pingantai Detention Center. His family then bailed him out and he recovered very quickly. During the Spring Festival of 2001, he was traced and forced to leave his home due to distributing truth-clarifying literature. Now his whereabouts are unknown.

It was very vicious in Gansu Province Pingantai Detention Center. Dafa practitioners were divided into individual units. The guards ordered other detainees to watch over Dafa practitioners. Practitioners lost their freedom and were forced to be re-educated. The appeal materials and announcements of Dafa practitioners were kept by the guards and not sent to the higher government officials as requested. However, the determined Dafa practitioners drove the vicious forces to despair.

In addition, on April 29, 2001, Gansu Province Organization Department, the Ministry of Personnel, Public Security Bureau, Politics and Law Committee, the "623" office (an illegal organization set up to persecute Dafa practitioner) held a meeting together to award 141 "advanced" persons and 40 "advanced" collectors which persecuted Dafa. At the conference, the "advanced" persons "shared" how they applied illegal methods to prevent practitioners from appealing in Beijing, how they monitored practitioners, implicated practitioners' families and deprived practitioners of their freedom of belief. They also shared their experiences of "reforming" practitioners with "hypocritical" means.

[China] My Experience of Being Tortured by the Police in Beijing

On January 1, 2001, in Tiananmen Square, I finally shouted out, "Falun Dafa is Good!" This fulfilled my cherished desire I had for a long time. Several policemen pulled my collar and slapped my face over 10 times, but I kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is Good!" I was pulled over 10 meters away and stuffed into a police car. I was sent to Moshikou Police Station. The police who interrogated me asked my name, address and the purpose of coming to Tiananmen Square. I only told them, "I come here to validate Dafa." They took off my coat and tried to freeze me. They also searched my body and did not allow me to drink. I did not accept their persecution, so I demanded my coat back and drank some water.

On January 2, the police started to beat and torture me. Six to seven of them tortured me with an electric baton, kicked and punched me. I could not stand it and tears came out. They stuffed my mouth with a dirty rag and put a lit cigarette under my nose. At this moment, I thought of Master and silently recited the poem in my heart, "To live with no pursuits, to die with no regrets; All excessive thoughts extinguished, cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult."["Non-existence" in HongYin-- unofficial translation] The electric baton ran out of power. I said to myself, "I will never cry again." I then fainted. I did not know after how long before they woke me up. I said, "Let me have a rest for 5 minutes." The vice director put down his electric baton and said ferociously, "If the beating does not work, we will take off her pants, over 10 young men will go in turns. We'll see if she tells us her name or not." One of the evil men actually untied his belt and was about to take off his trousers. The true thought came into my mind: "I will not tell them even if I die here. I'd rather not care about my own honor or disgrace, and leave my body here." At this thought, the vicious forces really ceased to exist. The police helped me out. I felt dizzy and weak due to the 2-day's hunger strike. Only a 13-year-old practitioner and I were kept in the cell. I dreamed that Master was sitting in meditation with us. All of us fell down, but our compassionate Master helped us up one by one with much effort. I fell on Master's shoulder and cried. Master was also in tears. I woke up while crying, "Master, Master..." On the morning of January 3, they started to interrogate me again. Another practitioner who lived in my area told them my address, but I did not admit it. The police slapped my face several times, I still refused to tell. On January 4, I was unconditionally released to go home.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Chaoyanggou Labor Camp Instigated Criminals to Beat Dafa Practitioners

Chaoyanggou Labor Camp instigated criminals to brutally beat Dafa practitioners who refused to be "reformed." The following are some examples.

1. Dafa practitioner Gao Fei was tortured by the criminals Chen Hexin, Xu Hui and Wang Qingyu many times because of refusing to be "reformed." Gao Fei was wounded all over and had difficulty walking.

2. Dafa practitioner Yang Zhanjiu refused to be "reformed." He was beaten up by Chen Hexin and Wang Qingyu with a bed board (they beat him in turns over 30 times). Yang Zhanjiu was wounded on his torso and could not walk for half a month.

3. Dafa practitioner Zhong Xi was physically punished because he refused to be "reformed." There were people constantly watching him from the front and back of his body. If he moved a little bit, they would beat him up and torture him for a long time.

4. Dafa practitioner Wei Lisheng refused to be "reformed." He was tortured by the criminals Xu Hui and Gai Dan for a long time.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Jailed Dafa Practitioner Li Min Was Beaten for Trying to Stop a Meeting Slandering Dafa

On April 30, 2001, Dafa practitioner Li Min and 3 other practitioners illegally detained in the No. 2 Unit, Chaoyanggou Labor Camp tried to stop the slanderous acts at the "Criticizing Meeting" that 300 people attended. As a result, the guards brutally beat them up. It is said that Li Min's head was deformed from the beating and his face could not be identified. The other 3 practitioners were also beaten to various extents. They were pulled into the meeting room after the beating. The director threatened, "This is the result for those who refused to be reformed."

[Anhui Province] Dafa Practitioner Nie Yinzhen's Experience of being Persecuted

Nie Yinzhen, female, 39 years old, now is illegally detained in Anhui Female Labor Camp.

On July 23, 1999, she went to Beijing and was caught and brought to the Asian Sports Village. She was not allowed to eat or go to the bathroom. She was exposed under the burning sun for two days.

On September 18, 1999, she went to Beijing again. She was detained for 16 days and her home was ransacked. She was often harassed later on.

On December 28, 1999, her home was ransacked for no reason. Some Dafa books were found. She was detained for 4 months.

On July 4, 2000, she was detained again for 15 days for no reason.

On January 2, 2001, she was arrested and taken away in a tailor store and sent to Anhui Female Labor Camp. Her relatives are not allowed to see her, and her situation is unknown. We hope kind-hearted people pay attention to this.

[Zhejiang Province] More Dafa Practitioners Illegally Sent to Labor Camps

1. It is known that 3 female practitioners from Hangzhou City were illegally sent to a labor camp. They are Wang Xianfeng (sentenced for 2 years), Fang Yujuan (1 year) and another practitioner (their name is unknown).

2. On May 2, Ying Yunfang from Hangzhou City was arrested for no reason. Her husband did not know why his wife was taken away.

3. Now Zhejiang Province Female Jail [in Hangzhou City] has detained over 100 Dafa practitioners. The number has doubled compared to the period of the Spring Festival. Most of them were sent in directly from the "reform" classes where they refused to be "reformed." They were forced to do hard labor. There are 2 signs on the gate of the labor camp. One is "Zhejiang Province Moganshan Labor Camp (female)," another is "Zhejiang Province Moganshan Industry-Trade Company." There are often trucks coming in and out.

[Xiangfan City, Hubei Province] Dafa Practitioner Lu Tianyun Is Arrested

In May, it is said that Lu Tianyun from Xiangbei District, Xiangfan City, was taken away from home by the police and the home was ransacked. Lu Tianyun was the contact person of the Xiangbei practice site.

[China] Receiving Retribution in this Life Time

Sun Guoqiang, male, over 30 years old, the vice director of Management Unit, Xinan Labor Camp, was mainly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He requested to prolong the detention terms for the practitioners who refused to be "reformed." On the afternoon of May 6, Sun rode on a motorcycle on the Jingkai highway, and ran into bus No. 937 from the rear. His right thigh was squashed and severely fractured by his motorcycle and his hipbone was dislocated. He had to undergo an operation in the hospital and was fixed with a steel board. Now he cannot even turn his body. He was hospitalized for over 10 days.

Yang Shenghai, male, about 50 years old, was an employee in the rear-service of the labor camp. He retired at the Spring Festival. Previous to his retirement, he shocked Dafa practitioners with electric batons to vent his fiery temper. But he always hurt himself with the electric baton. He thought it was the leaking of the power by accident, so he changed to another electric baton. The same thing happened again. However, he still could not realize it. He tortured Dafa practitioners until bruises covered their faces. When he had a medical checkup on retirement, he was found to have tuberculosis.

Falun Buddha Fa is the great and solemn Fa of the universe. Whoever dares to damage it must receive retribution! All human beings, please enlighten!