[Minghui Net] The "Falun Dafa Association of Peru" submitted registration materials to the Peruvian government requesting approval of the "Sociedad" [Spanish name for Falun Dafa Association of Peru] on April 3, 2001 and it received formal governmental approval from Peru on May 23. The formation of the Sociedad marks the formal beginning of the dissemination of the Buddha Fa to people in South America, and is a manifestation of the benevolence of our great Teacher. At this historical moment, let's keep in mind the words of our Teacher: "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence [Rationality]." Let's keep pace with the Fa-rectification, fully exert ourselves as Dafa particles, and do a better job in Dafa-related work. We thank our Teacher for his greatness and benevolence.