[Minghui Net] I am a primary school teacher. I have cultivated Falun Dafa for over four years. I work as a head teacher of a class. In my class there is a boy from a rural area who is notorious in the school for making trouble. He was enrolled late in my class in the third grade. He didn't understand anything; neither did he listen to the teachers in class. He couldn't write a word, nor could he solve a problem. It seemed that he didn't have a sense of study at all. In his final exams, he got 6 points in math and 11 in Chinese language (out of 100 each). Almost everyday he would make some trouble, big or little, without a break. He caused the most difficulties to the teachers, and also was a big headache for me. I have patiently counseled him several times to behave himself, and his father also tried both hard and soft tactics at home with him, but all of these methods produced no result.

This Spring Festival, the "Self-immolation Incident" occurred in Tiananmen Square, under a scheme by Jiang's gang of scoundrels for framing Falun Gong. After the incident, I often thought of "letting my students know the truth." But I could not speak out even when words were on the tip of my tongue. I worried that students in the county were unsophisticated and it was likely to get me into trouble if I spoke out. So I did not tell my students about the truth of the incident. Later on when I read in Master's speech: "I think you should, as a student, a cultivator, do these things from the perspective of benevolence as well. Inform people of the truth, tell them about it--this is also offering people salvation," [Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa] I felt that as a cultivator, clarifying the truth to people is to help them to establish the right understanding of Dafa [great law and principles]. Dafa treasures every being. With great mercy, Master wants to give everybody a chance. Everyone has a right to know the truth, including every innocent child. They should in the first place not live in lies and deception.

In March of this year, I explained the truth about Falun Gong to my students. At that time both my mind and tone were very calm, without any worries. After I finished talking, a student in the last row of the classroom raised his hand and shouted loudly, "Teacher, I want to learn Falun Gong!" I looked around and found surprisingly that it was that troublemaker. At that time I thought he was making mischief and said right away, "You sit down first, wait until afterwards." I did not take this seriously, since I thought it was impossible for him to truly want to learn. So I kind of forgot about this matter.

Soon it was April 10. The last class in the morning is my morality class. At the end of the text, it enclosed an essay slandering Falun Dafa. I thought, I couldn't allow such an abominable article to poison the pure hearts of the children. So, I told some true stories to the class about Falun Gong teaching people to be good, and the great deeds of Dafa practitioners who held firmly to the Truth in front of vicious tribulations. After I completed the talk, this student again put up his little hand and shouted loudly: "Teacher, I want to learn Falun Gong, please teach me!" I saw his sincerity, and promised him I would.

Section one in the afternoon was my math class. No sooner did I finish explaining one example, than this student raised his hand, saying that he could do it. At that time I did not believe him at first because he never listened to teachers in classes, neither was he able to do any problems. I let him go to the blackboard and solve the problem. Surprisingly he did it correctly. I asked him to do another one, again he did it right. Other students were very surprised. I thought at the moment that although I did not talk much, the boy had already been affected by the righteous power of Dafa that lifts people upward. He wanted to be good himself! This is something that could not be done by any external forces. I was very excited. The mighty power of Dafa had already melted him. On the same afternoon after school, he found me in my office, and asked me, "Teacher, is there any book for learning Falun Gong?" I said, "Yes, but you can't read yet." He insisted on reading it, and wanted to know if he could read it through. He opened the book and saw "Lunyu." [the foreword of Zhuan Falun] Unexpectedly he read it through with only several unrecognized characters.

He really began to study from then on. He listened to teachers attentively in classes, and also started to do homework. Once the teacher of Chinese language talked to me surprised, "What happened to this boy these days? He began to study. He did a Chinese language test and surprisingly, he correctly answered many of the questions. He seems to be a changed person! He is also obedient and no longer makes trouble everyday."

This boy had an old complaint since his childhood. He told me he had bronchitis in childhood. He would throw up whenever he coughed. Especially the first month of every lunar year, he threw up nearly everyday, several times each day. His classmates were all unwilling to share desks with him for loathing the dirty things he threw up. The first day after he began to study the Fa [law and principles], in the first section of the afternoon he threw up again. He seemed very nervous this time, and went to the front to tell me about it. I asked him, "You throw up everyday, what's there to be afraid of?" He said, "Teacher, I don't know how I threw up this time. I only felt that there was a strong current of air gushing out from my stomach. I did not cough this time, it was very different from the previous state." I knew at that time that Master had already begun to clean up his body for him. I told him, "It doesn't matter to practitioners." He was not nervous any more.

Another time, during a class, he suddenly had a severe stomachache, I told him in a whisper, "Master is clearing up your body for you. It is a good thing, don't be afraid." He then pressed his hand against his stomach with perseverance, while doing class work at the same time. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. After ten minutes or so, the pain was gone. Later he told me that he felt something moving up his stomach slowly, then it disappeared in the upper abdomen and the pain was gone too. He hasn't thrown up since.

Once he told me, he had seen the words "The Law Wheel Is Always Rotating" on a wall. There was a bad word under it and he erased this word. Later someone wrote it again and he erased it again. This is a little practitioner who just obtained the Fa several days ago. He has already been a force of righteousness and is firmly protecting Dafa.

Dafa saves people with predestined relationship. Just like this, the little boy started on the cultivation path of returning to his original, true self. And from this I understood: truly using reason, wisdom and a benevolent heart to promote the Fa, and doing things without pursuit, one will naturally do well. Also I think it is good to tell his parents and more kind people, that it was Dafa that changed him! Falun Dafa is truly a righteous Fa!