[Minghui Net] A policewoman was moved by Dafa practitioners' noble words and actions, and she took special care of them. When she and her husband were both busy and couldn't help their son with his college entrance exam, he still got a good score on the test and was admitted by a first tier university. This is a very typical example of due retribution for being good.

Case 1. Policeman Yong Mingjiu Developed a Mental Disorder and Was Sent to a Mental Hospital

A vile policeman named Yong Mingjiu in a labor camp followed Jiang Zemin's lawless political group and worked as a hired thug. In order to get money and promotions, he brutally tortured Falun Dafa practitioners. He treated female practitioners in especially nasty and vulgar ways. He often called them to his office at midnight in the name of interrogation, and by using ribald means he forced them to have sex with him. He beat up, kicked, and hit with a baton those who refused him. He had a sudden heart attack in April, and later he developed a mental disorder and was sent to a mental hospital. Due retribution for goodness and evil is the true law of the universe. I hope all policemen learn a lesson from him and conduct themselves accordingly, for the sake of their own futures.

Case 2. Ren Feng and Zhang Lilan of Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City Received Retribution for Their Wrongdoings

Ren Feng is the leader of Group 2 of Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City. She devotedly renders her service to Jiang Zemin and his followers. In order to "reform" practitioners, in November 1999, she took advantage of her friendship with her former classmate Shao Lixin, a Falun Gong practitioner and the principal of Gongzhuling City Elementary School. Ren Feng used their relationship, money, fame, a ruse (Ren Feng inflicted an injury upon herself in order to win Shao Lixin's sympathy) and various other ensnaring means to deceive Shao Lixin. Her tactics so totally muddled up Shao Lixin's mind that she betrayed Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance (the three-word principle of Falun Gong-translator), wrote a criticism of Falun Gong, and made a presentation in the labor camp. After this incident, Ren Feng suffered a serious illness and was hospitalized. Here, we want to admonish everyone: it's a terrible sin to attack Dafa, and whoever does it will receive proper retribution.

The leader of Group 2, Zhang Lilan, lied to her superiors and reported that she had "reformed" Falun Dafa practitioners who had in fact not been reformed, just so she could submit a high percentage rate. During this time, her brother was hospitalized because of serious illnesses and almost entered a vegetative state. Therefore, we can see that one who has committed bad deeds will receive retribution in this life time, and will also cause the suffering of his/her family members.

Case 3. Wicked Prison Guards at the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun City Were Hospitalized Several Times After Beating Practitioners

At the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin province, a few vicious guards always experienced physical discomfort after beating Dafa practitioners, and some went to the hospital numerous times. When they talked about it, they admitted that it was the due retribution for their beating others; however they could not control themselves when their bad nature took its course.

Here, we want to remind all guards and those who are still committing evil deeds, that due retribution for goodness and evil is serious. If you are the one who does the bad things, then you'll be the one who has to swallow the bitter fruit. Don't try to come up with any excuses to escape responsibility. The fact that you willingly allow yourselves to be controlled by bad people and bad thoughts shows your acceptance and support of the evil, and this alone is sinful! The wretched lives that encouraged you to do evil things will not escape the judgment of justice. However, you went after worldly goods and helped a villain do evil, which was extremely irresponsible. This is truly ignorant and pathetic.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of reports of malicious people and policemen suffering retribution and even death for their wrongdoings. They should be enough to serve as warning signs. The law of the universe is absolutely just, and the retribution for evil is ruthless. If you keep walking down this dangerous path, similar things will inevitably happen to you! Forsaking the evil and becoming good people is the only solution for you. Quickly get out of the quicksand of evil; otherwise you'll never be able to pull yourselves out and lose your opportunity forever! If you have a bit of sense left in you, you should learn to be responsible for yourselves and for your real lives.

You were already given numerous admonitions, and you should also realize that there is no such thing as countless opportunities. Cherish yourselves. If you don't even cherish yourselves, then history will just simply abandon you.

Case 4. Family Member of the Deputy Party Secretary of the Literature Institution of Qingdao University Gets a Fatal Disease After Persecuting Dafa Practitioners and Their Families

Xu Min, the deputy party secretary of the Literature Institution of Qingdao University was in charge of the persecution of Dafa practitioners after July 22, 1999. He spared no efforts in this job and required all departments to "reform" Dafa practitioners and to force practitioners to write criticism of Falun Gong and guarantee letters (that promise never to practice Falun Gong again-translator). Student practitioners were required to write their "understanding" according to the slander of the official newspapers, which is to disparage Dafa. Furthermore, he asked all departments to hold meetings to criticize Falun Gong.

In early 2001, Xu Min's wife was diagnosed with a fatal disease. It looks like the due retribution for persecuting Dafa can fall not only on oneself, but also on one's family members. We advise those who are helping the villains do evil to stop what they're doing now. You should know that the universe's law of justice will manifest, and retribution will run its course in front of your eyes!

The two policemen of Qingdao City Police Station who are in charge of the persecution of Dafa practitioners: Yang XX, Pager: 127-1687163; Sui XX, Pager: 127-0162012.

Case 5. Retribution on Those Persecuting Dafa Practitioners in Jining City, Shandong Province

According to the latest reliable news, Chen Baogen, who helped the evil forces to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners in Jining city after being "reformed" (people whose mind's have gone astray due to brainwashing or torture by Jiang Zemin regime) has received retribution. Half of his body turned black. This case frightened others who are still helping the tyrant to do evil, and they are now in a constant state of fear and worry.

Liang Xianlun, another lackey who damaged Dafa in Jining City now lies in bed in a hospital. He has also received due retribution.

Case 6. Feng Guoli and Wang Shanben from Chaoyang Branch, Daqing City Public Security Bureau of Heilongjiang Province Die Suddenly

Feng Guoli was the head of the politics and security section of the Chaoyang Branch, Daqing City Public Security Bureau. On his way back from a meeting in Daqing City on April 10, Feng's car accidentally crashed into another car and his driver died immediately, though the people in the other car were not hurt at all. Feng's chest was broken together with his collarbone. The wound did not heal after the operation, and he died after 20 days of severe suffering.

Feng was responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since April 25, 1999. During this period, he confiscated money from practitioners' families, and beat practitioners. He sent about 5 practitioners to the detention center and often sent people to harass practitioners' in their daily lives.

Wang Shanben was the deputy head of the Chaoyang Branch, Daqing City Public Security Bureau and was mainly in charge of security. On his way to a meeting, his car accidentally turned over due to driver error. He died on the way to the hospital, but all the other four, including the driver, were safe and sound.

Wang Shanben had practiced Falun Gong previously, but he gave up the practice after April 25, 1999 due to the great pressure (from the government ?translator). Then he turned to the opposite side and started to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. For example, practitioner Zhang Liying was sent to the labor camp because of her firm resolution to practice Dafa. During the period of detention she was sentenced to serve the term outside the camp because of special circumstances. During the Chinese New Year holiday this year, in order to prevent her from going to Beijing (to appeal) again, Wang Shanben ordered Yang Mingjie, the head of the local police station to forcibly send Zhang back to the Shuanghe Labor Camp without the permission of the labor camp. The labor camp refused to accept her. Because of this Wang led Yang Mingjie to the provincial labor camp bureau and sued the Shuanghe Labor Camp. Since then practitioner Zhang Liying has had to leave her home and wander about.

Case 7. Wang Huanchen, the Head of Fuqiang Police Station in Daqing City of Heilongjiang Province, Dies Suddenly

Wang Huanchen, male, 52 years old, was the head of Fuqiang police station in Daqing City. He was a very wicked person and took advantage of his power to bully people. He acted wildly against law and public opinion, and his reputation among the police was very bad. As a follower of Jiang Zemin, since July 22, 1999 he had many times taken advantage of his power to illegally arrest and beat Dafa practitioner, and send them to labor camps. Especially on July 19, 2000, he arrested a practitioner from his home, and harshly beat the practitioner's daughter who was terribly sick. On the same day he arrested another practitioner from his workplace for no reason, and took the chance to extort money from him. As the practitioner was not able to pay, Wang Huanchen and other criminals kicked the practitioner from the sixth floor to the ground level while going downstairs, and illegally arrested and sent the practitioner to a labor camp, leaving a boy at home alone with nobody looking after him. Because Wang Huanchen and other criminals have committed countless crimes, Wang met due retribution and died suddenly on May 9, 2001, beside a table as he was eating and drinking in a restaurant.