Dafa Practitioner Liu Xiaoling from Wuzhan Town of Zhaodong City was about 37 years old. She died, as a result of complications from inept, cruel force-feeding at the Zhaodong City Detention Center. Additionally, now her home is under close surveillance.

The director of the detention center claimed, however, that they will not go after the murderer, saying "We will simply list her as 'having committed suicide'."

On the eve of the 2000 Spring Festival, the city police arrested several practitioners for practicing Falun Gong outdoors and illegally detained them in Zhaodong Detention Center for over 15 months. As a form of protest, on May 11, 2001, Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike. Three days later, the shocking news of Liu Xiaoling's death was revealed. The licensed medical expert said, "She could not have survived a few days longer if she had not gone on a hunger strike, one of her lungs was already dying." However, the director of the detention center said, "Her death is not a big deal! We will simply list her as 'having committed suicide'." Afterward, the detention center officials blocked information about other practitioners who also went on a hunger strike.

[Southern China] Practitioners from Southern China Stepped Forward to Celebrate the 9th Anniversary of Our Teacher's Dafa-introduction to the Public

On the morning on May 13, practitioners from a city in Southern China stepped forward to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to huge crowds of people. They handed out 30,000 to 40,000 flyers, posted and hung up some Dafa banners. Most of the practitioners returned safely. This activity effectively suffocated the vicious forces and encouraged fellow practitioners. With these activities, they celebrated the 9th Anniversary of the public introduction of Dafa by our Teacher and reached a new turning point in the Fa-rectification process.

[Southern China] Practitioners being Illegally Detained in a Detention Center Always Face the Vicious People with Righteous Thoughts

A detention center in a city of Southern China held a so-called "evening party" to celebrate the May 1st holiday. (Labor Day). When the officials of the detention center slandered Dafa during the party, Dafa practitioner Ru Gang (pseudonym) stepped onto the stage and spoke loudly to safeguard Dafa. This made the vicious people extremely scared. Since Ru Gang had been also practicing the Falun Gong exercises publicly in the detention center, he was handcuffed on an outdoor basketball rack for 9 days, in the same position that Jesus was nailed on the cross. While Ru Gang was handcuffed, he went on a 3-day hunger strike. Many days after the handcuffs were taken off, his mouth still festered, his body was covered with the scars left by mosquito bites and his face was burnt due to constant exposure to the sun. The guards sent a special agent to "reform" Ru Gang (to abandon Falun Dafa) but failed, since Ru Gang was too determined. He also refused to perform the assigned forced labor chores. The guards were scared by his determination. They enlisted his mother to help change him, but that attempt failed as well.

When he had just arrived at the detention center, Ru Gang was on a hunger strike for 9 days. He was forcibly given shots, was handcuffed and then transferred to another detention center for more torture. However, he went through all the hardships with great determination.

[Masanjia Labor Camp, Liaoning Province] The Evil Persons Who Tampered with Dafa Books Committed Immense Karma

We know from a reliable source that some vicious beings "reformed" by the demons in Masanjia Labor Camp tampered with Dafa books, altering the text and then printed a batch of them. The ignorant, stupid guards used these falsified books to "reform" Dafa practitioners.

We hereby earnestly put all those vicious beings who attempted to reform and confuse Dafa practitioners on notice: you can never cover up your demonized nature, no matter how you disguise yourself. The moment you tampered with Dafa books, the sin you committed was bigger than the tallest mountain and more immense than the vast sky. Goodness brings its own reward and being evil brings retribution. That is the principle of the cosmos.

[Shanghai] Dafa Practitioner Wu Dianhui from Shanghai was Sentenced to Forced Labor Without Due Process of Law

Dafa practitioner Wu Dianhui graduated from Shanghai Normal University Graduate School. He and his wife, Zhang Wuying, also a Dafa practitioner, were both employees of Changzhou City's Technology Education Institute [Jiangsu Province, next to Shanghai]. In July 1999, he went to appeal in Beijing. Ever since then, officials from his institute and from the police department watched him closely. He was eventually fired, due to practicing Falun Dafa. On May 1, he disappeared when he went to visit his classmate in Shanghai. His wife inquired at the police office regarding his whereabouts. Instead, the police actually suggested the institute to take control of Ms. Zhang. Now we know that Wu Dianhui has been illegally sentenced to forced labor. Strangely enough, the warrant was issued on April 4, whereas he was detained on May 1. We assume that he was abducted on his way to Shanghai.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Guards of Wuhan City Hewan Detention Center Boldly Extorted Money from Falun Gong Practitioners' Families

The guards in Wuhan City's Hewan Detention Center came up with a new illegal scheme to unlawfully line their own pockets with money. Those who came to visit illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners had to pay 5 Yuan as an "entrance fee," otherwise they were not admitted. The fee was charged under the excuse of "meal expense." Actually, there was no meal served at all. In No. 6 Unit alone, over 100 practitioners were illegally detained. The15th day of each month is the visiting day. There were usually at least 2 family members visiting each practitioner. Sometimes there were as many as 8 or 9 family members. Even the children were charged the extortion "entrance fee"!

The families were not even allowed to bring their own commodities for illegally detained practitioners. Practitioners were forced to buy from the detention center commissary, with the price 2 or 3 times higher than on the outside. That is true price-gouging!

[China] Dafa Practitioner Yang Tian from the Civil Aviation Bureau Eastern Asia Company was Unlawfully Sent to a Drug Rehabilitation Center and Tortured

Dafa practitioner Yang Tian (female) from Civil Aviation Bureau Eastern Asia Company refused to succumb to the vicious forces and did not write the "guarantee statement." [to give up practicing Falun Dafa, to refrain from association with other practitioners, to promise not to go to Beijing to appeal] As a result, she was illegally sent to Harbin City's Drug Rehabilitation Center [Heilongjiang Province] by the company director Sun Shiyan. She was tortured in the center. As of today, she has not yet been released. The director Sun Shiyan, was responsible and to blame for her detention. He cannot shirk his guilt.

[Beijing] The Current Situation of Practitioner Zhang Dong

On May 14, we issued the following report on Minghui Net: "Beijing practitioner Zhang Dong was severely wounded while brutally abused by the police." [Note: English report is soon available by searching 11048.html or Zhang Dong] The following is his current situation, as we know it.

Zhang Dong was severely wounded on the left side of body and suffered bone fractures in many places. After emergency treatment he was transferred to room 2 in the orthopedic department on the 6th floor of the hospital. Just several days later, his left arm was amputated. Meanwhile, his wife was detained in isolation, and was also forced to be "reformed", an act carried out by unscrupulous people from the Huashi police station and the politics and law committee. She was not present when Zhang Dong's arm was amputated. As a matter of fact, she did not even know anything about it until a relative told her of this surgery afterwards.

This disregard for human dignity and compassion reminded people of the chaos during the lawlessness of the "Cultural Revolution." Many people were forced to jump off buildings, being killed or ended up handicapped.

Zhong Dong recovered very quickly from his ordeal. According to the doctors, it was a miracle that neither his brain nor his internal organs were damaged after falling off the 4th floor.

It is said that some plain-clothes policemen are also "hospitalized" in Zhang Dong's room. We don't know what their motive is for being in the same room with him. We hope that all kind-hearted people pay attention to this tragic case.

Now Zhang Dong is in a 6th-floor room in the headquarters of the Tiantan Hospital in Beijing.

The 6th-floor Telephone: 011-86-10-67050188

The switchboard of Tiantan Hospital: 011-86-10-67016611

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] The List of Names of Dafa Practitioners Who are Illegally Detained for Lengthy Periods in the Qingshan District "Reform Class"

22 Dafa practitioners are detained in this "reform class;" they are:

No. Name Sex Age Date arrested Total Time Detained

1 Rao Weiming F 36 Dec. 27,2000 about 5 months

2 Xu Maolin F 51 Dec.21, 2000 about 5 months

3 Li Houli F 40 Dec.14, 2000 over 5 months

4 Li Zaili F 44 Dec.14, 2000 over 5 months

5 Fang Shiju F 64 Dec. 9, 2000 over 5 months

6 Zhu Youqing F 61 Dec. 28, 2000 over 5 months

7 Leng Hairu M 54 Dec. 28, 2000 over 5 months

8 Wang Li F 30 Dec. 27, 2000 about 5 months

9 Zhou Ailan F 58 Dec. 27, 2000 about 5 months

10 Zhang Xiaoying F 57 Dec.28, 2000 about 5 months

11 Ai Xizhen F 61 Jan 1, 2001 about 5 months

12 Zhu Chunlian F 58 Jan 9, 2001 about 4 months

13 Zhao Shutong M 65 Jan. 6, 2001 about 4 months

14 Liu Xiyu M 61 April - Sep. 2000, Nov. 24, 2000 - Present, extended over 1 year

15 Guo Ping F 54 Jan. 1, 2001 about 5 months

16 Guo Shuzhen M 69 Dec. 31, 2000 about 5 month

17 Chen Zhongyi M 58 Nov. 24, 2000 about half a year

18 Wu Yuanchou M 64 Mar. 6, 2001 about 2 months

19 Shi Yingxia F 39 Jan. 18, 2001 about 4 months

20 Ding Shilan F 48 Dec. 18, 2000 about 5 months

21 Li Yingjuan F 37 Jan. 18, 2001 4 months

22 Chen Yanming F 49 Jan. 15, 2001 over 4 months

Note: The detention times listed above are merely the times of practitioners being detained illegally and without any due process of law in the "reform class." Most Dafa practitioners had been previously detained from two weeks to 1 month. These Dafa practitioners were forcibly sent to the illegal "reform class" and are still kept in the class, even though their detention terms have expired. Since the practitioners persisted on practicing and safeguarding Dafa, several times they were all sent to the detention center for an additional 15 days to 1 month. Furthermore, they were not allowed to practice, nor read the book (Zhuan Falun) or study the Fa. Some practitioners were detained once or twice because they did not cooperate with the illegal persecution. Zhao Shutong who was in his late 60s could not eat well because of his poor dental health and is still is not allowed to go home either. In the above list of names, there are mothers and sons, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. They insisted on cultivating Falun Dafa and refused to write the "repentance" letter [to give up practicing Falun Dafa]. They were sentenced to a "reform class" [to be brainwashed for Jiaag Zemin's purposes] and to a detention center for as long as half a year. Dafa practitioners were not allowed to go home. The debased, vicious people even falsely claimed that Dafa practitioners reject their families and relatives.

[Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] News about Dafa Practitioners

On May 18, 2001, police, without due process of law, arrested several Dafa practitioners when they held an experience-sharing meeting. Detailed information as to their current circumstances is not available.

[China] Those who Slandered Dafa Received Retribution

A father of a village Party secretary who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong often slandered Dafa to villagers on the streets. The mother also repeated her husband's bad words. Once the mother came to a practitioner's home and cursed Falun Gong. This practitioner used to help the abusive woman's son when their family experienced hard times. This practitioner asked her, " How did I treat you before?" She answered, "Fine." The practitioner said, "Today I will not forgive you for your slandering Falun Gong!" When the mother returned home, she stumbled and tripped over a thin rope tying up a cat. She fell hard and broke her leg and cried loud in severe pain. The father of the village secretary suffered sudden cerebral thrombosis and lies paralyzed on the bed. These are cases of immediate retribution for evil deeds!

[China] A Wise Policeman

There is a female practitioner who has been to Beijing three times to safeguard Dafa, and was detained four times. As of now, she is still illegally detained in a labor camp. A young policeman is in charge of her residential district. Once, while this policeman sent the practitioner to a detention center after taking her back from Beijing, he got punished on the spot. When she got into the police car, the policeman's hand was caught in the door when the driver tried to close the door. The arresting policeman's hand was heavily bleeding. At that moment, this policeman thought it could be retribution. He was worried and asked the practitioner about it. The second time when this practitioner went to safeguard Dafa, it was again the same policeman who sent her to a detention center. This time, his foot was hurt and bleeding. The practitioner encountered this same policeman for the third time. He was punished again. This time, a steel bar punctured his foot. Though the female practitioner comforted him, he awakened and asked for other job duty that was not related to the persecution of Dafa practitioners. A female police officer replaced him. Since she knew the stories of her predecessor she treated Dafa practitioners very well. Here we would like to offer advice to those law-violating police officers who are committing bad deeds: Stop right now before it is too late or you will forever regret your actions.