[Minghui Net] Master Li said at the Western US Dafa Conference, "I think you should, as a student, a cultivator, do these things from the perspective of benevolence as well. Inform people of the truth, tell them about it--this is also offering people salvation."

"Truth" includes many aspects. It includes the crimes that the vicious people have committed when persecuting Dafa practitioners. It includes the great benevolence and great forbearance displayed when Dafa practitioners face the vicious beings. It also includes the truth regarding Fa rectification in the universe. As a Dafa practitioner, from the perspective of benevolence, we should tell people as much truth as possible, because we are all human beings in the same world. We should give them the best things.

Currently, overseas practitioners have been doing a lot of work on revealing the vicious persecution of Dafa practitioners. We are supposed to do these things; and we have won more and more support. But at times we have found that almost everybody already knows about the human rights violations. When this is the case, we are not able to catch more attention when we talk about human rights with them. To many people, Falun Gong is only a type of qigong or cultivation group that is suppressed, and this is not much different than the violations of human rights occurring in other countries or areas. Then, can we further break the human barrier, and tell them about the tremendous spirit of Dafa practitioners as they face the brutal persecution? In fact, many people and organizations that sympathize with Falun Gong already have a good understanding of Dafa practitioners' spirit. The director of Freedom House in the US, Mark Palmer, once highly praised Falun Gong's peaceful spirit, which stood for the spirit of humankind in the 21st century. Nominating Master Li as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for the second consecutive year also shows that the world is supporting Dafa at a higher level. These people and organizations have secured better positions for their lives. Therefore, we shall give more people better chances to understand Dafa when we clarify the truth.

Furthermore, can we tell more people in a larger scope about Dafa cultivation and the truth regarding Master's Fa rectification in the world? For non-practitioners, "The Fa and the principles of the universe are right in front of you" (Master Li's article "Further Comments on Superstition"). When I promote Dafa, I often feel that I would not have fulfilled my duty as a Dafa disciple had I not told people the great truth that is happening today. If one day, the truth is displayed, and yet many people haven't gotten to know such a big event had happened in the human world, they might blame me, "Why haven't you told us the truth?" Sometimes we can take some approaches that are easier for everyday people to accept. If the ordinary people cannot understand, it might cause a negative impact and damage Dafa. But once we have had better understanding of the principles of the Fa, and when we are able to use everyday people's language to clarify the truth of cultivation and Fa rectification, we should tell them. Besides, we should not only care about whether the everyday people can understand, but also to break through the thinking patterns that they have formed over the past thousands of years. All of those are abnormal, and we should correct them.

Sometimes, I found I was avoiding some questions. For example, everyday people would ask whether Dafa practitioners worship Master. I often did not break their barrier directly when I answered this question. We can tell the everyday people that we cultivate the Buddha Fa, Master is a Buddha, and that Buddha is not superstition but "'an enlightened person,' one who has become enlightened through cultivation practice" (Zhuan Falun). We tell them that this is to respect Buddha, rather than worshipping an individual as people tend to think. And the word "worship" itself is a good word. Only after mankind became abnormal did its original meaning get changed.

Taking the opportunity, we can tell people the principles of cultivation, and then gradually ascend and improve their understanding. Then, haven't we given better things to people? On many issues, when we show people the mighty Buddha Fa using rationality and compassion, all uncertainty will disappear. Of course, clarifying the truth is for people to understand the truth. It is important to take people's understanding and condition into account. If we only care about our own talking at a high level, it could make things worse.

These are just my personal understanding. Please correct me with your compassion.