I have attained Falun Dafa for two years now. My understanding of the Fa (the laws and principles of Falun Dafa) is limited. Some of my understanding may not be correct and I will deepen my understanding of the Fa (or continue to be enlightened) in my future cultivation. Hopefully some of my pure insights will be beneficial to others.

1. Dafa opened my Tianmu (celestial eye) even before I attained Falun Dafa

Two elder sisters of mine attained the Fa before me. In June 1998, they recommended Zhuan Falun to me. I carelessly put the book on the nightstand. One day I looked through the book randomly and read the section on "The Issue of Tianmu." At that moment, I felt dizzy immediately. Several days later when I awoke from a noontime nap, I had an acute pain in my Yintang point (an acupuncture point between one's eyebrows), then a male voice spoke to me and said, "Your Tianmu has been opened." At that moment, I saw in my Tianmu the figure of a playful boy laughing and flying away up to the sky.

2. After one year of learning Dafa, I ascended one layer of the celestial body

In January 2000, after having attained the Fa for over one year, I awoke one morning and thought about doing the exercises. Just at this moment, my Tianmu elevated to a higher level instantly. My body seemed to have left this world in a flash and the ascent was so fast that it is beyond description with human language. My consciousness at this moment was very clear and I thought to myself, "let me ascend as high as possible" and several seconds later, I surpassed countless layers of universes. I heard a thundering sound near my left ear, and my body seemed dissolved, melted, like there was nothing left, only my yuanshen (the true spirit) was still there, like a needle. My yuanshen was still breaking through... several seconds later, I returned to the status of just waking up. Slowly getting up from the bed, I started to do the first set of the exercises with tears rolling down my face.

To explain the feeling of my yuanshen separating from the body that I had just experienced, I opened up Teacher's Lecture at the Conference in Switzerland. Teacher said,

"So three thousand universes of this size continually multiply and expand the range; they continually multiply and expand the system. At roughly the one-thousandth layer, the boundary of this first cosmic body system is reached. But even this expanse is not the only one: Within the vast cosmos it's still a particle, and particles at this level also pervade the immense cosmos. Beyond this expanse is a state of complete emptiness. Empty to what extent? If any substance within this system were to enter, this would be the same as self-disintegration. It's because any substance within the range of this system has life, characteristic features, and thought. To enter into a microscopic emptiness of that kind would be as though this particle could no longer sustain thought and life. It would disintegrate in an instant. In other words, anything that falls into it will disintegrate. Explaining the concept this way makes it easy for us to understand. Beyond this expanse of emptiness, however, there actually exist yet other cosmic bodies of even larger expanses. All the same, lives within this realm can't possibly move a single step towards getting over there, because factors of an even more microscopic nature exist at more microscopic, and even more microscopic levels. Over in the even larger expanse, however, the concepts of matter and life are all different in that cosmic body--the concept of matter no longer exists. Within the range of cosmic bodies, the number of layers of universes is not the same, but each and every cosmic body is composed of the most microscopic and elementary particles. And all of the elementary particles are formed from the nature of the cosmos, Zhen Shan Ren" [unofficial translation].

3. Eliminating karma from the body is to free oneself from the restraint of karma.

Since my yuanshen entered another celestial body, my physical body was consequently freed. During the following several days, I experienced a flu-like symptom and ran a temperature as high as 40 C, with no sign of receding. My family, relatives and friends all came to see me and my phone rang constantly. They implored me to see a doctor, get an intravenous drip, and so on. At this time all my limbs seemed to be out of joint, but in my heart it felt like there was a biscuit soaked full with water but with no room to expand. I started to do the exercises, following Teacher's instructions from the tape: Maitreya stretching his back--, and at this moment, an idea came to my mind: I was doing exercises in another celestial body. Instantly my body felt like an immeasurably tall, mound of sand, and the sand of the mound was sliding down rapidly. A half-hour passed, and my pajamas were soaked, dripping with sweat. I was free, and I became perfectly normal, like nothing had happened. Since then my husband is no longer against my practicing Falun Gong. It is the manifestation of the mighty Dafa around me.

4. Teacher's benevolence is vast and mighty; the Buddha light illuminates everywhere.

Over the past two years, bathing in Teacher's kindness and benevolence, my body and mind have been purified. I was transformed from a person full of karma, lost in the mist, to a particle in Dafa. I cannot repay what Teacher has given me. Even though the evil force is still acting violently and the vicious people are still persecuting Dafa and practitioners, we have all felt the incomparable magnificence of "The Buddha light illuminates everywhere, propriety and justice rectify and harmonize everything." Although we have lost our homes and live on the street because of the persecution by the evil force, it is also liberation from the midst of ordinary people and from karma. The great cosmic law of Zhen Shan Ren has purified our minds and spirits and connected us to the nature of the universe.

Thank you, Teacher; thank you too, Dafa.