[Minghui Net] The policemen of Wuhan City have unlawfully detained about 80 Dafa practitioners in Ertowan "Work and Study School" (a "Work and Study School" is a school in which young people and teenagers with criminal records are detained while they continue their education).

Practitioners were sent there against their will to take so-called "transformation classes." At the school, practitioners found eight so-called regulations slandering Dafa on the door of every room. Practitioners' instantly tore all of them off the doors. As a consequence, the policemen conducted a relentless investigation. Practitioners were beaten up badly during the investigation. An elderly practitioner in his 70's said, "You can't beat people." The officer answered: "Beating people is the responsibility of policemen." He then beat the old practitioner's head using bamboo sticks. The beating continued even after the bamboo sticks had cracked and the old practitioner's head was bleeding. The beating eventually ended when the officer felt numbness in his arm.

Under these circumstances, a female practitioner stepped forward and assumed responsibility for all charges. She was then singled out, detained in a separate room, and beaten up badly. The remaining practitioners, including a 78-year-old practitioner, were punished by enduring the cold weather with only a shirt for cover. This would last for about four hours as they were forced to walk around the yard almost endlessly. One practitioner was dragged on the ground for about 100 feet because he did not want to cooperate with the unfair treatment.

Realizing that things stapled on the doors could be torn off, the policemen started using a blackboard bulletin to slander Dafa. Amazingly, one practitioner, who cared little about his own safety, smashed the blackboard down to the ground. He was then badly beaten up by the policeman and locked in a restroom wearing only a single shirt during the cold winter. He was allowed to leave the restroom only after the rest of the practitioners had conducted a hunger strike for four days. After this incident, the policemen quickly transferred some practitioners to another "Work and Study School" near Changqing Park because they feared the collective strength of practitioners.

Normally the loudspeaker in the "transforming class" was on from 5am to 9:30pm with the wicked intent to transform the practitioners. Amazingly, New Year's morning brought the most welcome sounds of Pudu [a Falun Dafa instrumental music piece, by translator] which was broadcasted from the loudspeaker. All the detained practitioners were so happy that tears streamed down their faces. They sang softly along with the music. The whole incident left the policemen bewildered.

The police suspected that practitioners were smuggling Dafa materials into the "transformation class" and instigated a search for all Falun Dafa materials. They searched everywhere including the bodies of practitioners. One practitioner refused to cooperate with the police's request. He was kept in a separate place, later transferred out, and possibly sentenced to jail.

This ruthless series of events at the "Work and Study School" in Wuhan city, gave rise to the most cruel and violent police officers. One was a police driver (wearing a police uniform) with the last name Jing, a captain with the last name Gao, and a clerk with the last name He. One time, Jing was sick for a whole week after beating the practitioners. It is without a doubt that he received due retribution for his evil deeds. Another story was that of the crooked ex-principal of Wuhan Fourth High School who was invited by the policemen to help "transform" practitioners. One practitioner lay in his bed because he did not want to listen to the principal's slanderous language. The principal went to shake the bed, pull the practitioner's hair, and drag him out of the bed. The principal even took another practitioner's bowl away after he expressed his own opinions while eating his meal. Witnessing the principal's behavior, all other practitioners stopped eating.

It turns out that none of the practitioners in the school were really transformed. The five practitioners who were able to get out of there did so because their families wrote guarantee letters to stop practicing Falun Dafa, and they were forcibly taken home. Furthermore, as news came out about the situation in the "transformation class" some kindhearted citizens remarked that, "The government is doing things in such a wrong way. This kind of transformation class will only make Dafa practitioners firmer in their beliefs."