In the Lecture at the US East Coast Conference, our teacher said, Today, I'm teaching the Dafa of the cosmos. Everything that will come about as a result and everything that will happen in the future will shock every living being. In the future, even more spectacular events will occur. This is because the Fa will manifest in the human world. Everything that people don't believe in will appear. It will be so shocking that people will be rendered speechless. (not official translation)

Falun appeared in the center of the sky in Weifang City, Shandong Province on April 21st, from 10:00am until about 3:30pm. At that time, it was sunny and there were clouds in the sky. However, the sunshine was rather mild. I noticed something after a fellow practitioner called me to tell me about it. Many ordinary people also saw this splendid phenomenon. With the naked eye, one could see that there was a light purple circle around the sun. The diameter of the circle was about three or four times bigger than that of the sun. On the front of the circle and in the surrounding sky were rings of all colors. An ordinary person, who saw this was very amazed and said, How magnificent it is!

A practitioner who had his third eye open also told me the scene he had seen. He said there was a big Falun covering the sun. The diameter of the Falun was about two to three times bigger than that of the sun. However, its intense brightness was even more significant when compared with the sun. The swastika in the center was especially bright, and it was rotating rapidly. The background color of Falun constantly changed from dark blue to other colors in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, sky-blue, blue, and purple. The circle that ordinary people had seen was actually the energy field of the Falun that covered the sun.

Another fellow practitioner with his third eye open said, Whenever I looked at the sun over the past few days, I always saw Faluns coming out of the sun. They were either in groups, or lined up as fight planes did in a battle array.

Similar phenomenon was also seen in the sky in Jinan City, Shandong Province at the same time.

May 2, 2001