[Minghui Net] We are the Falun Dafa practitioners jailed by force at Beining Detention Center, Liaoning Province. We received our verdicts of labor camp on February 20, 2001. We seriously doubt the validity of these verdicts because they are full of lies and fabricated stories. We are innocent and being detained illegally.

1. Ms. Wang Yuzhen is 61 years old, but her age was changed to 55 years after the verdict. The ages of several other elders have been changed for the convenience of being labor educated.

2. Ms. Liu Caixia has been detained for four months since being taken without reason from her home to the detention center. But the verdict claimed that she was labor educated for two years due to her appealing to Beijing. Many others are also sentenced and labor camped under the title of "going to Beijing" (to appeal).

3. Mr. Xing Fei, an elementary school teacher, was sentenced to two years labor camp only because he clarified the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong in class.

Moreover, the following are some of the unfair treatments we have seen and experienced in detention center for your own judgments.

1. The guards in the detention center order the prisoners to beat up Falun Gong practitioners, which happens quite often. Cold water is dumped on us in the winter and we are forced to stand and run without any reasons. Even the seniors are not spared, and they are forced to run in the cold.

2. The meals each day cost the prisoners five Yuan RMB, but the fee for Falun Gong practitioners are doubled. The cost of all articles for everyday use are doubled for us, and we are forced to rent the luggage instead of using the luggage given to us by our family. The cost of the rented luggage is about 60 Yuan per month. The police confiscate money from us without regard to the laws.

3. The guards detain Falun Dafa practitioners, but meanwhile they also threaten practitioners' families in order to ask for money. The family members will be jailed if they refuse to give the "penalty" money to the police. This has caused the family members fear and homelessness. One example is with Du Wenhua's family.

4. The guards fabricated the "transformation" materials of the practitioner Ma Yanlin and asked for 10, 000 Yuan from her family for her release. When Ma Yanlin refused to sign these materials, they forced her family to pay another 1000 Yuan. Then she was forcefully dragged away by them.

5. The guards fished in troubled water by searching and confiscating the money of the Falun Gong practitioners when they massively arrested them. The police in Shanhaiguan have taken away all the money [about 10,000 Yuan] from practitioner Fu Lijuan. Most practitioners were robbed of all their money by the police. The police violate the laws when they are supposed to execute the laws, and extorted money from the practitioners. There is no difference between them and thieves. Jin Junli, a practitioner from Beining city in Liaoning province, was arrested on Dec. 17, 2001 when she went to appeal in Beijing. She was unlawfully sentenced to the Beining Detention Center for three years labor camp. Her family wrote the warrantee of "no practice" and "no appealing" for her and paid 15,000 Yuan to the police. They also forged a certificate of "Myocarditis." After all of this, she was then treated as "executing a sentence outside prison, and was sent home on April 11. Her work unit later asked her to produce a written statement that showed her attitude towards her "appealing" so they could show it to the higher authorities. But Jin didn't think she had done anything wrong because she was illegally detained and arrested. Thus, her job was suspended without solution.

These are the facts from Beining Detention Center where the policemen violate and abuse the laws and human rights. We accuse them of all of these criminal actions and hope to soon return the innocent reputation back to Falun Dafa.

The practitioners in Mainland China

May 15, 2001