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Dafa practitioner Yan Lin (pseudonym, female) is over 60 years old now. Before practicing cultivation, she had a cardiac problem so serious that she had to be hospitalized every year and also had to keep cardiac stimulants at hand all the time. Since she began to practice Falun Gong, she has not taken any medicine for 4 years and her cardiac problem has disappeared without any medical treatment. Now, her face glows and she walks youthfully. She even does not need her eyeglasses, which she had worn for many years, anymore. Ms. Yan has been deeply moved by Master Li's great compassion so she has been practicing cultivation very diligently. Because she could not read many of the words in the Dafa books, she drew a picture on a strip of paper for each word that she did not know and inserted it into the book. Her Dafa books have many of these strips of paper; they are between almost any two pages. This is an example of the dedication with which she has read through all of Master Li's books many times.

When the regime of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan started to persecute Dafa, Ms. Yan resolved to go to Beijing to appeal to the Government for Falun Dafa, especially during the periods between April 25, and July 20, 1999. She has dedicated her life to protecting Falun Dafa. On July 20, 2000, she was illegally detained for one month for sending truth telling letters to governmental offices. After her release, Ms. Yan still believed in that it was important to let people know the truth about the Dafa. If people know the truth, they will not be deceived by those lies any more. As she usually did before, she brings chalk and Dafa materials with her all the time. Wherever she goes, she distributes the truth telling materials and writes Falun Dafa is good in appropriate places. Since she cannot ride a bicycle, she has simply walked through almost the entire county, just to tell the truth to as many people as possible. One day, she went to a village approximately 50 Li (about 16 miles) from her city to hand out Dafa materials. It had snowed for several days before. The road was as slick as a skating rink so that she could not even remember how many times she had fallen down when she realized that she still had almost 30 Li (about 10 miles) to go. At that moment she had only one thought, I am determined to tell the truth to people, in order to overwhelm the evil forces and assist Master Li in saving people. Unexpectedly, a warm strength permeated her entire body so that she could go straight to the village without stopping. After she had handed out all her Dafa materials, the sun had set behind the mountaintop. She thought how wonderful it would be if she encountered a vehicle, since without a vehicle she could not walk home before midnight. As she walked out of the village, there came a three-wheeled automobile returning to the city after having delivered some pork meat to the village. Thus, Ms. Yan was given a free ride and got home effortlessly. What a miracle it is for an old woman to take a round trip of over 100 Li (about 32 miles) in a single day! As she thought about this on her way home in the automobile, Ms. Yan was so deeply moved that she could not hold back her tears. She said to herself that Master Li is just so kind that he has taken care of her everywhere, all the time.

Ms. Yan has a mind that is fully determined to clarify the truth. She has been in dangerous situations many times, but she has always came back safely with the help of her Dafa-derived wisdom. Once when she had just finished writing Falun Dafa is good on a wall, a young man whose duty it was to watch for Falun Gong activities caught her and asked her where she was from. Ms. Yan did not panic at all but calmly, patiently, and kindly told the truth of Dafa to him. Ms. Yan's compassion touched the young man so deeply that he let her go. Ms. Yan left once again with dignity.

Ms. Yan is thus proceeding step by step steadfastly in the course of cultivation during Fa rectification.

( Reported by a Dafa practitioner in China) April 30, 2001