May 15, 2001

In the midst of tribulations and solitude, a practitioner will often have thoughts such as, "Dear respected teacher, please reveal just a little bit of the truth to me, even just a tiny bit, so that I can be resolute in my faith." However, there exists the issue of enlightenment in the course of our cultivation. No matter what form of enlightenment we take, either sudden enlightenment or gradual enlightenment, we will always encounter tests of our fundamental conviction about the Fa.

If under the most severe anguish and torment, we can still let go of our human mentality, we are then able to strengthen our righteous faith in Dafa.

What is enlightenment? Teacher said, "The enlightenment that I talk about refers to whether you can deal with each and every incident with a righteous mind during your cultivation practice." (Unofficial translation of Teacher's Lecture at the US East Coast Conference, New York, March 27-28, 1999) My understanding is that this righteous mind permeates every facet of our cultivation practice, and into all incidents, big or small. Can we align each and every thought of ours with the Fa? Do we rid ourselves of improper thoughts and views? In a word, have we broken through human mentality?

The righteous thought penetrates everywhere, down to the most microscopic particles and the origin of life.

The righteous conviction is definitely not the whole-hearted "faith" without reasoning, nor is it the "trust" that I lavishly bestow upon you after I receive benefits from you. That is simply a degenerated emotion of everyday people. The righteous conviction is established from the foundation of righteous thought. It is a rational cognition of Dafa, solid as diamond.

What is the fundamental attachment? My understanding of the fundamental attachment is that there exists omission in our righteous conviction. Yet, under the most trying test, the most direct manifestation of such omission is incapable of righteous thinking. At the moment of trial the portion of our righteous thought could not reveal itself. Our convictions are not rooted in the Fa.

Righteous thought, righteous enlightenment, righteous conviction is like the cosmos, from the most microscopic to the most macroscopic, and from the origin to the universe. In fact, aren't they the manifestation of the righteous side of the universe?

Teacher said, "What is a Buddha? 'Tathagata' is what humans call someone who's come with the truth and the power to do what he wants, whereas real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos." (Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa, San Francisco, October 21, 2000) Since we are cultivating from the very beginning of this cosmos, isn't Teacher creating these guardians for this cosmos from the Dafa?

Righteous thought are all rationales originated from Dafa, reaching the most microscopic level. Righteous conviction is the noble conviction of Dafa, vast and grandeur beyond our conception. Righteous thought, righteous enlightenment and righteous conviction also demonstrated the undefeatable, all encompassing, diamond-like indestructible nature of Dafa.

Righteous thought covers the righteous side of cosmos, and its power is beyond imagination: Teacher said, "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" (Teacher's article written on 4/25/2001) As our righteous thought reaches the more microscopic realms, doesn't its power increase? What kind of evil influence could possibly exist in front of such righteous cosmos?

Treasure this once-in-a-millennium cultivation opportunity. Let us truly melt into the Fa and assist Teacher in this world. That is the best present that we can give to our Teacher.