May 14, 2001

I am 55 years old and live in a city in northeastern China. I am a retired worker, a Party member, and a technician of Special Level 1. I was awarded many titles such as Service Model, Technical Expert, Female No.1 in Service Profession, Advanced Producer, etc. On September 15, 1992, I was awarded one of the two hundred medals of Excellent Service Clerk in the People's Grand Hall. It can be said that I served the Party and the people my whole life with all my heart and energy.

At work I strived hard and competed to win in any undertaking. I worked hard every day, even on holidays. As a result, my body wore out. I had more than ten different kinds of diseases and conditions, including symptoms of cerebral thrombosis, high blood pressure, weakening of the nerves, and an ulcerated kidney. Because of high blood pressure, I had to drink very concentrated cold tea to sustain myself so that I could clear my mind enough to welcome clients with a smile on my face. After work, I usually felt very agitated and experienced unendurable pain everywhere. I couldn't sleep at night and thought that life was too hard, too bitter and too exhausting.

In June 1996, I obtained Dafa and I was ecstatic because I knew that I had found a heavenly book, a true scripture. After fifty years I had finally found the right path towards truth and goodness. I gradually understood many of life's problems which I always wanted to know but couldn't find answers to. My mind was uplifted. Without knowing how or why, all my diseases disappeared. All the symptoms associated with high blood pressure, and the pain in my spine disappeared as well. Before studying Dafa, I needed my husband to help me whenever I went up the stairs. After studying Falun Dafa and practicing Falun Gong, however, I could easily and lightly carry 50 Jin (25 kg) of rice upstairs. It was really miraculous!

When the government banned Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, I felt puzzled: such a good Gong and such a good Fa, how can something so good be banned at the personal will of some leaders in the country? I felt I needed go to the Beijing Appeals Office to explain to them the truth. When I arrived in Beijing, I found that the Appeals Office had become an office designed to capture people. On Fuyou Street, practitioners were taken away, car load after car load. I really couldn't understand it and wondered what was wrong with the country and the government? Why was it afraid of good people? Why were people deprived of their due right of appeal?

On October 18, 1999, I was seized in Beijing because of my going there to appeal. On November 2, without any legal procedures, the Public Security sent me to Masanjia Labor Camp for one year of Labor Education. It was not until I arrived at Masanjia that I realized how vicious it was there. The police spoke rudely to all "prisoners," and their verbal and physical abuses were as common as having a meal. They forbade us to speak, study the Fa, or practice Gong; they even prevented practitioners from sleeping. As for labor, they sent practitioners to make clothes. When the work was backed-up, they forced practitioners to work from 6:00 am to 11:00pm or midnight. In order to deceive the public about the abuse, they put up a sign that labeled this area of the labor camp: Xinhua Clothing Factory.

They also deprived me of the right to appeal. In May 2000, I wanted to write a letter of appeal to the High Level Court. Not only did they forbid me to write such a letter, they also beat me. They forced me squat from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. every day if I refused to be "transformed." Then, fearing that their malicious conduct would be exposed, they kept me from me contacting the outside world.

In general, they used all kinds of terrible means to undermine the practitioners' will. They didn't allow practitioners to rest. They tried to instill evil notions and lies in practitioners' minds in an attempt to control their minds. They turned normal people into ones with chaotic minds and numb spirits. They regarded those practitioners who refused to listen to their orders as "non-transformed" people and tortured these people until they were either transformed or exhausted. In addition, they refused to release "non-transformed" people, even if the terms had been served. They often increased the terms for "non-transformed" people.

On January 30, 2001, I was tortured until I developed full-blown cerebral thrombosis. At the time, they had already detained me for 3 months beyond the term of my "sentence." Because they grew afraid that they had endangered my life, they found my family members and asked them to take me home for treatment. Because I resolutely had faith in Dafa, I kept reading Zhuan Falun everyday after going home. Due to this reading, a miracle happened: not only did I not take any injections, medications or go to the hospital, but I also looked after my daughter's 14 month old child. The persecution of Dafa disciples in Masanjia became once again a means to spread Dafa: The "loving heart" of Sujin, Captain of 2nd Squad in Masanjia caused me to have cerebral thrombosis. The slandered Falun Dafa enabled me to truly transform from a person whose life was at risk to a healthy person.

Without my personal experience, I wouldn't believe such things could happen in China today with our policy of reform and the opening up of the country to the outside world. These kinds of things could only happen in the old society. How can China claim to be in a period of "the best human rights" in their history? It really makes my heart cringe! How many people were destroyed during the Great Cultural Revolution? Why let this pain continue into the new century?

Brothers and sisters, it is time to wake up, rub your deceived eyes! It is time to wake up, shake off the numbness. Are we the kind of people written about by Lu Xun (Chinese author, wrote stories about Ah Q)? Stand up to uphold justice! Please eliminate the evil together, for you, for me, and for the future of China.