May 13, 2001

[Minghui Net] -- news from Changchun City :

Heaven: On May 12, 2001, people in the city of Changchun in Jilin Province Note: Changchun is Master Li's hometown where he started to teach Falun Dafa on May 13, 1992. May 13 was thus established as World Falun Dafa Day) witnessed a special phenomenon that lasted in the sky from 9:00 am to about 2:00 pm. The blue sky was decorated with silk-like white clouds, while the shining sun wore a huge aureate ring that radiated rainbow-colored beams. Many citizens lifted their heads and stared at this rare and beautiful scene. Some were eager to tell others about this splendid vista, while others seemed enlightened by it. The huge aureate ring hung in the sky for about five hours. Of course, those people with their third eye (celestial eye) opened saw a lot of amazing and wonderful things.

Earth: on May 13, 2001, people saw red and yellow banners everywhere in Changchun City and along the road to the Jingyuetan (Calming Moon Lake). Waving in the spring winds, those banners presented messages in golden words, "Stop Persecuting Falun Gong," "Restore The Reputation Of Falun Dafa," and "Celebrate Master Li's Ninth Anniversary of Fa-Teaching." Various bulletin boards were posted with colored paper printed with articles. Countless flyers were seen everywhere, delivering various messages, such as, "Jiang Zemin Cannot Avoid Being Judged By History," "People With Their Own Minds Can See The Truth," "Jiang Zemin Is Ruining the Country And Humiliating People," and "Falun Dafa Is Good." Those flyers exposed the evil's vicious deeds and demonstrated clarification for Falun Dafa. Some of those messages were painted high up on walls several meters high so that they were visible from a far distance. The messages reached the hearts of the pedestrians and awakened their consciences. At times, sounds of Falun Dafa broadcasts could be heard spontaneously throughout the city. Pedestrians slowed down and listened to the broadcasts carefully. In contrast, those with evil minds were scared to death whenever they heard the broadcasts.

Dafa disciples in Changchun are joining their cultivation with the Fa-rectification, and bestowing their hearts of pure truthfulness and compassion to celebrate Master Li's Ninth Anniversary of Fa-Teaching.