The Disciples' Magnificence

Dafa disciples are magnificent, because what you are cultivating is the ultimate Great Fa of the cosmos, because you have validated Dafa with righteous thoughts, and because you have not fallen during the massive tribulation. Dafa disciples' doing Fa-rectification has no precedent in history. In the magnificent, grand feats of validating the Fa with rationality, clarifying the truth with wisdom, and spreading the Fa and saving people with mercy, each Dafa disciple's path of Consummation is being perfected. At this great moment in history, every steady step is a glorious historic testimony, and is incomparably-magnificent mighty virtue. All this is being recorded in the history of the cosmos. The magnificent Fa and the magnificent epoch are forging the most magnificent Enlightened Beings.

Li Hongzhi
May 13, 2001

Note: Master wrote this article on the day that commemorated the 9th anniversary of the Fa's introduction to the public. It is published today when Dafa disciples of Canada celebrate the first "Falun Dafa Festival" and hold the 2001 Cultivation Experience-Sharing Conference. -- ClearWisdom Editors, May 19, 2001

(Translator's Note: The translation is subject to improvement to be closer to the original text. Latest update: March 20, 2002)

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