April 21, 2001

[Minghui Net] A practitioner from a mountainous area has practiced Falun Dafa for three years. During the course of his cultivation, he has seen many mystical scenes from other dimensions. He has written down his cultivation experiences as well as the things he has enlightened to in order to validate Dafa. He hopes that this will help more people learn the truth of Falun Gong.

1. Zhuan Falun Has Deep Inner Meaning Making Me Confident in My Cultivation Practice

I obtained Dafa in February 1998, and up to now I have been practicing Dafa for three years. I remember the day in February when my brother-in law came to me and said, "There is a type of Qigong spreading in society that was introduced by Master Li Hongzhi, who has also published a book called Zhuan Falun. I bought the book, and what's written in it is rather mystical. If you want to read it, I'll bring it to you." Five or six days later, I got the book and finally obtained Dafa. I read many storybooks before, but none of them appealed to me as much as Zhuan Falun. Master Li uses modern science as well as simple language to clearly explain cultivation phenomena and the secret of secrets from ancient times to the present. I was touched by the profound principles Master Li taught and I loved reading the book--I simply couldn't put it down.

Before I finished reading it the first time, I experienced some mystical phenomena in the book that could not be found in other ordinary books. Once, while I was reading the book, the paper all of a sudden became pink. Another time, a deep yellow square about one square inch appeared in the book when I was reading under light bulbs at night. It covered the words, jumping from left to right. Sometimes there was a blue circle in front of the square and following the blue circle was a red one. The two circles rolled over one another. One time I watched them roll to the right edge of the book, so I, out of curiosity, quickly took another Dafa book, trying to catch them. The two circles jumped on the book and rolled a while on that book before disappearing.

When I started to read the book for the second time, I saw more things, especially with respect to the characters in Zhuan Falun. At the connections of the vertical strokes and horizontal strokes of these three characters, I saw small light bulbs in the background, and they were as big as the bulb of a flashlight. Sometimes, all the horizontal strokes of the words in the book became yellow rectangles. Sometimes, I saw one blue word clearly floating on the word I was reading--it was as big as the one below, so the word became double-layered. Another time, I saw a thick piece of glass covering the words, though each word was still clear. I saw many mystical things in the book, but I would rather not name them all. As Master Li says in Lecture in Sydney, "If you continue to read it, you will love it so much that you simply cannot let it go from your hands. In China, there are people who are still reading it after reading it over a hundred times. They just cannot put it down as there is so much implied meaning in it. The more they read it, the more there is to read (Note: This is a pre-publishing version that may subject to change)." He also says in the same lecture, "As long as you practice cultivation, you will be able to see things that ordinary people cannot see. As long as you practice cultivation, you will experience things that ordinary people cannot experience. The realm will become higher and higher and more and more wonderful. It is all in the book (Note: This is a pre-publishing version that may subject to change)." Master Li is absolutely right. Isn't Zhuan Falun a heavenly book?

Practitioners, let us strive diligently in our cultivation!

2. Master Provides Me with Falun and Energy Mechanisms. I Am More Determined to Genuinely Cultivate Dafa and Will Under No Circumstance Fall Behind

One day in March 1998, I rode my bike to Village A in our county hoping to sell two baskets of cucumbers. After I reached the top of a steep slope, I stopped to take a nap. At that moment, however, I saw some moon-like objects in the air in front of me, moving one set after another in different forms. Some moved forward and then back a little bit, though most of them moved directly forward. They looked very light. The wind was strong that day, at least 5 or 6 force (on the Beaufort scale), but no matter how windy it was, they moved at a constant speed and could not be spread apart (because they were in another dimension). I had not started to practice the exercises at that time and I hadn't even finished the first reading of Zhuan Falun, so I did not know what they were about. Afterwards, I realized that they were the energy mechanisms Master Li provided for me. He provided me with a set of mechanisms even before I started to practice the exercises! Now, thousands of sets of mechanisms have been gradually given to me, and they surrounded me for at least thirty to forty meters. After a period of time, however, I could see a new set. I could draw an outline of the most common mechanism. But as for the details of the inside structures, let's call them screws (certainly not, sometimes big circles interlinking with small circles). I could see them clearly at that moment, and they are a thousand or ten thousand times as complicated as the parts inside any TV set that I've ever seen before. People even couldn't imagine how complicated they were, much less make them.

The first year I practiced Dafa, I could only see the mechanisms outside my house, not inside (I open my eyes while looking at them). Now, however, I can clearly see them in my house with the light on. They are colorful and too wonderful to describe in words. Master Li says in the Third Lecture "What Has Teacher Given to Practitioners?" in Zhuan Falun, "Here we will provide you with Falun, energy mechanisms, and all the mechanisms for cultivation practice and so on--more than ten thousand of them. They will all be given to you like seeds being planted in your body. After removing your illness, I will do everything that needs to be done and give you everything that should be given." He also says, "As a person, I have a habit: if I have a yard, I say only an inch of it yet you may still claim that I am boasting. But what was said is in fact only a tiny portion. Because of the great gap in levels, I cannot disclose to you a bit of higher Dafa." Several other practitioners in my village can also see the mechanisms that Master provided.

Can ordinary people make the things I have seen? Can they provide us with a set of mechanisms? Teacher did not boast at all, rather he did what he said. Falun Dafa is a supernormal science. Jiang Zemin 's regime can't deny it no matter how many rumors are spread about Falun Gong.

As for the Falun, it is even more wonderful, though hard to describe in words. I can see the Falun in the upper front of my right eye almost all the time. Teacher says that Falun can be divided infinitely, which is exactly true. Sometimes, it turns into several Faluns; other times, it changes into tens or hundreds of Faluns, all of different sizes. In the end, however, it changes back to one Falun. They can be arranged into different shapes: triangles, squares, circles, etc. The Falun can also take on various colors. It can be yellow, and then change to green; it also changes from green in the center and pink on the sides or pink in the center and green on the sides. Sometime it rotates quickly while at other times it rotates slowly (I could not clearly see the symbol inside the Falun). Even more mystical, one night, after we had dinner, I saw a small Falun flying in my house. I immediately asked my wife to turn off the lights so we could see it more clearly. In a second, the Falun turned into a flower so beautiful that it could not be described with human language. The flower would change every few seconds until, finally, it had gone through twelve colors. In the end it changed back to a Falun. Fellow practitioners, everything Master Li talked about is real. Let us make joint efforts to clarify the truth to people, and offer them salvation. We are waiting for the coming day that Dafa rectifies the world and all practitioners celebrate together.

3. Obtain the Fa and Cultivate Your Heart: Body Purification is More Mystical

Although I had no serious illness before I obtained Dafa, minor illnesses bothered me all the time. The most difficult and painful one was the skin disease psoriasis, located on my palm. Ordinary people all know that psoriasis cannot be completely cured. At first, the disease didn't keep me from working. Later, however, the bad area became larger and larger, and the skin fell off one layer after another. Even on hot and humid days, the skin would be dry and cracked, with blood flowing from the cracks. Most of the time I used adhesive bandages to wrap the infected areas, which helped a little bit. Every year I used up several rolls of adhesive bandages. I went to many dermatologists and well-known local doctors, but none of them were able to treat the disease, though I spent a lot of money. The bad area became even larger. Later, a friend told me of an herb called "stinky feet." He told me to boil the herb and use the tea to wash my hand. After doing this several times, he said, my illness would be gone. Since a local store carried this herb, I followed his advice. When I used the herb decoction to wash my hand, you could not imagine how painful it was. I tried for several days and suffered a lot, but there was no effect at all. In the end, I decided to let the disease go and not to worry about it anymore. In February 1998, I obtained Dafa (though I didn't practice the exercises for the first two months). After I read the book Zhuan Falun, a mystical situation appeared. The area with psoriasis became smaller each day. Before I finished Zhuan Falun for the second time (about two months), my psoriasis had almost recovered. By the third month the area had become normal like the rest of my hand; it left no scar at all. In addition, I used to have back pain, hunchback, coughs, toothaches, and other ailments. Now they're all healed from the body purification, and my body feels light all over. I would rather not describe them all in detail.

Friends, and fellow practitioners, I never thought my skin disease would completely disappear in such a short two-or-three month period, especially since I didn't even practice the exercises. Doesn't this tell us that Zhuan Falun is a heavenly book? Wake up friends!

4. Other Dimension Indeed Exist, Do Not Be Deceived by the TV Reports

One night in June 1998--the year I obtained Dafa--the weather was hot and humid. The Chinese people like to say: "natural wind is preferred to the wind from fans." People in rural areas like to climb to the tops of their roofs (rural houses usually have flat roofs) and enjoy the cool breeze. One day after dinner at about eight o' clock, my wife and second daughter climbed up to the roof with a mattress. They asked me to bring a pillow as I came up. But as I turned off the light and was about to climb, a mystical scene appeared in front of me. The house, the walls, and everything disappeared. It seemed as if I was standing in another dimension, which was about six meters high. A ceiling fan shaped object with three wings was hanging in the air. Every wing was about three meters long. The fan turned clockwise 360 degrees and then turned counterclockwise 360 degrees. The speed, however, was not very fast. While spinning, every wing emitted a very bright golden light. What puzzled me was its turning clockwise 360 degrees and then turning counterclockwise 360 degrees. This scene lasted about ten minutes until, without warning, everything returned to a normal state. This is the longest supernormal phenomenon I have ever experienced. I closed the door and climbed up to the roof. My daughter complained, "Dad, what took you so long, we can't lie down without your pillow. We were anxiously waiting for you." I told them what I saw and they were all happy. This was less than four months after I obtained Dafa. From that point on I was determined to study Dafa.

5. Falun Played With Me, Rotating with One on Top of the Other

This happened less than one year after I obtained Dafa. One day, as I was riding my bike to sell some goods, I saw two Faluns in front of me. They were about three or four meters from me, and were floating two meters above the ground. They were as big as ping-pong balls, and one was on top of the other. As one moved down, the other moved up. Their movements looked like children tossing balls and they were incredibly beautiful. Regardless of whether I rode fast or slow, they always kept the same distance from me. After seven or eight minutes, they disappeared. Teacher said that a Falun is "too beautiful to describe in words." After I studied Dafa, I was enlightened to the fact that a Falun is an advanced being and it varies all the time. What I saw was nothing to be surprised about. Now, two years have passed and I still find it interesting whenever I recalled the scene at that moment.

6. The Buddha's Light Illuminates to Save All Beings, Light Appears at All Practice Sites

Whether practitioners or ordinary people, those entering our practice site will clearly see the Buddha's light from time to time; the silver lights will clearly appear in the human world. We have changed practice sites several times in the past two years, but no matter which practitioner's house we moved to, the Buddha light showed up. As Master Li says in Hongyin, "The Buddha light illuminates everywhere. Propriety and justice rectify and harmonize everything. Strive forward together. A bright future lies ahead." (a draft translation, subject to change.) I wish people believed the Buddha's light existed since ordinary people can also see it. As Teacher points out in Lunyu, "As for phenomena that are intangible and invisible in our dimension, but objectively exist and are reflected into our physical dimension as concrete manifestations, people dare not approach them, dismissing them as unknown phenomena." These are the concrete manifestations that are reflected in our dimension. Once, when I turned on the TV, I happened to see a so-called advanced scientist slandering Dafa in public. He said that those people with Tianmu open all see things in a half-sleep state or without a clear consciousness. This is complete nonsense. Come see the light appear in our practice site--I don't think you can explain it with all your lifelong knowledge.

7. The Golden Circles Fly into the Practice Site, the Master Gives Them to Genuine Practitioners

This next story may sound like a myth, but it indeed happened. About two years ago, when we were still permitted to study Dafa and practice the exercises in public, we read the Dafa books at the assistant's house every night. One night, when all practitioners arrived and were about to read the book, one practitioner (whose Tianmu had been opened ever since she was a child and she could always see people coming and going from outside the wall, yet she gave up the practice long ago) loudly said, I saw a person in yellow moving lightly in the air and holding a gold shining circle. He moved to us and stopped at the door, and then he cast the gold circles in the air. The shining gold circles flew to the heads of practitioners. Everybody has one on his head except me. According to what she described, this person was Teacher's Fashen.

Now when I recall this, none of the practitioners with the gold circles on their heads stopped practicing, while she who had no circle gave up the practice long ago. She probably did not have the long-term predestined relationship with Dafa.

8. Karma Is Eliminated Piece By Piece During the Exercises

Talking about cultivation, I think that the cultivation of Xinxing should be always put first, but practicing the exercises is also necessary. The principles that Master Li taught says that practicing the exercises is to strengthen the mechanisms, and it is also a means of transforming one's body. The two words "cultivation practice" are together, and we can't take one without the other. We have to "cultivate" and "practice" at the same time. I have experienced so much from my meditation. Since I still have a lot of karma, I can only double cross my legs for one hour at most, usually forty or fifty minutes. I did not see anything in the beginning, but in the past year, I can clearly see karma and the transformation of karma. When I feel uncomfortable, a piece of karma comes up, and then gradually changes into a white substance, which is De. Usually the karma is a small piece with different shapes. If the karma is as big as a steamed bun (larger than an egg), the pain from my meditation is hard to bear. If no karma appears, then my legs are just so light. As Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "Usually, one's legs in the sitting meditation will feel the pain intermittently. After a moment of very uncomfortable pain, it is over and there is some relief. Soon the pain starts all over again. It usually happens this way." Sometimes I meditate for a long time without pain while other times I meditate for a short time, but with much pain. The more I suffer, the more karma is eliminated. Thus, short meditation does not mean less karma was eliminated.

Every principle Master taught is real. Karma and De are indeed substances that exist. The illness, tribulation, and hardships that ordinary people suffer are meant to eliminate their karma. For practitioners, cultivating the heart is always the first priority. Suffering and the improvement of Xinxing are combined, so you do not merely endure the suffering.

I have cultivated with my Tianmu half-opened, so I know my gong level and color more or less. Our ability to see these supernatural phenomena not only makes us more determined, but also to helps us to clarify the truth and validate Dafa. When Jiang Zemin's regime has slandered Dafa, I cannot sit and watch people be deceived by the lies and be eliminated--I can't let this happen without doing something. Thus, I have written my own experience because I want to prove that Dafa is a science and is real, and I want to expose Jiang Zemin's lies.