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Sharing experience at conference
Sharing experience at conference Group practice

[Minghui Net]

On May 9 and 10, practitioners from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, and some other countries in the former Soviet Union held a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference in Moscow. The conference targeted the current situation in China and the evil lies and propaganda being spread from there. Attendees exchanged their experiences of cultivating, promoting and protecting the Dafa during the Fa rectification period.

Almost one hundred practitioners attended the conference and they came from 23 cities and regions including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, and Riga. Many practitioners overcame difficulties or traveled a long distance to attend the conference. The practitioners' righteous minds came forth as they had many touching stories to share. One practitioner asked her boss if she could have time off to attend the conference. Her boss, however, hesitated because she was the only expert in the work place. Finally her boss asked all the employees to take an anonymous vote and decide whether or not she could go. They all agreed--she could go to Moscow to attend the conference!

During the two-day gathering, the practitioners studied teacher's new articles and enlightened to the fact that our cultivation is closely tied with protecting and rectifying the Fa. They realized the true face of the evil forces and that, at the present time, the cultivation has a higher requirement for practitioners. It is of utmost importance to suffocate the evil and stop the vicious lies in Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine.

On their return trip home, the practitioners actively spread the Fa and told the truth to the people they encountered. For example, some practitioners handed out Dafa materials on the train; practitioners from St. Petersburg drove through many cities and villages. They always spread the Fa and distributed Dafa materials. We believe that the Fa rectification entered a new stage in these areas.

Our teacher's great compassion has given us too much. Practitioners from Russia and the Former Soviet Union all miss our teacher.

May 12, 2001