On December 29, 1999, my mother was sentenced to 45 days' detention because she went to appeal in the legally prescribed manner. My father was also jailed for 45 days, for he was seen as an organizer who maintained communication among practitioners. I was left home alone during those days. However, some bad people still came to my school and my home again and again to pressure me to write a statement to "break with" Falun Dafa.

Those villains took away my Dad a few days after my Mom left for Beijing to appeal. The next day when I was at my class in school, a local policeman summoned me to the principal's office and attempted to "transform" me. He and the principal spoke for more than 20 minutes before they allowed me to go back to class. I told them firmly that I would continue to practice Falun Dafa. After school was over that afternoon, they came to my home to question me again, and took notes of all the questions and answers. At first they asked me whether any fellow practitioners ever came to my home. Who were they? I did not want to reveal any fellow practitioners' names to them so I did not tell them. Then, they asked me some other questions. Later, they asked me, "Do you still practice (Falun Gong)? If you still practice, you will not be allowed to go to school." I kept silent. They said, "You are not saying anything. Does this mean that you tacitly agree to stop practicing? You need to write a statement, then you can go to school." I said, "I don't know what you are talking about." In the end, they yelled loudly for more than one hour. Seeing that I was determined not to write anything, they said, "You must think about this seriously: practice (Falun Gong) or go to school. If you want to go to school, you must write the statement tonight and turn it in to school tomorrow. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to go to school any more." After they said this, they left. I did not do what they said.

I went to school the next day as usual, without thinking about it much. The police did not look for me. Before long, however, they thought my parents had left for Beijing, so they looked for me at the school. During my first four classes, they came to get me three or four times. In the afternoon, they did not allow me to go home and asked me to wait at the school. I stayed at the school until 7pm and they still did not show up, so I left. When I arrived at home, I was told Mom and Dad had gone to their relatives' homes, and were taken away when they came back.

On June 29, 2000, they came to my home again and carried my Dad forcefully out to a waiting police car. Since we knew they would come to arrest my Mom again, we had to leave home. I am supposed to be in the sixth grade in a middle school, but even though I have a home and a school, I cannot go to either.

We have been wandering around since we left home. Now, nine months have passed. I was told that much of the property in our home was stolen and sold, and only empty shelves remain.

Despite such persecution, our firm belief in Falun Dafa has never changed.

April 21, 2001