[Minghui Net] I am seventy-two years old as of this year. I grew up in the countryside. I have never gone to school, and therefore I could not read before I started to learn Falun Dafa. I have been illiterate my whole life.

On April 16, 1996, I obtained Dafa with predestined relationship back in my old country hometown. I had suffered serious pain from sciatica and lumbago, and I was almost paralyzed. I could not walk with my back straight. I had to hold my waist with both my hands while walking. I also had a tumor as big as an egg inside my belly. After I practiced Falun Dafa, Teacher began to purify my body and gradually and all my illnesses disappeared entirely. Now I can walk easily, and for several years, I have not been to the hospital nor taken any medicine. On February 2, 1998 (on the lunar calendar), I experienced the biggest body purification. I suddenly caught a high fever and began to cough up a lot of phlegm. I could not eat or drink, and had no energy left to speak. I had been in bed for nine days. My husband and my daughter were very worried. They sent a doctor to my home and the doctor said that I had high blood pressure. My husband asked a fortune-teller to predict my fate and he said that I was going to die. I did not believe them. I firmly believe in Falun Dafa. After nine days, I was completely restored to health and passed one big tribulation of life and death.

On September 23, 1998, after I watched the video of Teacher Li's lecture at the Singapore Experience Sharing Conference, I felt the sense that time was very urgent. I was worried. I knew Teacher's Falun Dafa was such a good thing, but I could not even read a word of it. What could I do? One day, on my way to the exercise site, a practitioner said to me, "Grandma, you should learn to read. Since you do not have too much to do at home, you can ask your husband to teach you to read Teacher's articles first, and then you can study whenever you have time. Once you are familiar with Teacher's new articles, you can start to read Zhuan Falun."

My husband spent about two weeks teaching me to read the articles. I was able to read several recent articles from our Teacher. One day my husband went to sleep after he lost his patience with me. I, too, rested only briefly. After I woke up, I felt as if there was something covering my eyes. I tried to rub it off. Then, miraculously, when I took a look at Zhuan Falun again, I was able to read two pages without any problem.

My nephew back in the countryside also urged me to learn to read. He told me that there was an elderly lady, over 70 years old, who was also illiterate. She asked her children to teach her to read everyday. One day after resting, the characters all ran into her eyes. When she read Zhuan Falun again, she was able to understand all the words in the book. She could also recite a lot of Teacher's articles. At that time, I didn't believe him at all. But such a miracle actually happened to me.

When my husband was teaching me to read, he would constantly give me the look, and I would have to endure it. Sometimes he would lose his patience and get angry with me. In the past he had never dared to treat me like that. I thought that it must be our Teacher, using it to test me. Therefore, each time I endured his anger. Moreover, I was not at all angry in my heart, but was able to smile at him.

Earlier in my cultivation, I could only sit for thirty minutes in the double lotus position. Along with my ability to read articles and Zhuan Falun, now I am able to sit for an hour and a half in double lotus. I also look younger. My face is rosy, smooth, and I have no wrinkles.

At seventy years old, why was I able to learn to read our Teacher's articles and Zhuan Falun in just twenty days, and to extend my double lotus sitting time? I realized that it is all due to the power of Falun Dafa. It is our Teacher who helped me, and it is our Teacher who let me to read in order to obtain the Fa. Thank you, Teacher!

Since I have been able to read Zhuan Falun, I have been reading the book with everybody together at group study. There were only a few characters that I did not know and everybody helped me with those. After reading and study, I now have a more profound understanding of Falun Dafa. Although I can read our Teacher's book, I cannot read any words in other books, magazines and newspapers. I know that it is our Teacher who lets me study Falun Dafa, and that it is not meant for me to read everyday people's stuff. From now on, I will certainly study the Fa even more diligently and cultivate my heart. I want to reach consummation in this lifetime.

Recorded and edited from oral accounts

May 5, 2001