During 1987 and 1989, I was conducting research on martial arts and Qigong at the Research Institute of Ethnological Physical Education in Shanxi University. Because of the need for further investigations on some of the research topics, I formed a joint research team with Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital. Later on, they introduced me to the Chinese Institute of Human Physiology. This institute was in the process of forming a "Research Center on Human Physiology." They invited me to be a research associate at the center, carrying out classifications and investigations on people who were thought to possess supernormal capabilities. Through such activities I had opportunities to come into contact with such people. In the summer of 1988, I met a 10 year old girl at the center. Her surname was Liu, and she was from Jinzhou City in Liaoning Province. She could see many things that were not visible to ordinary people, such as accurately describing the type of disease within a human body. She could even see the organs and structures inside a human body. She could tell precisely what took place inside a human cell. Back in her hometown, her extrasensory ability got the attention of other people. Someone wrote to Mr. Qian Xuesen ("The Father of Chinese Rockets and Missiles" and a graduate of Caltech). Mr. Qian was a leading advocate promoting research on human physiology. He invited this little girl to Beijing so that further research could be conducted. We brought her with us to hospitals and homes of some special patients to verify her clairvoyant ability, as well as uncover the true conditions of the patients. Mr. Fu was a famous scholar at the Ethnic Culture Research Institute. He was in his senior years and had been under long term care at the Xiehe Hospital for ascites. After observing the old man lying under blankets, the little girl was very certain of her prognosis: he had water in his abdomen, his liver cells were secreting water, but there were no cancer cells. That proved to be identical to the hospital report. There were many cases similar to this one. Another example was her diagnosis of Mr. Tao, then the Secretary of Machinery Department. After seeing him, she said that his bone marrow in the spinal cord around his lower back had changed color. Again, this fully agreed with the hospital's report. I asked her how she could see cells inside a human body. She said that she could see them after she first magnified human organs. I chatted with her like kids talk to each other. She started to unveil to me many interesting things. When she was a baby being breast fed by her mom, she could see her mom's heart beating and lungs expanding and contracting with each breath. She tried to touch them with her little hand, but could never reach them. She played with ants. She wanted to find out if ants also had a heart. She magnified an ant to the size of a camel. Then she could see through its body to look at the heart. It turned out that ants also have a heart that beats continuously just like a human heart does. Ants also have blood vessels and other innards, such as the liver, stomach and every other organ. She tried to ride an ant by magnifying it to the size of a dog. She fell down when she tried to get onto its back. In reality the ant did not change size, only her eyes magnified it. I asked her, "Why didn't you tell your family that you possessed such an ability?" She said, "I thought everybody could see those things just like I did, except they did not talk about it. Therefore I, too, did not say anything about it." She also told me about the nine incarnations of her mom by mentioning what kind of human or animals she took in her previous lives. She could even tell how her mom and dad had formed their predestined relationship. She was very certain that some people were animals in their previous lives, some others were humans, and everyone had their incarnations. There were also beings from realms high above. She could view and determine the previous identities of many people. I was truly amazed and felt her story to be very significant. But how could we verify and validate her stories to be true? I made note of the three people who were mentioned by her that were animals in their previous lives: A was a tiger, B was a lion, and C was a peacock. A year after I worked with the little girl, by chance I met another person with a similar supernormal capability. Ms. Man worked in the military; she had very strong extrasensory power and could see some unusual things. I though about using the so called "double blind test." I found the three people previously mentioned by the little girl and let Ms. Man observe them. She indicated: A was a tiger, B was a lion, and C was a big bird, similar to a Chinese phoenix (a mythical bird similar to a peacock). I did many such double blind tests. This technique could indeed prove the theory of reincarnation. There was an even more astounding story during my double blind tests. It was a very unusual story about a young woman, who had lost both hands when she was only a child. Yet, she was very determined. With great stamina she learned how to write Chinese calligraphy with her feet. She became a very famous, albeit a highly unusual calligrapher. I first asked another psychic person, Mr. Zhang from the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, to go visit her. His statement was that she was a very vicious animal in her previous life. She injured and killed many people and other lives. She reincarnated into a human, but she had to lose her hands. Ms. Man also made nearly identical observations under the double blind test. Later on, after a fairly long period of time I met Mr. Chen, who had strong extrasensory power and worked at the TV station in the city of Guangzhou. After mentioning this young woman and showing him her picture, he told a more complete story about her. He said, this extraordinary calligrapher had a pair of pure white hands upon birth, but she lost both of them. This was because she was very malicious in her previous life and committed numerous sins with her two hands. Later on, I found out from this extraordinary female calligrapher that she born with two hands white as pure jade. When she was two years old, she went to play with bigger kids along the railroad tracks. When the train came, the elder kids were frightened and ran away but she fell down along the tracks. She held on to the rail using her little hands without letting go. Tragedy took place and she lost both of her hands. We were deeply saddened and cried for her tragic experience. I thought to myself, as men, when can we be set free and no longer have to suffer from all the pain and agony? From this point on, I made up my mind to seek a way that would set man free from all anguish and torment. Afterwards, I read some Buddhist scriptures, which also discussed reincarnations among men and predestined relationships. Yet, trying to find the Buddha Fa [law and principle] offering salvation during my lifetime was more difficult than flying up into the sky. In the summer of 1996, I read Zhuan Falun. I finally found the Buddha Fa that could set me free in my own lifetime ?Falun Dafa. Cultivate in Dafa with a crystal clear mind, cultivate ourselves by following the cosmic characteristic of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance," raise our Xinxing (virtue), rise to a new and higher level, endure hardship to rid our karma, transform the black substance ?"Karma" to white substance ?"De." Through cultivation and practice, continuously raise our level, finally reaching the state of consummation with total release. This is the most precious treasure that has been sought by generations after generations of people. Due to the deterioration of traditional cultivation approaches, further worsened by the mix-up of human ideology with so called science and atheism, human thought had become stubborn and cunning. In order to offer salvation to mankind today, Falun Dafa is the most direct and straightforward cultivation method; it emphasizes human virtues. Only through a cultivation way like Falun Dafa could a man cultivate himself to consummation. At the present, some evil influences in Mainland China and old, degenerate beings are persecuting Dafa. Their final outcome will be very dire and inevitable. This is precisely because a person's own incarnation is the ultimate manifestation of the Law of the Cosmos: reward for goodness and retribution for sin. I wish more people could cultivate within Dafa, never to commit bad deeds but do good deeds, and never, ever commit acts that undermine Dafa and transgress the Law of the Cosmos. May 10, 2001