[Minghui Net] Melbourne, May 5, 2001: According to reliable sources, two Melbourne Falun Dafa practitioners, Wang Youfeng and Gu Meijun, were illegally detained when they arrived at the Hong Kong international airport. They took a flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong on May 4th via an Australian airline. Wang Youfeng went to Beijing in December 1999 to validate Falun Dafa. She and other practitioners were illegally detained when the train arrived at the Beijing station. The responsible units were: The Kowloon - Beijing express train attendant and the Beijing police. Wang Youfeng escaped from the detention center the next day. She was illegally detained again after returning from experience sharing with other practitioners. Wang Yufeng attended the Hong Kong Falun Dafa experience sharing conference in January. Gu Meijun and other Falun Dafa practitioners have gone to the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne every day to peacefully appeal and to display pictures of Falun Dafa practitioners who were tortured to death. They have also given flyers telling the true story of Falun Dafa to all of the people going in and out of the Chinese Consulate. The Consulate personnel often took the advantage of the time when fewer practitioners were demonstrating outside to come out to curse at Falun Dafa practitioners, take photos and videotape practitioners. Gu Meijun applied for an entry visa to China twice but was denied for unknown reasons. Mrs. Wang and Gu's illegal detention shows that the so-called "one country two systems " has become empty talk because of Jiang Zemin's oppressive influence. (Australian practitioners) Attachment: Jiang Zemin's regime violates the law in Melbourne. 1. Falun Dafa practitioners often receive harassing phone calls at home. Sometimes the caller does not say anything. Other times they make strange noises. 2. Falun Dafa practitioners have been putting Falun Dafa materials in an Asian grocery store for some time now. Recently the manager of the store called and told them that they can't do it anymore. Two men dressed in clothing of Chinese officers visited her and threatened her with violence if she did not remove the materials. 3. When Falun Dafa practitioners applied for the annual Melbourne Health Exhibition, the Chinese Consulate called the host to slander Falun Dafa, saying Falun Dafa has "political intentions". Falun Dafa practitioners have already attended the annual health exhibition twice and left very good impressions on people.