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I started to study Teacher Li's Dafa in March of 1995. Since then, my whole life has changed. It was Dafa that changed me.

Before practicing Falun Gong, I could not live without medicine for a single day. When I first started to learn Dafa, I was afraid that if I stopped taking medicine my health would deteriorate. So I took medicine whenever I felt sick. At the beginning, I did not feel any change after taking medicine. But later, instead of relieving the pain, the medicine made me have a stomachache. Finally I realized that I was always suffering whether I took medicine or not. Then I thought why not give up medicine altogether! A surprising thing happened to me since I gave up medicine: at work I was fine, but I felt sick again after coming home from work or during the weekends. I know why - I am a practitioner.

My lumbar spine was often inflamed, which was so painful that I had to take electrotherapy. After practicing Falun Gong, I put away the electrotherapy instrument. It was very easy for me to catch a cold before, but not anymore. My heart began to function normally and my rheumatic disease disappeared. I became better and better. My coworkers said that I had become a different person.

My husband also attained Dafa one month after I began to practice. Before that, he had diabetes with very high blood sugar level. He had four "+" for his urine sugar and protein level. His face and eyes were always puffy. When he was tired, his symptoms would become worse. After practicing Falun Gong for one year, he went back to work and is not taking any medicine. Our friends and relatives were all surprised to see the tremendous change in him.

My mother is 84 years old. She has always believed in the existence of beings in other worlds. She used to get up during the night sometimes, using a sword to stab at ghosts. The roof and walls of our house were full of sword marks. She burned incense and prayed everyday by kowtowing eighty times. Her health condition was poor. After my husband and I practiced cultivation, she also decided to cultivate. After watching Teacher's lecture videos and listening to the audiotapes, she suddenly understood and cleaned out those statues she had worshipped. She practiced everyday. Now my mother can walk with her back straight and take care of some easy house chores. She has not taken any pills for one year. She had cataracts before she began cultivation and needed to use eye drops, otherwise, her eyes would be painful, teary, and blurry. After practicing Dafa, she does not need medicine anymore and all the symptoms are gone. Now my mother can even do embroidery as long as she wears a pair of glasses.

Teacher's Dafa is so profound. Its power is boundless. My family is blessed since we started practicing Falun Dafa.

Practitioner in China