While Jiang Zemin was visiting Hong Kong, practitioners from Macau also went to Hong Kong hoping to express their wishes and to help support the activities of the local practitioners. They wanted to help restore the reputation of Dafa and our Teacher by speaking out about the truth of Falun Dafa to suffocate the evil, and thereby help people understand what is going on behind the persecution of Falun Dafa by Jiang Zemin and his associates.

Over the previous two weeks, many practitioners from Macau had participated in an appeal in Hong Kong [the Hong Kong government allowed them to protest in groups of no more than 20 people- translator note].

On May 8, 2001, however, seven Macau practitioners arrived in Hong Kong, together with seven news reporters. The atmosphere was very tense at Customs and there were another forty armed policemen, some in blue hats, and others wearing white uniforms. They appeared to be awaiting powerful enemies.

When practitioners were boarding in Macau, an employee of the pier told them that many policemen were waiting for them. When practitioners' documents were checked, they were all brought into a large room. While waiting, practitioners read Teacher's articles and recited the article "Lun Yu." Later on, the Customs officers registered practitioners' names and did body searches on them. After this procedure the practitioners were told that they had been rejected for "security reasons."

At this point Customs wanted to send the practitioners back immediately. Practitioners inquired about these "security reasons" since they had nothing on them that violated a ban, nor had they been aggressive in any manner. They also asked if they were rejected because they practice Falun Gong. The officers dared not answer this question. Practitioners asked, "Why is the Hong Kong government barring us from entering, but at the same time it doesn't dare to admit the real reason?" The officers again dared not face the question. Teacher has said, "... as those who attack goodness are bound to be evil." "People around the world must be informed of their evil deeds--this is also offering people salvation." (From the Article "Rationality")

Practitioners felt the urgency of telling people the truth and while being detained in Customs, they used the phone to call several TV and radio stations and newspapers immediately, thereby exposing the evil. One of the practitioners went to make a phone call and was closely watched by several policemen. Before the phone call was finished, some policemen in white uniforms came to interfere with the call. Since Customs allows people to make phone calls, the practitioner asked them to leave and stop their harassment. The policemen agreed and went away. However, they came back in a short while, telling practitioners that the ferry was leaving. The practitioner told them that he had not finished his phone call yet. At that point, an officer came in who claimed himself to be the highest-ranking official at Customs, and ordered the practitioners to board the departing boat. The practitioners did not pay attention to him, saying that as Dafa practitioners, they were following the laws and the rules of the Customs. Practitioners told the officer that according to the rules written on the wall, it clearly said that people have the right to make phone calls to request for their lawyers to appeal, and that there should be no time limit, and that the boat could leave.

Two policemen in white uniforms threatened to use force, and they began to ready themselves. Practitioners told them frankly, "Do you want to use force? Where is the law? You are violating the "one country, two systems" principle, damaging the international image of Hong Kong, and violating the rules of the Customs! Can you bear the responsibility?" Our practitioners follow the principle of "benevolence," and all our activities are peaceful. The power of benevolence is indeed tremendous. The policemen's attitudes changed, and they asked how long the phone calls would take. Practitioners said that they wanted to leave on the next boat. With the extra time given, almost all the phone calls were made. The media recorded the phone conversations with practitioners, regarding the purpose for their trip and how they were treated at Customs. Teacher has said, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." (From the article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful")

By late afternoon, the practitioners who had been rejected came back to Macau together, whereupon approximately seven reporters interviewed them. Although these practitioners did not go to Hong Kong to help with the activities there, they took the trip as part of promoting Dafa, validating Dafa, suffocating the evil, and helping the teacher in the Fa rectification process. They all disciplined themselves according to the principle of Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance and acted as Dafa particles clearly and firmly.