By overseas practitioners

[Minghui Net] At 4:30pm on May 9, over 200 Dafa practitioners from different parts of the world came to the plaza in front of the Hong Kong Immigration Administration Office Building and demonstrated the exercises.

Before the exercise started, a fierce gale sprang up and it rained heavily. Regardless of the rain, practitioners, who had been promoting Dafa in different areas of the city, rushed to the site. When the storm let up, Dafa practitioners, wearing yellow T-shirts that said "Stop Persecuting Falun Gong", quickly unfurled large banners that said, "Falun Dafa," "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance," "Speaking Up and Appealing Are Not Crimes," and "Heavenly Law Will Not Tolerate the Brutal Persecution," etc. In front of the exercise ranks, practitioners placed a huge flower wreath with the names and pictures of many of the 202 Dafa practitioners who have been killed in the persecution. Display posters showing how practitioners have been tortured were placed on each side of the wreath.

When the second exercise, "Falun Standing Stance," started, the storm came back. Practitioners were soaking wet but didn't move at all. Nobody left. Many practitioners were weeping. Tears and rain ran down their faces. In the storm, the exercise music sounded even more pleasing to the ears. Accompanied by the slow and smooth movements, the solemn and sacred scene attracted many passersby and people in vehicles. People stopped and watched from under their umbrellas. They were touched, and watched the practitioners with admiration and sympathy. Some gave long applause by the roadside; some lifted up infants high above their heads to show support; some disregarded the storm and stood in front of the display posters to learn more of the truth. Photographers from almost all media were taking pictures to capture this precious moment.

Before the exercises ended, the storm gave up and stopped. The setting sun shone on the horizon. Dafa practitioners' field of righteous thought had suffocated and eliminated evil, and touched heaven and earth.