[Minghui Net] While a senior practitioner was distributing Dafa materials, she was found by some policemen. They tried to arrest her illegally but were refused. As she ran away, a car knocked her down, causing her severe injury. She was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. After the operation, the policemen put her under surveillance 24 hours a day. The senior practitioner thought that the policemen definitely should not detain her in the hospital. She escaped when she had a chance. Since her two legs could not move freely, she was taken back to the ward. After that the policemen placed tighter surveillance on her, which made her unable to go anywhere. Anyone who wanted to see her had to register and undergo a strict interrogation.

Several practitioners learned that the policemen planned to sentence this senior practitioner on Monday so they decided to get her out of the hospital as soon as possible. However, their first try ended up in failure because one of the practitioners did not let go of her human mentality and felt they were not capable of doing this. Soon a junior practitioner, who was thin and tiny, heard their story and she immediately made up her mind to rescue this senior practitioner even though she had never seen her before. At that time the junior practitioner thought, "We are cultivating during the Fa-rectification. The Dafa, the practitioners, and all beings are important. Our benevolent teacher has dedicated everything for all beings. No matter how huge an effort I need to make, it is worthwhile. I must go and rescue her." That day was Saturday. Although it was very late, she went ahead with no hesitation. She told another practitioner to wait downstairs, "I will go have a look. Then let us rescue the senior practitioner." With a righteous mind, the junior practitioner went directly to the ward. Nobody stopped her! Her righteous mind restrained people and cleansed the vicious factors controlling people. When she walked into the ward, one nurse who was guarding the senior practitioner said that she would go get some noodles while another nurse who was knitting a sweater appeared as if nothing had happened. The junior practitioner then said to the senior practitioner, "I have come to see you. Do you want to go to the restroom?" The senior practitioner immediately understood what she meant and answered "Yes!" They then walked out of the ward calmly. The nurse that was knitting did not even notice this. The senior practitioners' two legs could not only walk but they could actually run downstairs. The practitioner who was still waiting outside could not believe this!

This junior practitioner is selfless and willing to give up everything for her fellow practitioners. The senior practitioner had not cooperated with vicious people and wanted to validate Dafa. The righteous mind enabled them to walk away from human limitations. Once again they are in the line with the Fa-rectification where the great Tao has no form.

May 9, 2001