During the two conferences (People's Congress Meeting and Political Consulting Meeting) in March 2001, practitioners in the 2nd, 4th and 5th groups in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp in Hebei Province went on a collective hunger strike to protest the inhumane tortures occurring to them in the camp. Since March 1, nine practitioners in the so-called "direct affiliated class" of the 4th group have been on hunger strike for one and a half months. Their lives are in danger. Now the policemen in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp are trying to transform practitioners forcefully. They have rearranged practitioners into different teams so that family members cannot locate practitioners and the camp can therefore shirk the responsibility if they beat practitioners to death. Here we sternly warn the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp: "If the practitioners' lives are in danger, all Dafa disciples and their family members will sue you for murder!" The following was written by the practitioners whose lives are in critical condition: 1. To Fellow Practitioners All Over the World: Let us hold hand in hand to keep up with the pace of Fa rectification. "All evil in the cosmos is being eliminated at an unprecedented speed" (Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)). Thus, in the Fa rectification, we, as Dafa particles, should strive forward vigorously and break through human attachments at an unprecedented speed. We are 9 practitioners in the so-called "direct affiliated class" of the 4th group in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Being deprived of our basic human rights, we have gone on a hunger strike to validate Dafa and restore Dafa's reputation. Although we are in extreme pain and encounter severe tribulations every day, we do not regret our decision and we do not hate our oppressors. As guardians of Dafa, every genuine disciple should assist the Teacher to rectify the Fa. We take hardships as joy and look at life and death lightheartedly. We do not have any fear to face the difficulties. Today is the 24th day of our hunger strike. We do not want to talk about what might happen to us in the time to come, and we will only use righteous actions to safeguard Dafa and show benevolence to people. Dafa is still suffering injustices. Tens of thousands of practitioners are still suffering injustices. If we are not on the side of validating Dafa and clarifying truth, we are not within Dafa at all. In order for one to obtain justice in the human world, one must be a person with noble ideals who can make sacrifices in the face of suffering. Our original true selves have no attachments. Now, it is our compassionate Teacher who teaches us the Fa and gives us the opportunities to return home. Thus, it is every Dafa particle's duty to put forward one's best effort towards attaining justice for Dafa in the human world. Practitioners in the "direct affiliated class" of the 4th group in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp: Lu Zhanping, Liu Yanhong, Hu Shengman, Sun Shizhen, Zhu Yuying, Zheng Shuyan, Guo Liyun, Wang Caihui, Hou Haiping. March 24, 2001. 2. To Fellow Practitioners, Friends and Families: We have been illegally detained in the 4th group in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp; except for one fellow practitioner who was transferred to another place, our remaining 8 practitioners are still in the extremely painful process of hunger striking. We are rectifying the Fa with our lives and unshakable faith in Dafa. Although we can no longer stand on our own two feet and our lives are in danger, we still remember, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun). Here we make it clear that all the practitioners who are suffering from the torture will never commit suicide or do anything to hurt themselves. If anything bad happens to practitioners, it is caused only by those persons who beat practitioners and try to damage Dafa. All friends and families, please make sure that those bad people receive just punishment by the law. They are the real criminals. In order to clarify the truth of Falun Gong, all 9 of us wrote to the country's highest-level organization - The People's Representative Conference. In our letter, we gave details of how we were arrested and detained although we hadn't broken any laws. We also demanded that the reputation of our Teacher and Dafa be restored, as well as that all illegally detained practitioners be released. We have done this in order to help eliminate the evil forces and rectify the Fa in the human world. When we feel this sacred duty in the bottom of our hearts, we are able to give up everything to assist our Teacher. We choose our paths with peaceful and clear minds and our unshakable belief that Falun Dafa is good and is a righteous Fa. Today is the 37th day without food and water, but we do not feel pain. Our hearts are filled with happiness to have the opportunity to help teacher in the Fa rectification. "I can tell you that all the suffering and tribulations endured by our Dafa disciples is not only aimed at their own cultivation--it's also due to high-level beings testing Dafa using students' karma, using "improving them" as an excuse, and using the persecution that's being carried out by degenerate beings at low levels. In fact, all of these have harmed the Fa-rectification" (Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa). "I can't accept any of these. So I need to eliminate them, including this evil drama" (Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America). It is every practitioner's sacred duty to assist our Teacher to rectify the Fa in this human world. In order for every practitioner to validate the Fa and keep up with the pace of Fa rectification, we still have a long way to go. Fellow practitioners, please hurry and catch up. Eventually, we will join together to become part of the same whole, just like small streams joining together to form mighty rivers. "Strive forward together, A Bright Future Lies Ahead!" (In Harmony with the Fa, poem by Master Li - not official translation) At present, we cannot get out of the jail and can only use this way to resist the evil. We sincerely hope that all practitioners who are not in jail can do even better. Dafa practitioners: Lu Zhanping, Liu Yanhong, Hu Shengman, and Guo Liyun, the four of us have already been sent to the Shijiazhuang Area Hospital (now renamed Shijiazhuang 2nd Hospital). We were sent to the emergency room on April 6. We started the hunger strike on March 1. It has been exactly 37 days by now. 3. Flags and Fish We made a special flag using a good-quality snow-white silk scarf as background and red letters made of red silk cloth. All 9 practitioners wrote, cut and pasted the letters and sewed them together. Dafa practitioners are part of the same whole. Everyone positions himself and does his best to assist our Teacher. Our strength is powerful. Nine of us are doing this significant thing while we clarify Dafa with our lives (hunger strike). We will donate this flag in the hope that Falun Dafa will take root in the hearts of all kindhearted people; assisting our Teacher to rectify the Fa is the most magnificent thing in this world. During this process, although we have endured many tribulations and difficulties, we are happy inside. Rectifying the Fa when suffering and elevating oneself through righteous enlightenment can only be felt when one melts into the Fa. "Grand talk counts for naught when it comes to life and death, Actions reveal what is true." (The Knowing Heart) Refraining from water is more painful than refraining from food. Without drinking water, air breathed out from the nose is hot and the throat burns. I had a dream one time where I went to the top of a mountain and I drank a bucket of heavenly liquid; it was really a test of life and death. I had a vivid dream on the 27th day of the hunger strike. There was a huge pot filled with boiling oils. Several people forced a 1.6 meter-long fish into the pot. The bottom part of the fish was fried to a yellow color. She splashed her tail and oil spilled out of the pot. The person who was forcing her into the pot almost fell into the pot so he quickly ran away. The fish gasped several times and struggled to jump out of the pot. Finally, she made it. However, those people quickly grabbed her again and forced her back into the oil pot. This time, her entire body was fried to a yellow color. The people who forced her into the pot hid behind the wall and watched her. Soon afterwards, the fried fish jumped out of the pot and swam away freely. The people were all astonished. After I woke up, I was amazed at the perseverance of the fish. A great life is invincible! It was already tough to live without water, yet they still fried her. But she is still alive. It's a miracle! Isn't this exactly the same situation of our practitioners who endure countless tribulations when promoting and protecting the Fa? In order to protect the Fa and offer salvation to the people in the maze, I do not give too much thought of my own life. When our lives are linked with the Fa rectification, we can endure anything. We can fearlessly face "death" one more time in order to bring back the innocence of Dafa and to save another innocent life. Maybe that is all we can do for Dafa now. á Dafa practitioners in jail Apr 12, 2001 Shijiazhuang 2nd hospital (original name: Shijiazhuang area hospital) Address: Huaxi Road #53. Operator: 86-311-7884690 Office: 86-311-7039524, 7886802, 7871762, 7877410, 7879919, 7884875 á Criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners: 1) Labor Camp management committee of the public security bureau in Hebei province (very hypocritical). Zhao Feng 86-311-3033941-2142. Officer Wei 86-311-3033941 2) Shijiazhuang Labor Camp: 86-311-7754007-207 (They do not allow family members to see practitioners) 3) Labor Camp leaders: Zhao Yunlong and Wang Bingfang. Address: Beijiao Street 22 (the 5th team of the Labor Camp), Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province, 050051. Telephone: 86-311-7752350,7753569,7776422,7763488,7776421,7752749. Another address: Beicheng Road 10, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province, 050000. Telephone: 86-311-776714077971247797145, 7754007 4) Accusation center: Address: Beijiao Street 20, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province, 050051. Telephone: 86-311-7752225 Editor's notes : among the nine practitioners, three of them were taken back by their family members without any procedures. They are: 1) Liu Yanhong: Huabei medicine company resident area 15-3-301, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province. 86-311-5065670 Her husband, Shen Manliang, is also a Dafa practitioner. Her brother Liu Bao lives in Beizhaiying 5-3-601, Shijiazhuang City, Heibei Province. His home phone is 86-311-6828717. 2) Lu Zhanping: resident of Renqiu City in Cangzhou area of Hebei province. 3) Another practitioner is from Sanhe city and his name is to be investigated.