In 1999 we had an unexpected opportunity to connect with a professor from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. During the past one and a half years, he and his colleagues invited us 5 times to 7 of their classes to introduce Falun Dafa. There were about 300 American students who got to know about Falun Dafa because of this. We were becoming more and more experienced and we used our wisdom to open up their minds as well as ours.

The first time we went to spread Dafa was at the beginning of December 1999. At that time, rumors and lies were flying everywhere. Within our hearts, we were also very angry. After lengthy discussions among us practitioners, we realized that in order to obtain better results, we had to remove our argumentative anger and use a more peaceful attitude to clarify the facts. We also needed to more actively spread the Dafa. American university students were very curious about our presence but they also displayed judgmental facial expressions and appeared distant from us. They quietly listened to our understanding of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance," our personal experiences, the relationship between gain and loss, being a good person and the transformation of karma, and also about the persecution faced by Falun Dafa practitioners in China. Slowly, students expressed more and more understanding of Dafa and practitioners. Once we mentioned that in one area practitioners had no web page, one female American student immediately and eagerly volunteered to help by setting up a web page for them. Students were very shocked about the persecution received by Dafa and practitioners in China. Almost all of them signed the petition letter asking Jiang's gang to stop their brutal actions.

When it was time to demonstrate the exercises, students wanted to try them themselves. The professor suggested that we lead the student to do the exercises. The classroom had a relaxed yet serious atmosphere. They watched closely and followed the movements while admiring the classmates who did well. We heard them saying to themselves, "This is so great." One day we taught two consecutive beginner classes. Just before the second class, a few students were already doing the exercise movements. We asked them where they learned it and they said with excitement, "the students from the last class taught us in the hallway!"

After each time that we spread the Dafa, we never heard from those students. We sincerely hope they will not forget about Falun Dafa! In February this year, we were invited to spread Dafa again, afterwards, the professor said to us, "You are planting seeds that will bear fruits in the future." We were very surprised upon hearing that. We realized that our teacher is using the professor's words to encourage us. That's right, we will do better.

Since we did not charge any fees and did not do it for personal gains, that professor voluntarily wrote a very enthusiastic letter recommending us to professors from other schools to invite us to introduce Falun Dafa. We believe that one day Falun Dafa will bring its glory and enter all the classrooms in the world.

Wisconsin Falun Dafa Practitioner