All through last winter at the Labor Camp of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, one could rarely see the sun. There was always a heavy fog, so that people standing close together could not see each other. It seemed that the darkness covering the labor camp would never be lifted. The place is similar to hell as it is described in the movies. Disastersare always occuring. Earthquakes happen most frequently, leaving behind cracks in the earth and fallen walls. Dogs are afraid to bark, prisoners are always sick, and the supervisors cannot sleep.

Unusual phenomena happened quite frequently during the year 2000. One of the most noticeable was the Black Smoke Incident. On that day, it was not windy, and there are no chimneys nearby. But in the sky there appeared a cloud of dark smoke flowing over the labor camp. The shape of the cloud kept changing. Sometimes it was in the shape of a foot, sometimes in the shape of the Island of Taiwan, an eggplant, a cucumber. Later on it looked like the character 'eight', and then it turned up side down. Finally it dissipated. At the beginning, the supervisors and the prisoners were all shocked. They were all scared afterwards and exploded firecrackers to "frighten off the evil."

One day in April it rained, snowed and hailed at the same time. During mid-April, there was a sandstorm. The sky turned yellow. One could hardly tell the sky from the ground. At that time the supervisors at the labor camp again set off firecrackers to "frighten off the evil." One of the charges with which the government impugned Falun Gong was "Against Science and Spreading Superstition". But Falun Gong practitioners have righteous minds that will suppress any evil. They are not afraid of anything and never turn to any rituals to "frighten evil." On the contrary, it is those who claim to be against superstition that always turn to these types of rituals for protection.

In June there was a hailstorm such as had never happened before in Kaiping District of Tangshan City. Each hailstone was bigger than an egg. Li Junqing, a guard who always beat Dafa practitioners, was very scared. He wept, clinging to the other guards, and said that the end of the world was coming. The prisoners in the labor camp spread the news secretly that there were ghosts about. It was a known secret, but it was not allowed to spread too far. Whoever spread it would be blamed for spreading superstition, and their term in prison would be extended. However, one cannot deny the facts. Sometimes the supervisors were also bothered by these ghosts. They dared not go to the restroom at night, although the restroom was only a few steps away from the yard. They used a chamber-pot in the office. When other prisoners were bothered by the ghosts, the supervisors would put peach tree branches (it is believed that ghosts avoid peach wood) under their pillow to help "avoid the evil."

As Master Li Hongzhi says, "An area with huge karma and with corrupted human hearts is truly unstable."