The Candlelight Vigil in front of the UN is the most touching and unforgettable event of all the Fa-rectification and Fa-spreading activities in which I have ever participated. That night, there was no music, no exercises and no sounds. Several hundred Dafa practitioners sat on the slope in front of the International Red Cross Society opposite the UN. They held small fluorescent lamps, wreaths and banners, silently mourning those Dafa practitioners in China who have been persecuted to death by torture or police brutality.

That night was very quiet. Twinkling stars in the sky shone upon Dafa practitioners' pure hearts that were full of righteous thoughts. I felt a strong energy field surrounding us and I enlightened to the implications that Teacher's articles contain in other dimensions. Though I was unable to see them, I could feel there were fights going on between Gods and Evil Beings in different dimensions, and many sentient beings were awakening. Every Dafa practitioner present also participated in those activities [in other dimensions]. However, everything in this dimension seemed so quiet. I felt the strength and power of pure and righteous thoughts. It could be described as "there is no sound but it seems to be thunderously loud."

Coming back from Geneva, I read Teacher's latest article "Dafa Disciple' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful", a practitioner's experience sharing article published on Minghui Net, "With Teacher at the Helm, the Fa Saves all Beings" and some other articles. My mind became clearer about how Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts function in different dimensions. I also realized the reason why I suffered pains and discomfort both physically and mentally after writing articles exposing the evil. This also reminds me of Teacher, who has endured great tribulations and hardships so as to offer salvation to sentient beings. That is really unimaginable. When I saw Teacher's photo "Quietly Watching the Practitioners and the Public", I could not help bursting into tears.

I feel regret for not having tried my best in doing things for the Fa-rectification, and also feel sorry for those predestined people who haven't been able to step forward to validate Dafa. The process of the Fa-rectification is constantly accelerating, and opportunities become fewer and fewer, how can we eliminate those deeply rooted fundamental attachments without considerable tribulations and trials? In the Fa-rectification, even numerous higher beings that cannot reach the standard will be eliminated; much less those predestined people who are cultivating Dafa in this opportunity that can never be met again in thousands of years. If they cannot meet the standard required by the realms that form their origins of life, won't they be in danger as well?

During a period of time, I also could not walk out of human confinements, when I tried to seek comfort, escape or entrustment, what I got was even more depressed and in a void. I seemed to be enveloped by pressure and attachments. It is indeed difficult to walk one step further to get out of human confinements. What one needs is the wish that enables one to break through the restraints. Once one can really let go of everything or push oneself forward, one will be in another realm. One's heart becomes more and more relaxed and carefree, and then one will find that everything around changes as well. It is true that things change with one's mind. Just like Teacher said, "If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will become non-existent."("Eliminating Your Last Attachment(s)") and "matter and mind are one thing (Zhuan Falun). My trip to Geneva made me gain a deeper understanding of this.

The evil forces and tribulations always take advantage of one's weak spots. The omission like not bothering with trivial matters can even bring about obstruction and damage to the Fa-rectification and Fa-spreading. Many Dafa practitioners who have been to Geneva this time might have similar feelings. "Trivial matters" like speaking loudly in public places, etc., can produce considerable negative influence over the activities of rectifying and spreading the Fa. If we can at all times maintain a pure state of mind as we did when we held a silent mourning in front of the UN, what situation will it be? In Teacher's latest article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," Teacher has required us "to use righteous thoughts at all times." It is really time to change our surface layer.

After taking part in the silent candlelight vigil in front of the UN, experiencing the strength and power of pure and righteous thoughts, and before coming back from Geneva, I used to not pay attention to trivial matters, now, I seem to have changed a lot. When I try my best to maintain righteous thoughts at all times, I find it no longer difficult to resist those bad thoughts and distracting thoughts that used to be very hard for me to resist. And now, my state of mind is much purer than before when I take part in Fa- rectification and Fa-spreading activities with the public. Teacher said, "the things that you do with a pure heart will be the best and most sacred." ("Further Understanding") However, the damage resulted from our inadequate actions, will bring about more tribulations to Teacher and Dafa practitioners in Mainland China. If we do everything well, we can contribute more in eliminating the evil, offering salvation to all beings, and "Assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa in the human world."

Let's step forward to expose the evil and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the general public, and at the same time, "use righteous thoughts at all times," and "become a genuine god in this genuine environment for cultivation practice."

A Particle of Dafa

April 26, 2001