[Minghui Net] Editor's notes: In December 2000, at the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp in Hebei province, ninety-nine Falun Dafa practitioners jointly signed an accusation against Jiang Zemin. Because Falun Dafa practitioners Liu Juhua and Zhu Hong presented the written complaint in person, they were put into the 2nd Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City without trial.

On 23rd of January, 2001, at the 2nd Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City, practitioners Liu Juhua, Deng Ren, Ma Hongmei, Chen Aijun, Sun Zhengxia, Yang Jianmei and Han Furong jointly signed another accusation against Jiang Zemin. The accusation stated Jiang Zemin's crime of violating the Constitution, abusing his power to persecute Falun Gong and through his policy, having people murdered.

The practitioners also wrote an open letter to the Detention Center leaders requesting them to present the complaint level by level until it finally was to reach Prime Minister Zhu Rongji.

On January 27th, at roll call, Falun Dafa practitioner Ma Hongmei represented the above mentioned seven female practitioners to hand in the written complaint. The policemen were shocked by this action. The chief of staff and instructor looked at each other not knowing what to do. Then, Ma Hongmei asked: "Why don't you take the paper?" After a while, the instructor said, "Warder Zhang should take the paper." Then the warden Zhang, who was in charge of the female wards, took the paper and yelled loudly, "No paper and pens are allowed in the cells. Where did the written complaint come from? Check it out!"

The next evening, the practitioners asked the chief of staff if he presented the complaint or not, but they couldn't get any verification from him. So, they decided to start a protest. They refused to properly answer the roll call. Some of them remained silent, some answered: "Falun Dafa practitioner."

On 10th of February, the practitioners started a group hunger strike, requesting to restore the reputation of Falun Dafa, and requesting to be released with a verdict of 'not guilty'. Before breakfast the next morning, they went out to the courtyard getting ready to do the group exercise. Some of the other prisoners (non-practitioners) ran up. They pulled the practitioners' hair and punched and kicked their heads, trying to drag them back inside. However, the practitioners remained unmoved. Later, policemen came, as did the chief of staff and armed policemen. They forced the practitioners to separate and dragged them back into a room. Some of the practitioners' shoes were pulled off, their glasses broken and clothes were torn, but they kept on shouting: "Eradicate the evil!" Then, the seven female practitioners sitting in the room formed a circle, reciting loudly "Hong Yin" and "Lun Yu" (poems written by Teacher Li Hongzhi).

Suddenly, a group of fierce-looking thugs came into the room. The practitioners put their arms around each other, forming a circle. While bearing punches and kicks from the thugs, they kept on shouting: "Eradicate the Evil!" Once again, they were forcibly separated and then handcuffed and shackled. Practitioner Liu Juhua was then sat down and chained by the hands to a brick-bed. She couldn't go to the restroom, nor could she eat or sleep. The other six Dafa practitioners were shackled together in pairs, i.e. two practitioners were put in one pair of shackles. When one goes to restroom, the other practitioner must go, also. One also had to let the other person know when they turned around in bed.

On the 3rd day of the hunger strike, Dafa practitioner Chen Aijun was taken away. Trying to find out what had happend to Ms. Chen, each of the practitioners had a talk with the chief of staff. They clarified the truth and revealed the evil of the persecution of Falun Dafa to him. Later, practitioner Ma Hongmei was also mtaken away without any reason, nor do we know her current whereabouts. The rest of the Dafa practitioners are still in the Detention Center, still clarifying the truth ...

We hope people from all walks of life will help save Falun Dafa practitioners from their suffering.


Ms. Liu Juhua, over 50 years old, was moved from Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan City to the 4th Team of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp on November 15, 1999.

The criminals who persecuted the practitioners:

The 2nd Detention Center address: # 23 Beijiao Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province.

Post code: 0500551. Telephone: 86-311-7755213/7794374/7794348

The chief of staff: Du Xilin, Telephone: 86-311-7755213

The instructor: Zhuang Hongqi: 86-311-7755202

The vice chief: Wang Zhibin: 86-311-7755202

The wardress Zhang, 33 years old, single, lives in the 2nd Detention Center dormitory.

Practitioners in China

April 22, 2001