[Minghui Net]Xu Zengliang, male, 29 years old, with a Bachelor's degree, was originally from Shuipo Village, Haiqing Town, City of Jiaonan. The Pubic Security Office and his unit forced him to leave his family in September 2000. During this period, he dedicated himself to spreading Dafa and rectifying the Fa. On April 14, 2001, Xu and a couple, Qi Shujie and Song Xijian, were captured. The Public Security guard demanded that he tell them where the printing was done and to name the relevant practitioners. Because he refused to tell them, the Public Security guards beat him to death on April 18. The Public Security Office lied, saying that he died in a car accident. They refused to give out any other information. Xu Zengliang's body is now in Laxi.

Zhang Fuzhen, female, 38 years old, a worker in Xianhe Park, in the City of Pingdu, Shangdong Province. In November 2000, she went to Beijing to clarify the truth. On the way back home, escorted by the Public Security guard, she jumped out of the car, bruising her hip. She was examined by People's Hospital, City of Pingdu. They found nothing wrong with her. During the entire treatment in the hospital, her brain was clear. Once, when she got up to do the sitting meditation, the Public Security Policemen pushed her down and tied her to the bed. After several days she suddenly died of "unknown" causes. The Public Security Office threatened her family members not to disclose the truth to other people.

Another bloody murder by the Jiang Zemin criminal group!

We appeal to human rights organizations around the world and to righteous people everywhere to see that Jiang Zemin's government upholds justice instead of creating injustice and that his government protects the good people of China instead of murdering them.

Dafa practitioners from Mainland

April 21, 2001